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There was a time, right around the first of the year, when I would eagerly await the arrival of the mailman with a spanking, brand new year’s edition of the catalog from THE fly fishing emporium in West Yellowstone, MT.


(photo: yellowstonelodging.com)

I say THE because, having spent more than a few hours in that joint, I knew it would contain some great new fly patterns, tying materials , equipment and gadgets – one of a kind stuff… I am never disappointed…


Some Blue Ribbon Flies Catalogs I have collected through the years…So, mine having arrived via the BRF weekly newsletter today, HERE ya’ go…





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These are some things that I have desired to get done for awhile. The UV 2 products from Spirit River served as an inducement to get me going. These have been on my to-do list to toss in some East Side tail waters when the leaves turn…

FALL…Mono County, Bridgeport, CA…

FLIES for FALL 2012…


THREAD: Veevus 16/0, Olive Abdomen – Tiemco 16/0 Brown, thorax forward

HOOK: TMC 102Y, #15 – #17

RIB: 1 strand Pearl Flashabou

ABDOMEN COATING: Softex or Dave’s Flexament



UP WING: Natural Elk Hair with dark tips

HACKLE: Grizzly

Mercer has indicated in his article in FFM, March, 2010, that this pattern (the original – below) works well during a Baetis hatch…I wanted to have something a bit different to use on the Lower “O” when both Grannom and BWO’s are present…


THREAD: Uni 8/0, Camel

HOOK: TMC 102Y, #15 – #17

RIB: 1 Strand Pearl Flashabou

ABDOMEN COATING: Softex or Dave’s Flexament



UP WING: Natural Elk Hair, dark tips

HACKLE: Blue Dun

This is the original pattern…wrap the hackle 3-5 turns and use the a short length of thread coming out of the bobbin tip to tie off the hackle (..and not trap the barbs)…

Michael, Lower Owens River…in the Fall…



HOOK: Mustad R75-79580, #8-#10 (or any other 2XH/5XL hook)

THREAD: Danville 6/0 White – to head then Danville 6/0 Black to finish off head area before using Datum Glo-Brite # 5 Orange FL. for “Hot Spot”

HEAD: Gold Cone x-sm – 5/32″

TAIL: Marabou, Rusty Brown

TAIL/FLASH: 2 strands Rusty Brown KF/ 2 strands Orange Flashabou – Marabou action (on each side of tail)

RIB: UTC Ultra, Hot Yellow, MED

LEGS:Barred Crazy Legs, Golden Yellow/Pearl Flake – Hareline ( 3 each side from one piece)

ABDOMEN: 1/3 Uv 2 Dubbing Enhancer Dark – Spirit River, Dark – 1/3 Arizona Simi Seal #18, Canadian Brown – 1/3 Seal-Ex #123 Fiery Brown

HACKLE: 1 Whiting Bugger Pack, Grizzly Dyed Orange, 1 Spirit River, UV 2, Strung Saddle Fl. Orange – tied together, FROM TAIL, then ribbed

I wrap the hook shank with 10-12 wraps of .020 lead sub.I pick out the abdomen fibers with a dubbing needle and brush everything to the rear of the hook with a bore brush, .40 cal. The hot spot is hit with Hard as Hull. Something big and bright for the Fall Browns…

The UV 2 products are new from Spirit River…Feathercraft lists them in their “new” products section – online…

BALOON CADDIS..Roman Moser/Variant –

THREAD: Abdomen, Tiemco 16/0, White – Thorax forward, Tiemco 16/0, Olive

HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #14 – #18

ABDOMEN: UV 2 Fine & Dry, BWO – brushed back with a wire bore brush or Velcro strip


WING: Natural early season cow Elk – Nature’s Spirit

THORAX: Standard SLF, Olive

FOAM: 2mm Yellow Razor Foam, Wapsi

Roman Moser is the Austrian magician…he also ties some killer fly patterns…here is the VIDEO…nice music…


THREAD: Under abdomen & thorax, Tiemco 16/0, White – behind bead, Tiemco 16/0, Black

HOOK: Daiichi 1760, #16 – #18

TAG: Purple holographic tinsel, SM…hit with Loon UV

RIB: Lagartun fine silver wire

ABDOMEN: Purple Flexi Floss – Larva Lace

HACKLE: UV 2 Strung Hackle fibers, Fl. Orange

THORAX: UV 2 Peacock Herl Eye, 3 strands, twisted around white thread

BEAD: Plummeting Tungsten Bead, Purple – Hareline

Ross A. Merigold invented the R.A.M. Caddis…he also designed the SERENDIPITY...this is an updated version that would be fished alone or trailed behind that “HOT BUGger”…in the water below…I tie a lot of the in different colors because they produce and in most places, the Trout have not seen them in a very long time…

Below 5 Bridges on the Lower Owens River, Bishop, CA…

GLASS HEAD CADDIS -Wiese/Variant…(Fall Grannom)…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White – under abdomen, Tiemco 16/0, Black – thorax forward

HOOK: Daiichi 1560, #16 – #18, TMC 3761 # 20

TAIL: UV 2 Grizzly Soft Hackle Fibers, Brown

ABDOMEN: UV 2 Peacock Herl Eye, 3 -4 strands, twisted around white thread

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, clear or clear antron – Bookmailer

