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A whole mess of ’em coming up –  with an emphasis on Gray and Olive/Gray…and this time..I’ll put the recipes in as I finish each dozen…

What it says…

PHEASANT & FOLDED FOAM (Gray Baetis) EMERGER – Gantner/Variant…

HOOK: TMC 200R, #18 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

SHUCK: Zelon, Olive/Brown

RIB: Wapsi Ultra Wire, Silver, x-sm

ABDOMEN: Pheasant Tail Fibers, #16. Muskrat Gray – Nature’s Spirit

HACKLE: Medium Dun Saddle

WING: Wapsi Razor Foam, .5MM, Translucent Dun – Folded over double…the hackle windings tip it forward
A John Gantner pattern I have put up before using different ingredients. It may be tied as an adult, emerger or cripple depending on the tailing material. It is a good one !!!

Michael working the water in the “Wild Trout Section” of the Lower Owens River…

2TONE FOAM SPLIT WING CRIPPLE – (Gray/Olive Baetis)…Howard Cole/Variant…

HOOK: Daiichi 1100, #18 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White…to front of thorax, then Tiemco 16/0, Gray

SHUCK:  Zelon – Olive/Brown

ABDOMEN: Gray Micro tubing

BACK: Over top of Abdomen, UV 2 Turkey Biot, BWO

RIB: Black Ice Thread

THORAX: UV 2 Fine & Dry Adams Grey

WING CASE: Wapsi Razor Foam, Translucent Dun, .5MM

WINGS: Hi-Vis #7, Black

Another interesting pattern from Howard Cole to use when the Trout are looking up top…the black wings are so I can see it on Gray, overcast days…that Turkey biot back is the other variation I was talking about to give the pattern differing tones…

SNOWSHOE MESS (Knock Down Dun) – Gray Baetis…Schollmeyer/Matthews-Variant…

HOOK: TMC 2488, #16 -#22

THREAD: Danville 6/0 Gray – Abdomen…Tiemco 16/0 Gray – Thorax forward

TAIL: Dun Snowshoe Hare’s Foot

WINGS: Dun Snowshoe Hare’s foot

THORAX: on #16 – #18 – UV 2 Fine and Dry Adams Gray

It does not get any easier than this…Jim Schollmeyer calls it “The Snowshoe Mess”…the “Knock Down Dun”, using Zelon is tied HERE by Craig Matthews…it may also be ties using Hi-Vis, Sparkle Emerger Yarn or CDC…Snowshoe Hare floats the best and longer than any of the other materials…

Our favorite kind of day along the Lower Owens River…


HOOK: Daiichi 1480, #18 – #22 – I like this Limerick bend hook !

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray, Tiemco 16/0 , White – under abdomen

TAIL: Coq De Leon, Medium Speckled

ABDOMEN: UV 2 Turkey Biot, Mallard Gray – fringed side up

WING: Hi-Vis, #16, Medium Grey

THORAX: Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub Baetis Gray – Hareline

HACKLE: Medium Dun

A Larry Jurgens – pattern adapted for fall…He has done a bunch of variations on the Iron Bridge, which may be found HERE:

JUJU (UV 2) RS-2 EMERGER (Baetis, Gray/Olive)…Chung/Craven-Variant…or as ALLY would say. “Der…”…

HOOK: Daiichi 1110, #18 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White- Abdomen and Thorax…Tiemco 16/0, Gray – Head

TAIL: Moose Body Hair. Black – Nature’s Spirit

ABDOMEN: 1 strand Olive Super Hair, 2 strands Gray Super Hair wrapped over abdomen

WING: CDC Puff, Medium Dun

THORAX: UV 2 Fine and Dry, Adams Grey – Spirit River
A combination of elements from two proven patterns – Rim Chung’s RS-2 and Charlie Craven’s Juju series…der…


HOOK: Daiichi 1110, #18 – #20

THREAD: Veevus 16/0, Olive Dun

SHUCK/TAIL: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, Olive/Brown

ABDOMEN: Super Floss, Gray – Larva Lace

WING: Para Post, Light Gray

HACKLE: Whiting Midge Saddle, Medium Dun

A Walter Wiese pattern similar to Rowan Nyman’s DOA Cripple…I used some different materials…The video for this pattern may be found HERE

UV 2 CDC/ CDL-50.5…

HOOK: TMC 2488, #18 – #22

THREAD: UTC 70 Denier, Olive Brown – Abdomen…Tiemco 16/0, Gray – Thorax forward

TAIL: Coq De Leon, Medium Speckled

WING STUB: UV 2 Select CDC, Medium Dun

WING CASE: Holographic Mylar Motion, 1/32″, Black – Spirit River…coat with UV Knotsense, Clear Goo or 5 Min. Epoxy

