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Some people just look good – with a Browning HP in their hands…This is my friend Jayme in the shadow of Mt. Whitney testing her skills…



PT/TB :cat:

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Here they are…DOGS COUNT TOO!!!

Michael and Ally at the TOP of the WORLD…Saline Valley…


Children of dune…Saline Valley…

Michael and a person with their tongue sticking out…at Trumbull Lake, Bridgeport, CA…

Ally gives shooting instructions to my mentor, Sal A. (guess she wants to do some writing…like I have to do)

Ally at the campsite with Angelo, Hogback Creek, 2002 Winter

This was a GREAT steakhouse that burned to the ground in 1993 on Hwy. 178 between Ridgecrest and Kernville. I tipped more than enough here before…Sal got a hold of me…

PT and Allo on the Madison, 2001, photo by Michael

Ally getting whacked by hailstones on the East Walker, August 2000

Michael and Ally DEEP in the VALLEY of the ” Aliens “…April 2001

Angelo,bookin’ it after a strange encounter…2002, January

Down the Wabbit HOLE….

Angelo, playin’ with pinecone, White Mtns., Jan. 2002

Big Pine Creek, Fall, 1999

Pond…off Big Pine Creek


Michael, Jack Flat, North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Tule River…1987

He ate a BWO…Spring 2007

…and he ate a Bat Wing Baetis, Lower “O”, spring 2007…


Ally in Bouquet Canyon…

This place has a spiritual nature… Winter, 2003

…maybe the people who left this grinding stone could explain…

Another time, another place…



Michael, Charlie’s Butte, spring 1986

Michael, East Walker River, July, 2003

Michael, below the dam, East Walker River, August, 2003

Michael, North Fork of Middle Fork of Tule River, June 2002

Mr. Newt…NF Tule, 2002

Nice waterfall & pool on the Tule, June 2002

Wild Trout section, Owens River, December 2002

…and below 5 Bridges….

Upper Owens River, May, 2003

Nad & Pop, Hot Creek, 1976

Tule River, may 2004

Owens River, Fall 2001

Snow in the Owens Valley, 2003

Road to the highest weather station in the U.S., White Mtns., 2002

Ally, at her favorite eatery in the VALLEY – Lala, 2009…

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Michael on the Owens, Fall 2002

Ally blasting on the Owens, Fall 2003

Above: Michael & Ally Goose Lake, Owens Valley, Winter 1994

Above: Pond, Road to Glacier, Big Pine, CA Fall 2000

Michael & Ally, $3.00 Bridge, 2004

Planettrout, North Fork of The Tule River, Spring 2007

Michael, Hot Creek, CA, 2003

Michael in the foothills, 2003

$3.00 Bridge, Madison River, 2004

Ally, Virginia Lakes, Fall 2003

Above, Brown on the Madison, $3.00 Bridge, September, 2004

Top: Virginia Lakes (Little) Sept, 2004

Bottom: Me ‘n Angelo, East walker River, May 2006

East Walker River, May, 2006

Michael and Ally, Lone Pine Creek, 2000

Michael and Ally, Trumbull Lake, 1995

Michael, West Walker, 2003

Looking for “GREYS”, Deep Springs Valley, 2000

Michael and Angelo, Owens River 2002

Nadia and Fishing Pal “Angelo” 2008

Ally at Lake Sabrina, Bishop, CA 1995

Stillwater River, Sept, 2001

Michael, North Fork of The Tule River, Spring 2003

Planettrout, Owens River, Spring 2001

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