WINGLETS: UV 2 Grizzly Soft Hackle Fibers, Brown – v notched

THORAX: UV Ice Dub, Black or Peacock Ice Dub

BEAD: Amber glass, small

A nifty little glass bead Caddis designed by Walter Wiese…it may be seen, tied by Walt,  HERE

Michael shoots the “Old Guy” with a Brown on the “BIG REEDY”…

SAPS…(Stick a Pig SCUD) …for that place below…

THREAD: UTC 70 Denier, Fl. White, under abdomen -UTC 70 Denier, Black, head

HOOK: Daiichi 1120, TMC 2457, Mustad CO 68 #12- #18

TAIL: Olive Partridge Fibers

SHELLBACK: Olive Swiss Straw

UNDER SHELLBACK: Chartreuse Holographic Tinsel, Medium or Small

ABDOMEN: 20% UV 2 Dubbing Enhancer, Dark – 80% Sow Scud Dubbing, Olive

RIB: Olive Glitter Thread – Cascade Crest or clear 5x Mono

A surprise for the inhabitants of the water below when Scuds are most active…Olive is the predominate color on the Lower Owens…they turn Tan when they molt and Orange when dead…Pink is for pregnant Scuds…just a dab, in the center, will do…



THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White – Abdomen, Tiemco 16/0, Black Head

RIB: Lagartun x-fine Copper wire – *COAT abdomen with SHAN or Hard as Hull before adding thorax

THORAX: UV 2 Peacock Eye Herl – 1 strand, twisted around white thread for durability and effectiveness

This little guy was a tip from the “BIG GUY” at Ken’s Sporting Goods in Bridgeport, CA…he has been successfully fishing this pattern on the East Walker for many years …

Diving BWO Egg Layer…La Fontaine/Variant –

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White under abdomen and thorax – Tiemco 16/0, Brown, head

HOOK: Daiichi 1560, #18 – TMC 3761, #20

TAIL: Dun Hackle fibers

ABDOMEN/THORAX: UV 2 Fine & Dry BWO Dubbing

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn – Clear or Clear Antron

A simple GLF pattern using a new materials for a workout on my favorite tail waters in the Fall…this came from the La Fontaine LEGACY book by Al and Gretchen Beatty

SHAKEY BEALY (October Caddis SH)…Nick Nicklas/ Variant…

THREAD: Danville 6/0, #47, Tobacco Brown

HOOK: TMC 2312, #12

TAIL: Orange Krystal Flash covered with yellow mallard flank fibers

RIB: Glitter thread, Brown – Cascade Crest

ABDOMEN: Amber Emerger Dubbing – Nature’s Spirit

THORAX: Orange Ostrich Herl

UNDER WING: Orange Krystal Flash

HACKLE: Brown Partridge

A Nick Nicklas October Caddis pattern that I have wanted to add to the other patterns for this big Caddis that is seen in the Eastern Sierras in the Fall…Nick ties it HERE

TUNGSTEN TORPEDO …Compton/Matthews – Variant…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

HOOK: TMC 2499 SP-BL, #16 – #18

TAIL: Coq de Leon, Medium

ABDOMEN: Natural Pheasant Tail

RIB(s): 1 strand x-sm Gold wire, 1 strand x-sm Black wire

THORAX: Emerald Green Diamond Hair

BEAD: Plummeting Tungsten Bead, Blue – Hareline
The original is a Kevin Compton (Performance Flies) design, viewed HERE…and this is the Craig Matthews version…HERE...a flashy attractor added to the arsenal…


THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White – Under Abdomen, Tiemco 16/0, Black – Thorax forward

HOOK: Daiichi 1560, #16-#18, TMC 3761, #20

TAIL: Coq de Leon, Light

RIB: UTC Metallic Olive, SM

OVER ABDOMEN: Chartreuse Micro Tubing

WING CASE: 6-4 strands of black holographic mylar motion 1/64″, coated with Loon UV Knotsense

THORAX: SLF Prism, Peacock

WINGLETS: UV 2 Grizzly soft hackle, Brown

BEAD: Black Tungsten, sized to hook

Because CHARTREUSE works on the East Walker River and Lower Owens River…anytime


THREAD: Uni 8/0, Light Olive – Body, Tiemco 16/0, Black – Head

HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #18 – #22

RIB:  Lagartun x-fine Gold or Copper wire – * coat with SHAN or Hard as Hull for durability

On both the EW and Lower “O”…Olive Midges are present…in light and dark tones…



THREAD: Lagartun 74 Denier, Olive -Abdomen, Tiemco 16/0 Black – Head

HOOK: Daiichi 1130, # 18 – #20

RIB: Wapsi wire, x-sm, Black – * coat with SHAN or Hard as Hull for durability


THREAD: For ABDOMEN, Tiemco 16/0, White…For HEAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black

HOOK: TMC 2487, Daiichi 1130, #18 – #22

RIB: Lagartun, x-fine, Copper

* Coat with SHAN or Hard as Hull for durability

Yeah, I tie a lot of these…it s probably the most prevalent Midge color on most of the dam fed rivers in the Eastern Sierras!