THORAX: UV 2 Caddis Nymph Hares Ear Dubbing – Spirit River

My variation pattern that has been around for a very long time, based on the WD 40. Other variants on this theme, which work well in the eastern Sierras and other places may be found HERE…I like CDC, for the wing stub, because it traps air bubbles. I tie a lot of RS 2’s using CDC too –  and fish both patterns from the bottom to the top of the water column…

Ally takes a Baetis break to engage in her favorite pastime…


HOOK: TMC 101, #20 -#22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

SHUCK: Olive/Brown Zelon

ABDOMEN: Goose Biot, #7. Gray Olive – Nature’s Spirit

THORAX: Trouthunter (House of Harrop) fine natural dubbing – Gray Olive

BEAD: Wapsi, Killer Caddis Midge 15/0, Gun Metal

HACKLE: Hen Neck, Dun

When I put a photo up,of the half-full box, on my FB Page,  Allen McGee chided me for not having any FLYMPH patterns included. From Allen’s book : “Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs” pg. # 9. , “Pete Hidy coined the term ‘flymph’ to better describe the wingless wet fly as used to imitate emerging caddisfly pupae and mayfly nymphs.”… This is for Allen… they work real good fished as a dropper or alone, dead drifted, swung or using the Leisenring Lift or induced take method…

THE GIDGET – Mike Mercer/Variant (Gray)…

HOOK: Gamakatsu R10-B, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0. Gray

TAIL: Medium Dun Mallard Flank Fibers

FLASHBACK: Olive Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Micro Tubing, Gray

BURST WINGCASE: 3 looped strands Midge Flash, Lt. Blue Dun/Pearl

LEGS: Whole Speckled Hen Saddle Fibers, 48a. Natural Gray – Nature’s Spirit

THORAX: UV 2 Scud Shrimp Grey

BEAD: Silver Brass or Tungsten – 5/64″ #18, 1/16″ #20

More information on this great pattern at FLY FISHING TRADITIONS…and the “trigger” effect of the Midge Flash burst wingcase..

One of my many favorite sections to work, on the Lower Owens River…on a Gray Baetis kinda’ day…

A BOX…half  – FULL…

COURTESAN BWO (GRAY) – Charlie Craven/Variant (2BH)…

HOOK: TMC 103BL, #19

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

TAIL: Whole Speckled hen Saddle Fibers, 48a. Natural Gray – Nature’s Spirit

ABDOMEN: Working thread

RIB: UTC Ultra Wire, Black, x-sm

WING CASE: 5-6 strands, UV Pearl Krystal Flash – coat with Uv Knotsense, Clear Goo, or 5 Min. Epoxy

THORAX: UV 2 Fine and Dry, Adams Grey – followed by HI-LITE Gasss Bead, Blue Peacock, x-sm – followed by UV 2 dubbing, again

LEGS: Same as tail, V notched feather

BEAD: Black Tungsten or Brass, 1/16″

Not quite as heavy for Fall flows and based loosely on Charlie Craven’s “Two Bit Hooker”...the tying sequence for which…may be found HERE

My son Michael, on the Lower Owens River, Bishop, CA in late November…How does that kid get his hands to work ???…


HOOK: TMC 101, #20 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

TAIL: Bronze Mallard fibers

RIB: Wapsi, Black x-sm

ABDOMEN: 2 Light Olive, Select Marabou plume fibers – 3 Shad Gray Select Marabou plume fibers, twisted over thread into a rope

FLASHBACK: Pearl Micro Flashabou

WING CASE: Mottled Oak Turkey Quill fibers…coat with Knotsense, Clear Goo or 5 Min. Epoxy after adding thorax and legs…

THORAX: UV 2 Caddis Nymph dubbing, Adams Grey

LEGS: Partridge Fibers , v notched feather

BEAD: Black Tungsten or Brass, 1/16″

Something buggy and fuzzy for non-hatching Baetis/BWO’s in the drift…these guys will have darkened wing cases just prior to hatching…in that case use Black Krystal Flash, Black Holographic Mylar Motion 1/32″ or some other dark material that suits one’s fancy…


HOOK: TMC 2488…#20 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

SHUCK: Mixed – sparse – Light Olive Kinky Zelon, Dark Dun Kinky Zelon

ABDOMEN: Stripped Goose Biot, #7. Gray Olive – Nature’s Spirit

WING CASE: 1 strand Holographic Mylar Motion 1/32″, Black – Spirit River ...OVER – Clear Thin Skin…dab of UV Knotsense, Cler Goo or 5 Min. Epoxy

THORAX: Micro Fine, Dry Fly Dub, Baetis Gray – Hareline

LEGS: Whole Speckled Hen Saddle feather, V Notched, 48a, Natural Gray – Nature’s Spirit
Something small, which may be presented in the water column… from the bottom to the top…


HOOK: Daiichi 1130, TMC 2487, #18 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

TAIL: Mallard Flank Natural (darker fibers)

