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Here are some of the pictures we took on a recent FF trip to the Southern Sierras – the one where Michael, Ally and Josh accompanied PT. There are more that will be added when Michael returns from Portland, OR where he and Aimee are working on their respective portfolios for school. Some are in the Olympus camera that my son has with him ( that have not been developed) and the others are on a CD that Ally neglected to bring to me yesterday…DOH, again…

Michael.a pool and a waterfall…

Photo Library - 81

Michael, working the foam..

Photo Library - 70

PT, same location, working a nice pool under a waterfall in 2007…

Photo Library - 67

Michael, casting into an opening between the truck sized boulders, also in 2007…The Artic Creel is for drinks, Sandwiches and Chilean Peppers…

Photo Library - 69

A nice side pool off the main channel, 2009…

Photo Library - 71

One of the impediments to easy FF in this place…

Photo Library - 80

Some of the deadfalls and “wait a minute” bushes one has to navigate through- (Ally hates this)…

Photo Library - 76

What makes it worth the trudge!!!…

Photo Library - 74

I had a very good fish wrap me around a submerged log in here…

Photo Library - 68

Michael took several Rainbows and one Brown in here in 2007…

Photo Library - 72

Josh, Ally’s BF, “How do we get out of here?”…2009…

Photo Library - 79

Suggestive rocks in the H2O- I dunno’, Michael took this picture…
Photo Library - 75

More gnarly bushwackin’ ahead…

Photo Library - Ally

Ally and newt, Spring, 2005…

Photo Library - 73

Looking upstream, the ONLY way to go…

Photo Library - 77

One of a good number of Trout that were caught by me and the kids that day…

Photo Library - Angelo

Angelo, hangin’ with the guys, Spring, 2005…

Photo Library - 78

Representative of some of the Rainbows in this water…

Sunlight dapples a pool while Michael tugs a streamer..

I will add additional photos to this post when the “EVIL SPAWN” get them to me. In the meantime, if anyone would like to know more about this place, *send me a PM *and I’ll ruminate on it…

PT/TB :secret:

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This is one of the places that is on my dream list of exotic locations to visit:

It is in the Eastern Cape/ Rhodes area of South Africa (Gateshead) just South of Lesotho. The entire story of the trip may be found here at FAOL . These waters run through some of the oldest rock formations on the Planet, The gentleman (MORNEB), who posted these photos, stated that one had to look out for SNAKES ( Puff Adder, Black Mamba, Green Mamba, Coral, Cobras, Horned Adder, Rinkhals, Boomslang and more)…SNAKES!!! SA has a number of species that are very dangerous…what we do for Trout…* Mario, from Custom Fly Rods  Co ,ZA, straightened me out on this snakey thing…Whew…I see more Rattlesnakes here in CA than the poisonous serpents he sees on these, his home waters..View comments…*

PT/TB :fishing:

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I’ve seen some of the photos,they will be posted along with the story A.S.A.P…


Michael on the NFT, 2003…*This spot was filled with bushes (in the water) on June 28, 2009…

PT/TB :p

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This is a US Company that manufactures Fly Rods in longer lengths at reasonable PRICES. I picked up this information at Fly Anglers Online…I prefer longer rods for nymphing and have been using them since 1985 when the Scott Rod Co. made up a 10′, 5WT “G” Series rod for me on custom order…I wish they still did that…


EMG Series
The EMG series of fly rods are Great Bay Rod Co.’s intermediate line of travel blanks. These blanks are finished with beautiful gloss green finish and wrapped in thread colors that perfectly match the blank allowing you, the angler, to fish for your favorite species trout, salmon or bass. With 8 models to choose from with line weights 2 to 8 cover all your fishing needs in a moderately priced rod. Cork grips are made from the highest grade cork available and are hand turned for the perfect fit. Reel seats are beautifully appointed with highly figured wood inserts.

All rods are individually numbered and warranted for the life of the rod. Rod tube and bag are included with every rod in the series.

  • REC Premium Reel Seat
  • Select Cork Grips
  • Stainless Steel Snake Guides
  • Alignment Dots

New for 2009 are 3 CZ Nymphing rods. All three models are 11 feet long and were designed in conjuction with Ian Colin James. The Canadian Youth Fly Fishing Team will be utilizing these new rods at the World Fly Fishing Competition in Prague in June 2009. All three of the models have a medium/fast action and the same high quality components as all other models of the EMG Series. The CZ Nymph rods come in 4 piece models and line weights 4 through 6. Ian Colin James is one of the premier fly fisherman in North America, and has garnered a world famous reputation as a fly tyer, guide and speaker. Ian was instrumental in helping Great Bay Rod Co. design the new EMG rods, working on the project for almost a year. in addition to his responsibilities as a fly tyer, guide and speaker- Ian is teaching the first fully accredited fly fishing course in Canada at Fanshawe College.

MODEL                 STYLE           LENGTH     PRICE PURCHASE

EMG904-2         4 PIECE 2 WGT      9’0″        $299.99        

EMG904-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      9’0″        $299.99        

EMG904-4         4 PIECE 4 WGT      9’0″        $299.99        

EMG904-5         4 PIECE 5 WGT      9’0″        $299.99        

EMG904-6         4 PIECE 6 WGT      9’0″        $299.99        

EMG904-7         4 PIECE 7 WGT      9’0″        $299.99        

EMG904-8         4 PIECE 8 WGT      9’0″        $299.99       

EMG1104-4       4 PIECE 4 WGT      11’0″      $349.99        

EMG1104-4FB   4 PIECE 4 WGT       11’0″      $349.99         w/ fighting butt

EMG1104-5       4 PIECE 5 WGT      11’0″      $349.99        

EMG1104-5FB   4 PIECE 5 WGT       11’0″      $349.99         w/ fighting butt

EMG1104-6       4 PIECE 6 WGT      11’0       $349.99        

EMG1104-6FB   4 PIECE 6 WGT       11’0       $349.99         w/ fighting butt


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The Maxia Series of Fly Rods from Modern Flies in Italy offers this longer rod in 3wt for those among us who fish extreme…Hmmmmm…a 10′, 2wt too…

They are distributed by Siman, CZ

The rod range is here: Maxia (scroll down)


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