BRIDGEPORT RES. from the Virginia Lakes Road, in the evening, in the Fall…

NEXT: A trip up North for Michael and Aimee’s wedding with Ally and this new member of the brood…

ZERO...AKA Hero…Ally’s rescue pup…

THEN: Baetis/BWO’s a Bait Fish and two more Buggers…


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These are some ties for my son, Michael to use, when he and Aimee are up in Montana, about the first week in August…They will include PMD’s, Epeorus, Caddis and an attractor or two plus a Stonefly…he can get his own hoppers , by checking at the waters edge -in the grass and bushes – and determining what color and size to use…

A Madison County Bridge…

A box of flies…for Michael and THAT RIVER

Gotta’ LOVE MONTANA…a FLY SHOP that offers Ice Cream cones !!!

CZECH CATNIP…Daniels/Variant…

THREAD: UTC Ultra, 70 Denier, Black

HOOK: TMC 2499SP- BL, Daiichi 1120, Mustad CO 68 or TMC Czech Comp. Hook – #8 – #14

ABDOMEN: Micro UV Polar Chenille, Olive – (Hareline)

RIB: Glimmer Thread, Root Beer (Cascade Crest)…George uses Mono 4x

THORAX: Micro Polar Chenille, Black

SHELL BACK: Thin Skin, Mottled Oak, Olive

BEAD: Tungsten, Black – one size under, with lead sub. wire wraps

A George Daniel’s pattern…Colorado guide and author of “Dynamic Nymphing”…something for Michael to use to take his flies deep…George ties it HERE…at my favorite Fly Shop…

FOAM FLY ANT…Nyman/Variant …

THREAD: UTC Ultra, 70 Denier, Black

HOOK:  TMC 101, #14 – #22

ABDOMEN: Black Razor Foam – Wapsi, 1MM

WING: White or Dun Zelon

LEGS: Sili Legs, Black/Blue Flake- Wapsi…Craig uses round rubber…

A GREAT pattern to have, for the month of August, on the Upper Madison…when they are about, the Trout go nuts for ’em !!!…Craig Matthews ties Rowan Nymen’s pattern HERE:

Happy MOO with a squaretail Brown…about 300 meters above the BRIDGE…

PUTZY PUPA – TAN…Lobrel/Variant…

THREAD: Abdomen-Danville 6/0, Tan…Thorax forward – Tiemco 16/0, Brown

HOOK: Daiichi 1250, #14 – #18…I prefer these over ANY Dai-Riki hook…


THORAX: UV Brown Ice Dub

BEAD: Plummeting Tungsten – Hareline – Metallic Purple, sized to hook

Another simple tie out of the BIG “R” Fly Shop…Tan Caddis…Hydropsyche, are present in goodly numbers in August on the Madison…The tutorial is HERE:


HOOK: TMC 2499 SP BL, #14 – #18

THREAD: Wapsi, Ultra 70 Denier, Black or Brown

ABDOMEN: Copper Krystal Flash

RIB: Wapsi wire, Copper/Brown, SM – coat with SHAN or Hard as Hull for durability

WING: Bleached Coastal Deer Hair, Nature’s Spirit – held vertical to hook shank and clipped – long-ish

HOT SPOT: Datum Glo-Brite, # 5

BEAD: Gold or Copper Tungsten, sized to hook


THEY like ’em…

…around SUNSET…


THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Olive

HOOK: TMC 2499SP-BL, #14 – #18

ABDOMEN: Holographic Tinsel, Chartreuse, Med. or SM

RIB: Wapsi wire, Black and FL. Yellow, SM…coat with hard as Hull or SHAN for durability…

WING: Coastal Deer Hair, Medium

HOT SPOT: Datum Glo-Brite Floss, #12, Fl. Green

BEAD: Black Tungsten, sized to hook…
This and the long wing Copper Dip are meant to imitate emerging Caddis Pupa…work, they do !!!

CLAKKA IRIS CADDIS…Matthews-Wiese/Variant…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown or Olive

HOOK: TMC 100BL, #14 – #18

SHUCK: Gold Zelon

ABDOMEN: Fly Rite Poly, Olive/Brown

WING: Grey Poly Yarn

THORAX: UV Ice Dub, Tan

HACKLE: Light Ginger

The Improved version of Craig Matthews by Walter Wiese (Park’s Fly Shop)…Craig once fished the Madison for a whole season using only the Amber Iris Caddis as his fly…go figure…Walter ties a version HERE:

EPEORUS RS-2 EMERGER…Chung-Stalcup/Variant…

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0, Primrose

TAIL: Bleached Moose or Light Elk

ABDOMEN: Yellow Micro Tubing over tying thread

WING: Yellow CDC, Clipped

LEGS: Yellow mallard Flank

THORAX: Trouthunter, Yellow CDC Dubbing
I won’t even reflect on how many Madison Trout have gobbled an RS-2 pattern…I tie a lot of them…this one is for Michael to try during that astounding hatch of Epeourus on the Madison…this may be fished deep or in the surface film. Epeorus, like March Browns, emerge as adult duns…patterns that mimic this behavior – can be deadly !!!

