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Putting this Caddis pattern together today…some additional tweaking and it will be done…

New Gamakatsu hooks, Tan SLF Prism, Light Dun Snow Shoe rabbit’s foot, root beer krystal flash.gold holo tinsel,tan micro tubing, Coastal deer hair, Gordon Griffiths 14/0 sheer, white and tan…


Lemme’ see here…hmmmm…I went with scraggly

HOOK: Gamakatsu C-16B. #16-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer Tan and White

ABDOMEN: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Sheer White, ( built with a pronounced “hump” at the bend)

TAG: Holo Tinsel, Gold

OVER ABDOMEN: Stalcup’s Micro Midge Tubing, Tan, Grey, Olive Chart. or Brown

THORAX: SLF Prism, Tan, Lt. Grey, Brown/Olive, Olive, Peacock or Chocolate Brown

OUTRIGGERS: Thin strands of Snowshoe Rabbit’s Foot, Light Dun, Medium Dun or Dark Dun

UNDER WING: Three strands of Krystal Flash, Root beer, UV Tan, Olive, Rust, Pearl or UV Gray

WING: Coastal Deer Hair, Tan, Natural or Darker Mottled Shades, tied “bullet “style

This Caddis Cripple/Emerger was meant to be messy. I wanted the abdomen to hang lower in the water. The abdomen is a proven design off John Barr’s Graphic Caddis. The Snowshoe Rabbit outriggers are for additional support and motion. I went with the full length of the fibers rather than clipping them. The KF under wing is for sparkle I really like SLF Prism for it’s translucent quality and sparkle…


Here are some places I would employ this pattern:

Right along the far bank about 6 inches out from those two big boulders on the Stillwater River, MT. That second boulder has a deep depression running parallel to it…big fish in there…

ANYWHERE…North or South of here, starting about 7:30 PM…

Again, uptight along the bank on the East Walker River, CA (especially under overhanging willows) when the sun has disappeared behind the hill… till dark. VERY BIG BROWNS move into this water from deeper and faster currents where they have been lurking most of the day…This is true of most waters that get pounded…Michael is kicking one in the tail right now…

Along the banks and over slots…it is surprising how many big Trout hold in very shallow water that is either stepped in or overlooked…

I subscribe to the DEAN ENDRESS philosophy of Fly Tying…”Make the SUCKA’ look alive and struggling”…. and when examining a capture for sizing, turn the bug over and go by the size of the abdomen. If, ‘ya go by the wings, a fly one size larger than the natural will end up on the tippet…

Ally testing the consistency and durability of a new dubbing material on the 4th. of July…2010

CASTERS FLY SHOP…added, 14 July, 2011…DESIGNED and tied by Luke Fastabend…Hmmmmm


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While I am working on putting together a series of attractor patterns, I thought I would share some flies that fall into the attractor category which I have come across in my aquatic travels/ adventures. Four of these I use to imitate Caddis and the fifth is a  May Fly tie that has certainly provided some exciting top water acrobatics and runs by the Trout that pounced on it…And YES, I sometimes like to fish with a Dry Fly…



This is a Madison River pattern developed by the late Montana guide, Ross A. Merigold. I have used it in Olive, Yellow, Purple and Flo. Orange. It was originally used in the “Slide” area of the Madison River where the river narrows and the water blasts through… It is not an area for wading. The fly is fished directly upstream on a tight line. It is an excellent pocket water Caddis pupa attractor and may also be swung through riffles, just below the surface during the evening hatch. I first became acquainted with this fly many years ago on the East Walker River where a purple RAM Caddis produced one of the largest Rainbows I have ever netted there…It is tied on #8 – #14, TMC 3769, TMC 9300 or similar hook using floss, gold wire rib and white hen neck with a purple or dark red head, A Peacock herl head makes an interesting variation…


This dry pattern is basically an extension of the original Al Troth Elk Hair Caddis. It is used to imitate small Black Caddis like American Grannom.I have used this guy with great success on the Owens and East Walker Rivers in #14- #20…in the Spring and in smaller sizes, in the Fall…


A Mike Lawson pattern. One of two very enticing Caddis cripple flies that I use. This one is in Tan, utilizing an Antron ( or crinkled Zelon) shuck, Partridge wing, and Peacock Herl head. Appropriate colors work well for bright Green (Chart.) or Olive abdomens with a wire rib (try  twisted Krystal Flash… heh, heh) – tied on TMC 100 hooks #14 – # 18. Michael, Ally and I have enjoyed some rather stupendous results using this imitation on a high elevation lake around sunset…It works in soft and flat running water as well…Caddis get stuck in the shuck too…

I first saw this pattern in the bins at BRF in West Yellowstone. I purchased a few in #14 -# 16 – then took it apart. When I went back to the shop,a week later, the bins were empty. It was designed by Rowan Nyman who worked for Craig Matthews and now has his own guiding gig and ties for the Montana Fly CO.* (see link). …This fly KICKS BUTT…Everywhere…


HOOK: Standard Dry #10-#18

THREAD: 6/0-8/0, Black

TAIL: Brown Zelon

BODY: Peacock Herl and FL. red Antron yarn or floss

WING: White poly yarn

HACKLE: Coachman Brown, trimmed underneath


Now, back to tying…


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