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Back in the day, when these two toeheads (below) went with their Dad up to the mountains ( and desert) in a beat up 1953, powder blue Ford, woody (he liked powder blue, go figure)…this was the stomping ground…

And, yes it looked about this beat up – without the board on top….

PT and twin Greg after a day on Lone Pine Creek…1955

If one starts at the bottom of the map,after enlarging , by clicking on the MAP, one sees the following creeks: Tuttle, Lone Pine, Hogback, George, Bairs, Shepherd and Symmes. All of these small waters hold fish – some of them hold very large Brown and Rainbow Trout…One, holds Golden Trout hybrids…I have been fishing in all the waters since 1952…YIKES

It was in these places that I learned how to read water, discern holding and feeding areas, explore the wonderful world of Entomology and avoid being bitten by buzzworms. Over the course of the next few months, I will relate some experiences on each of these cricks and give tips on how to fish some locationswith your kids and Fly gear… These two BOZOS got their creds. crawling around in the bushes and immersing themselves in the project at hand…

Michael and Ally on a learning expedition in the middle of Lone Pine Creek…

It was certainly a lot more fun that posing for ridiculous publicity photos, in the front yard, with my MOTHER:

 Here is additional information from the Bishop Chamber Of Commerce


Georges Creek Sand Trap…


My kids, Ally and Michael at the Lone Pine Creek Sand Trap…




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