LITTLE YELLOW SALLY EMERGER – Howard Cole/Variant…TMC 5212, #12 – #16…(and YES, they can emerge on the water’s surface…happened a lot of times on the Madison and Lower Owens Rivers – straight into my face…see pg. 98, Schollmeyer & Leeson’s – “Tying Emergers”…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Lt. Cahill

HOOK: see above

TAIL/SHUCK: Amber Zelon topped with Wood Duck fibers

ABDOMEN: 1/3 Fl. Orange dubbing – 2/3 Creamy Yellow dubbing

WING: Dun Zelon

THORAX: Creamy Yellow dubbing


WING CASE: Thin Ethafoam or Electronic packing foam (used here)…

Howard Cole ties some great patterns…I’m loading Michael up with a bunch of U-Con 2 Caddis Emergers that are also Howard’s design…


THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Lt. Cahill

HOOK: Daiichi 1760, #18

SHUCK: Olive-Brown Zelon, sparse

RIB: Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Yellow Marabou and Tan Marabou, twisted together

FORWARD WING: Two small bunches of Yellow Sparkle Emerger Yarn

FORWARD WING/POST: Small cylinder foam, Yellow – Rainy’s


An adaptation of Jan Nemec’s… Fast Water Emerger-Baetis…which I will further detail when I start tying up BWO’s/Baetis for this Fall…He’s out of Reno and quite an interesting tier…

FAST WATER EMERGER BWO -1-FAST WATER EMERGER BAETIS – Nemec/Variant – TMC 200R, #18 – #20…this is a #20….(10.12.13)


THREAD: Tiemco 16,0, Lt. Cahill

HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #16

TAIL: Yellow Mallard Flank Fibers

ABDOMEN: Yellow Goose Biot, fringed

RIB: Lagartun, x-fine gold wire

THORAX: Trouthunter CDC dubbing, yellow

WING: Cream Hen Neck

BEAD: Killer Caddis Diamond glass bead

I tie these to match just about every May Fly…because they truly perform…from the bottom of the water column to just under the surface…A Tracy Petersen winner !!!

KF PMD EMERGER…Murphy/Variant…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

HOOK: TMC 100SPBL, #16 – #20

SHUCK: Rusty Brown Zelon, sparse

ABDOMEN: Rusty Brown Goose Biot, fringed

RIB: Lagartun Copper Wire, x-fine

WING CASE: Pearl KF, coated with UV Knot Sense or Clear-Goo

THORAX: Yellow Ostrich Herl

LEGS: Rusty Brown KF…three strands, each side

A Rick Murphy pattern that I play around with a lot. I think I have a tie for every May Fly in the West – based on his design…

SOUTHERN CROSS… (“…and ‘ya know it will”…)

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

HOOK: TMC C400BL, #14 – #16

TAIL: Bobwhite Quail -fibers from tail feather

ABDOMEN: Rainbow Sow Scud dubbing

HACKLING: V-notched feather from shoulder feather- Bobwhite Quail

THORAX: SLF Spikey Squirrel dubbing – Black

HOT SPOT: Datum Glo-Brite Floss, #3, Red

BEAD: Gold Tungsten

An attractor for Michael to play with…I got a feeling a Trout might like it…

Boy looks for Trout…somewhere, down there, in the Madison…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Lt. Cahill

HOOK: TMC 2302 – #14 – #16, Daiichi 1760, #18

TAIL: Yellow Mallard Flank Fibers

RIB: Wapsi Wire, Hot Yellow, SM

ABDOMEN: Gold Tinsel

THORAX: Yellow or Gold Ostrich Herl

HACKLE: Lemon Wood Duck, V-notched and spun

Anything from Nick catches fish !!!…HERE is Craig Matthews tying it…

Looking down the Madison River Valley from Palisades towards Ennis, MT…

CHARLIE C’s JUJU PMD – Light Phase…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White to THORAX, then Tiemco 16/0, Brown – forward

HOOK: TMC 2488, #16 – #20

TAIL: Brown Hen Neck fibers

ABDOMEN: 2 strands Tan Super Hair, 1 strand Orange Sea Hair

WING CASE: Pearl KF, coated with UV Knotsense or Clear-Goo

THORAX: Spirit River Emergence dubbing – Pheasant tail

Legs: Brown Fluro Fiber…look at Charlie’s suggestions in tutorial…then go crazy counting

I wouldn’t see Michael off without an abundance of ties from Charlie Craven…HERE is his tutorial on the Juju Baetis with the PMD at the bottom…

CHARLIE C’s  JUJU PMD – Dark Phase

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Lt. Cahil to Thorax, then Tiemco 16/0, Brown – forward

HOOK: TMC 2488, #16 – #20

TAIL: Brown Hen Neck fibers

ABDOMEN: 2 strands Brown Super Hair, 1 strand Orange Sea Hair

WING CASE: Pearl KF, coat with UV Knotsense or Clear-Goo

THORAX: UV Ice Dub, Brown

LEGS: Brown Fluro Fiber…see above pattern…

Because like BWO’s/Baetis, PMD’s come in a variation of colors, in close proximity, in the same watershed…be prepared…

Who knows…maybe Michael and Aimee might even try some of these over here…on the Stillwater River…Rusty Brown is killer there…