ABDOMEN: Working thread

RIB: Micro Flashabou, Pearl – coat abdomen with S.H.A.N or hard as Hull after ribbing

WING CASE: 6-8 strands of Royal Blue Krystal Flash – coat with UV Knotsense, Clear Goo or 5 min. Epoxy after pulling over wing

WING: Fluffy fibers at the base of a Dun Hen Neck feather – tied in convex side up

THORAX: Nature’s Spirit Emergence Dubbing, Trilobal Antron, # 16. Muskrat Gray

A continuation of the Tracy Petersen Bat Wing series with a bit of flash…
For here...on a nasty day…

Lower Owens River in late Fall…

Wing like BAT…


HOOK: TMC 3761, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0 Gray

TAIL: Coq De Leon, Medium Speckled

ABDOMEN: 3 strands, UV Gray Krystal Flash – 1 strand, Olive Krystal..twisted together and wrapped over tying thread

WING CASE: 6-8 strands of Red Krystal Flash…pulled over after thorax and legs are added, coat with UV Knotsense, Clear Goo or 5 min. Epoxy

THORAX: UV 2 Scud Shrimp Grey – Spirit River – …yessss

LEGS: Ruffed Grouse fibers

This is more of an attractor/searching type  Baetis/BWO nymph in the tradition of weird stuff I tie that generally works real good in the Eastern Sierras. Why…??? Because the Trout have not seen it before and it incorporates some trigger elements that have worked for me in the past…like that Red KF Wing Case and fuzzy thorax…I don’t worry about my patterns ever winding up in a shadow box…they are meant to catch the Trouties…

TB FALL BAETIS (Olive/Gray)…

HOOK: TMC 101, #18 -#20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

TAIL: Coq De Leon, Light Medium Speckled

RIB: Wapsi wire, Black, x-sm

BACK: Olive Micro tubing, pulled over abdomen, then ribbed

ABDOMEN: 2 Plumes, Select Marabou – Light Olive, 3 Plumes Select Marabou – Shad Gray…twisted around thread..then wrap as abdomen

WING CASE: 6-7 Strands, Pearl Firefly , coated with Loon UV Knotsense, Clear Goo or 5 min. Epoxy

THORAX: 50% Squirrel Blend – Natural Grey, 50% UV 2 Fine & Dry Adams Grey

HACKLE: Split by WINGASE – Starling

BEAD: Black Tungsten #18 – 5/64″ #20 – 1/16

Micro tubing has all kinds of uses…this is one for small, two toned patterns. I will be using something else – unconventional, on another Baetis/BWO nymph pattern…

UV 2 KRYSTAL FLASH EMERGER (Gray) – Rick Murphy/Variant…

HOOK: Daiichi 1110 or 1100, #18 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White (for base under abdomen) – Tiemco 16/0, Gray (Thorax forward)

TAIL/SHUCK: Dun Zelon, sparse

OVER ABDOMEN: Uv 2 Turkey Biot, Mall. Gray – Spirit River

WING CASE/LEGS: Midge Flash, Black

THORAX: Ostrich Mini Plume feather, Natural Gray – Wapsi

I tie every color of Baetis/BWO’s on this Rick Murphy platform. It is an excellent pattern that one will not find in any Fly Shop…

The VIEW, along the Lower Owens River, Bishop, CA…late afternoon in the FALL…

UV 2 HALF BACK/FOAM BACK BWO (Gray) Glissmeyer/Variant…

HOOK: Daiichi 1130, TMC 2487, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Grey Abdomen to Thorax then head – Tiemco 16/0, White, Thorax

TAIL/SHUCK: Ice Dub, UV Grey

RIB: Lagartun, fine Blue wire

WING CASE: Electronics packing foam

THORAX: UV 2 Fine & Dry Adams Grey over a base of White tying thread and Pearl Mylar Tinsel – SM

A variation of a Kelley G, Glissmeyer Spring Creek pattern meant to be fished as a trailer behind a parasol emerger pattern in “skinny” or weedy water…

CHINO-GIRL (Ally) says: “Let’s hit the water Dad !!!”…in Bridgeport, CA…in the FALL…


HOOK: TMC 100 SP BL, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers,  #16. Muskrat Gray – Nature’s Spirit

RIB: Wapsi Ultra Wire, Metallic Olive, SM

ABDOMEN: Pheasant Tail Fibers – Muskrat Gray

FLASHBACK: 1 Strand Lime Green extra limp Flashabou

WINGCASE: 1 Strand Holographic Mylar Motion 1/32″ over Strip of Black Tin Skin (Coated with UV Knot Sense or Epoxy)

THORAX: UV 2 Peacock Eye ( Over Tiemco 16/0 Thread, White )

LEGS: India Hen Back – Natural ( feather V-notched )

BEAD: Black Tungsten – 1 size over sized
A little something for down deep when the Fall Baetis are about to “POP”…

Additional BAETIS/BWO patterns:








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