“G”, Split Wing Case PMD…

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

HOOK:Daiichi 1130, #16 – #18

TAIL: Coq De Leon, Dark

RIB: Glimmer Thread – Cascade Crest – White

ABDOMEN: Rusty Brown Goose Biot, fringed

WING CASE: Mottled Brown Medallion Sheeting…split wih an exacto knife after being tie in

UNDER WING CASE: Yellow Razor Foam, .5MM

LEGS: V-Notched Brown Hen Neck Feather

Yeah…it looks weird…some of my weirdest patterns are my best producers…I will let Michael put it to the test…


THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

HOOK: TMC 2488, #16 – #20

RIB: Lagartun Copper Wire, x-fine

ABDOMEN: Pheasant Tail, Rusty Brown

WING CASE: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash

THORAX: Stalcup’s PMD dubbing

LEGS: Speckled Yellow Hen Neck fibers

Another option with a small, slim profile for the MOO to toss around…

MICRO MADISON PMD/Variant – Matthews…

THREAD: Lagartun 74 Denier, Rusty Brown

HOOK: Daiichi 1560, # 16 – #18, TMC 3761, #20

TAIL: Rusty Brown Pheasant tail fibers

RIB: Wapsi Copper Wire, x-sm

ABDOMEN: Working Thread

THORAX: Nature’s Spirit Emergence dubbing, Pheasant Tail

WING CASE/LEGS: Black Krystal Flash

BEAD: Copper Tungsten sized, ONE SIZE under

Craig Matthew’s Madison standy-by…bumped by me…another PMD nymph alternative for Michael and an opportunity to test out the Lagartun Rusty Brown thread…

Where Michael’s feet will be planted…soon…

I’m also going to sneak my Montana (special) Nymph box into his vest when i see him this weekend…

SIDE # 1.

Side # 2.

NEXT: ROAD TRIP !!!…with ALLY and a visit to a Fly Shop next to a lake in Sonoma County with Michael and Aimee…


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As I said in a previous post, I have a couple of open spots in my Fall Caddis box for a pattern that appears on certain Eastern Sierra waters in late September through October. This Caddis is one of the least researched in the world. It was first noted, in this area of California, in 1977 – near here:

The version that appears on the Firehole and Madison rivers during Spring and Fall, was first misidentified by Craig Matthews as being an Oecetis…that has since been corrected…I had originally intended to put up two patterns…as usual, I have gotten carried away and will post more than that…here are three so far…more will follow with links, recipes and additional information…Walter Wiese and Craig Matthews have provided the most in-depth research into this Caddis species and representations thereof…

BUG # 1.


HOOK: Alec Jackson, North Country, #15-#17

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Olive

ABDOMEN: Arizona Diamond Hair, Pearl Green

THORAX: Arizona Peacock, Light Peacock

HACKLE: Light Gray Partridge

This is a soft hackle pattern that was developed by Craig Matthew’s at Blue Ribbon Flies and also tied by Walter Wiese from Park’s Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT…It is for the hatches of this bug on the Firehole and other rivers around Yellowstone National Park…HERE is Walter’s video version…I like the Alec Jacson North Country Hooks for this pattern and adapt the materials to what works for me…

BUG # 2.


HOOK: TMC 900BL, #16-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Olive

ABDOMEN: Creamy Golden Olive Dubbing Mix…(My Own)

WING: White Zelon

HACKLE: Dun, Cream or White _ I like Grizzly Dun – ties 1x-2x, OVERSIZE

WAKING POST: Two strands of White Zelon (from wings), clipped long-ish


This pattern, again, developed by Matthews, imitates the adult. The waking post adds to the fly’s effectiveness when swung, and skittered. The BRF Video may be found HERE…

BUG # 3.



HOOK: TMC 900BL, #16-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Olive

SHUCK: Amber Zelon

ABDOMEN: 50% Nature’s Spirit Emergence Dub, Cream, #11 /  50% White Antron

WING: Looped strand of White Zelon

HEAD: Natures Spirit Tan Emergence Dub, #42

Another Craig Matthews pattern with the waking post…The video is HERE…Walter Wiese ties this pattern Clacka Style

BUG # 4.


HOOK: TMC 900 BL, #16-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Olive

EGG SAC: Green Zelon, clipped short

ABDOMEN: 50% Arizona Diamond Hair, pearl Green / 25% White Antron / 25% SLF Prish, Pearl

WING: White Snowshoe Hair, Split

HEAD: Nature’s Spirit Emergence Dub, Tan, #42

Very simple and based on A Jim Schollmeyer design…this fly may be treated with WATERSHED, if desired…fish dead drift or swung and pulled under, at the end of the drift…

BUG # 5.

WHITE MILLER SUPER PUPAE – Wiese…( Tied Ed Story / Crackleback Style)

HOOK: Daiichi 1560 or TMC 3761, #16-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Olive

ABDOMEN: 50% Nature’s Spirit Emerger Dub, Cream, # 11 / 50% SLF Prism Pearl

HACKLE: Ginger Rooster, 1X oversize, Tied Crackleback Style, may be clipped stream side – if desired

THORAX: 50% Arizona Peacock, Light Peacock / 50% Light Golden Antron

This is a Walter Wiese pattern that is pictured HERE…I took artistic license. Walter notes, in one of this videos, that the Golden Olive coloration of this insect has to be customized with dubbing mixtures…

If one desires to learn more about this Caddis, start HERE and HERE

The TROUT in this place already have done their HOMEWORK…

NEXT: Finishing that OC and on to BAETIS


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So…I completed this box of attractor patterns that is, as usual, over stuffed. All these guys will soon occupy an 18 compartment Myran box that is thinner and fits quite well into one of the lower zippered pockets in my Simms vest. I like tying these critters up and utilizing them in the Spring, when Trout are emerging from the Winter doldrums and a diet very small bugs…Many times, I will use them as the lead fly in a multiple fly rig. I have never NOT been surprised at the results of what will hop on them…

The finished attractor box….


HOOK: TMC 2457 #16-#20, Daiichi 1120 # 16- #20, Mustad CO68 # 16 -#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Black

ABDOMEN: Red Zelon. twisted with one strand Black Midge Flash and one strand Root Beer

WING: White Zelon

BEAD: Black Brass or Tungsten, sized to hook

This is a nifty little, easy to tie pattern, that I first saw on the Madison River, about seven years ago. It was tied by this guy who I met at a mutual friends home, on the river, just above Raynold’s Pass Bridge. It was a killa’. I added the Midge Flash after some experiences on the Owens River with this material incorporated into several other Serendipity patterns I tie and use…the wing comes off  Craig Matthew’s Shop Vac…



HOOK: TMC 2457 # 12- #18, Daiichi 1120 # 12-#18, Mustad CO68 # 12-#18, Dai Riki #12- #18

THREAD: Uni 6/0 or 8/0 Red

TAIL: Two Brown Goose Biots

RIB: Silver Wire, sized to hook

ABDOMEN: Red Holo Tinsel MED or SM or Spirit River Holo Mylar Motion 1/64, Red

THORAX: Peacock Ice Dub

WING CASE: Mirage Tinsel, LG, MED or SM, sized to hook

BEAD: Gold or Silver, sized to hook

This pattern comes from Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman, MT. It is a pattern designed for Spring although, I believe that tied in smaller sizes, it has further applications. Here is a VIDEO for the pattern. I anticipate that this little fella’ will work well on Eastern Sierra waters…


Some of the materials for this pattern…


HOOK: TMC 3761 # 14- #18, Daiichi 1560 # 14-#16

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Fibers from longer feathers on Chinese Pheasant Patch ( Cascade Crest Tools)

RIB: SM or x-sm Chartreuse wire, Wapsi

ABDOMEN: Danville 6/0 # 47 ( Tobacco Brown )

WING / CASE: Yellow Razor Foam, 1mm.

FLASH: Red Holo Mylar Motion Strip

THORAX: Chartreuse Ice Dub

BEAD: Black Tungsten
I created this attractor pattern using a little from Craig Matthews (thread), Guy Jeans (foam) and some Chinese Pheasant Patch that’s been waiting for application for some time…using foam in weighted nymph patterns adds some very interesting motion to the fly…Guy’s Kern Emerger and the Delaware Caddis are two excellent examples of patterns that have this feature…try some…I believe in ’em…


HOOK: TMC 3761 #12-#16. Daiichi 1560 #12-#16, TMC 100SPBL # 12-#16

THREAD: Uni 8/0, UTC 70 Denier, Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Lemon Wood Duck Fibers

ABDOMEN: Twisted Brown/ Olive Zelon with 1 strand Chartreuse Midge Flash/ 1 Strand Root Beer Midge Flash

WING CASE: Razor Foam, 1mm., Black

FLASH: Rainbow Mirror Flash ( Cascade Crest Tools )

THORAX: Ice Dub Olive Brown

LEGS: Montana Fly CO speckled, Olive/ Black, SM or MED

BEAD: Copper or Copper Tungsten

I put this pattern together specifically for use under a March Brown soft hackle. The nymph of this species is a clinger that is seldom in the drift until just prior to emergence ( hence, the black foam wing case). They are generally found in the softer water above and below rifles…As the water warms, they leave the nymphal shuck underwater, progressively releasing higher in the water column as the temperature rises…weight accordingly…

Outside bend on the Owens River…good place for this SERENDer


HOOK: TMC 2457 #12-#18, Daiichi 1120 #12-#18, Mustad CO68 #12-#18

THREAD: UTC Ultra 70 Denier, Black

RIB: Ultra Wire MED or SM, Black

UNDER/ABDOMEN: Silver Holographic Tinsel SM or MED…Gold for Amber version

OVER/ABDOMEN: Chartreuse Flashabou…Orange Glow Flashabou for Amber version

COLLAR/HACKLE: CDC Black ( two feather sides in a loop)

BEAD: Black Brass or Black Tungsten…may also be weighted with lead wraps or non-toxic substitute

A Caddis Pupae version of the ubiquitous Western Lightning Bug…I tie a version of this with Partridge hackle that also works consistently in the Spring and early Summer. Tied heavy, it goes where the deer won’t…

Stillwater River, MT in high water…


HOOK: TMC 2457 #12-#16, Diaiichi 1120 #12-#18, Mustad CO68 #12-#18

THREAD: UTC 140 or 70 denier Black for abdomen… then, UTC FL Orange for Collar

TAILS: Orange Goose Biots

RIB: Amber Ultra Wire, SM or Med


OVER/ABDOMEN: Mylar tinsel SM or MED

WING: White Sparkle Organza

THORAX: Ice Dub Pheasant

WINGS: Prismatic Sheeting …cut to goose biot shape

BEAD: Black Brass or Black Tungsten

The Evil Weevil taken to extreme…Will it work ???…Heh, heh…


HOOK: TMC 3761 # 14-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Brown or Black…or UTC 70 Denier, Black or Brown

TAIL: Olive ANGEL HAIR strands

RIB: Wapsi Ultra Wire, Red

ABDOMEN: Olive Angel Hair

WING CASE/ LEGS: Six strands of Peacock Krystal Flash

BEAD: Black Brass, sized to hook

Tim Heng’s little BLM Nymph which came out of Roaring Fork / Frying Pan area…and was developed on those moving waters…

Some “other” nymph I found in the Frying Pan River…


HOOK: TMC 3761 #14-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Brown

TAIL: Strands of Rusty/Olive Lite- Brite

RIB: Copper/Brown Wapsi Ultra Wire, SM

ABDOMEN: Rusty/Olive Lite-Brite

WING CASE/ LEGS: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash

BEAD: Gold Brass

The abdomens on the BLM patterns imitate the bloated nymphal shucks on the  emerging bugs…gas on the inside, sparkle bubbles on the outside…

Some young ( NOW OLD ) “Dude”, plying the Frying Pan River long before Tim Heng, Taylor Creek Fly Shop or the BLM pattern…


HOOK: TMC 2487, #16-#20, Daiichi 1130, #16-#20, Mustad c49s, #16-#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Fluro-Fiber Brown, a few strands

RIB: Largutan Lilac, x-fine

ABDOMEN: Pink Holographic tinsel…coat thread abdomen with head cement and wrap over

BEAD: Silver

WING CASE / LEGS: Pearl Krystal Flash…pull over bead and separate…

Pink works…watch it appearing in many more midge, nymph, pupae and adult fly patterns…now, try here for some options on holographic wrapping material…


HOOK: TMC 2457 #16-#18, Daiichi 1120 #16-#18, Mustad CO68 #16-#18

THREAD: UTC 70 Denier Purple

TAILS: Natural Goose Biots

RIB: Silver Ultra Wire, SM

OVER /ABDOMEN: Purple Holographic Tinsel, SM


THORAX: UV Purple Ice Dub

BEAD: Brass, Black

This pattern is like the guitar solo HERE…nuff’ said…

The way “it was”….




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These are three flies that I have been using consistently over the past 5 years or so… that have produced for me on rivers from California to Montana. All are simple ties…As standard, I will put up the photos and add in the details later…I may re-shoot these ( pattern ) photos in available light. I’m not thrilled with the results I have been getting with interior lighting…Ahhhh…that’s better…

Maybe it will SNOW again, good Baetis weather…


HOOK: Daiichi 1560 #16- #18, TMC 3761 # 16 – #20

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer, Brown

RIB: Fine Lagartun Gold

TAIL: Mottled Turkey Fibers – ( I prefer mottled Partridge, from the tail feather)

ABDOMEN: Mottled Turkey fibers

FLASHBACK: A single strand of black Holographic flashabou or Holo Mylar Motion

THORAX: Dark Tan Beaver dubbing

WING CASE: Fluffy butt end of a natural Black hen neck hackle – ( I prefer Dark Dun Hen Neck)

Another Tracy Peterson patternwhich may be fished with weight on the hook or not,- dead drift, shallow or deep, alone or as a dropper. Make the dropper tippet 16″- 24″…this fly has accounted for a lot of hook ups for me on the East Walker and Lower Owens RiverI became aware of this pattern, along with the BatWing Baetis ( tied on a curved hook) in 2006I have a lot of both patterns, in many sizes, in my fly boxes…they WORK!!!


Another BAT WING BAETIS NYMPH…in good old California sunshine….

Mr. BROWN gettin’ ready to book it after hopping on a Bat Wing nymph…


HOOK: Daiichi 1560, #16-#18, TMC 3761 #16-#20

THREAD: Abdomen, Danville 6/0 Tan, From thorax to behind bead, Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Ginger

TAIL: Hungarian Partridge

RIB: Small Copper/ Brown wire

ABDOMEN: Danville 6/0 Tan

WING CASE: Strip of Mylar Sheeting or a few strands of Pearl Flashabou or Krystal Flash ( I use Pearl Firefly on back and over wing case ) Thanks Vince Wilcox!!!

THORAX: Olive Antron dubbing or other shiny synthetic dubbing – ( I prefer Arizona Simi Seal in Grey/Olive)

BEAD: Copper (1/16 for # 18 & # 20)


A Craig Matthews pattern I got hooked on after visiting Craig Matthews Shop – Blue Ribbon Flies – back in 2004I have found that this fly will work just about anywhere, and especially in the Fall when these guys appear all over the place below 5 Bridges, on the Lower Owens Riverweight may be added behind the bead…I’s don’t go out not carrying a bunch of these

Somebody is very cold here…Lower Owens River. after Thanksgiving…Brrrr…BAETIS weather…


HOOK: TMC 2487 #16- #22, Daiichi 1130 #16-#22, Mustad c49s # 16-#22.

THREAD: Abdomen, Wapsi 70 Denier Olive. Thorax to behind bead, Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Olive

TAIL: Three Natural Pheasant tail fibers

RIB: Wapsi, xsm Gold wire

THORAX: Peacock Herl

WING CASE/ LEGS: 8-6 strands of Black Krystal Flash

BEAD:Black nickel- sized for hook

I carry these in all sizes …there are occasions when I run into different colored Baetis nymphs from one section of the water to another…these guys, carried in the aforementioned sizes, will generally do the trick, when that happens…


Here are two GREAT sources for more info on BAETIS/BWO’s



” Michael…put Angelo down and let’s get to it!!!”….


LINKS (AT BOTTOM OF POST) to ALL my Baetis/ BWO Patterns:  HERE <- 



NEXT…a Jeremy Davies colorful STONE


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No, not the Wooly Bugger pattern…These are two nymphs from Rowan Nyman who ties for The Montana Fly Company. He has two of these little guys he put together, one imitates a Baetis and the other a PMD…Both patterns are available from Blue Ribbon Flies. The Baetis is available from Dream Drift Flies. They also offer a good portion of MFC products . Craig Matthews is touting the Thin Mint PMD in his current BRF Newsletter… Rowan Nyman used to work out of his shop and came up with the great Shop Vac pattern there…

THIN MINT BAETIS…(Photo from MFC and Dream Drift Flies)

THIN MINT PMD…(Photo from BRF Newsletter)

I have an idea of what will be going on at my vise soon…


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From the vise and newsletter of Craig Matthew’s Blue Ribbon Flies (designed by Diamond Ray) comes the Pop Top Mayfly pattern.I first saw this extended body in Shane Stalcup’s , “May Flies: Top to Bottom”. I believe the Spirit River, at one time, offered pre made Mayfly bodies based on his design, I did not see them after visiting their site. BRF offers them pre-tied, by the dozen. Shane’s book describes how to create them. A biot body example may be found HERE.

Here is a VIDEO on how to tie extended bodies…

That inverted CDC oiler puff keeps this pattern floating high…


THE BOOK...with the instructions


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Craig Matthews once again reminded me of a very effective tying technique for fishing spinners and Caddis in the late evening – especially for tired ,old eyes. It involves using EP (Enriquo Puglisi) Fibers, BLACK for the wing which is an easy color to pick up in fading light, when the sky is overcast and for those times there is a harsh glare on the water.

This pattern, an Epeorus Spinner, is featured in the current BRF Newsletter and is representative of how one may incorporate this material into the fly pattern:

EP Fibers and Beaver Dubbing

This same wing material has been used for the Mr. T Caddis, D.O.A. Cripple and the Black wing Baetis Cripple. I use it for”Flop Over” Baetis. Examples of many of these patterns may be found HERE…



Flop Over Baetis

Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Gray

Hook: TMC 101 or Daiichi 1110, #16-#22

Taik: Dun Hackle Fibers

Body: Gray Superfine or other Gray (Adams) Dub /Flyrite poly

Wing: Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers for existing light conditions (black,pink,orange or white)

A good expended/cripple BWO/Baetis Pattern that came from the Flyfishing & Tying Journal. I like this fly during a hatch along slower water near banks and especially in back eddys. The black wing helps me on cloudy days and yes, it is supposed to drift on it’s side…

EP Fibers have added hours to my Fly Fishing experience, give it a try…


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This particular fly has probably caught more fish for me, Michael and Ally – than ANY other attractor pattern that I have used through the years. I tie it on Daiichi 1560 Hooks, TMC 5262 and Mustad 3906B in sizes #10 -#18 ( scud hooks are a fine alternative too). I have an entire box devoted to this pattern. For durability, I twist the Peacock Herl around my tying thread , then wrap it around the hook. One may add a tag of thread, wire, Krystal Flash, Micro Tubing, Tinsel (Silver, Gold or Holo) or anything else that the imagination allows – or not. It may also be ribbed with any of the aforementioned materials – or not. Using the LaFontaine method of a “touch dubbing” rib is an interesting and fish producing alternative!

It is any easy tie for the novice and it can be fished in lakes, streams and rivers – dead drifted, swung or stripped really fast or slow on a hand twist retrieve…

This particular tie was done by Craig Matthews and featured at Montana River Boats:

Peacock and Partridge
These are just two results of knotting this fly to our tippets…

Michael using the “Fly and Bubble ” method , zipping a #16 Peacock and Partridge on an Eastern Sierra Lake , elevation 9000ft…he caught an even bigger Rainbow five minutes later and I lost it for him while fumbling with the net…Doh!!!

PT, same lake – hand twist retrieve, Scott A2,10′, 6wt., Tibor  Freestone Reel, SA 7wt. Sink Tip with a # 18 Peacock and Partridge off the bend of a Denny Rickard’s “Stillwater Bug…


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