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This is Charlie Craven’s Purple Jujubaetis, developed three years ago as an offshoot of the original Jujubaetis. Charlie’s flies –  JUST CATCH FISH… According to a great article Walter Wiese wrote for  Flyfishing & Tying Journal, “Charlie (Craven) suggests fishing the Purple Jujubaetis under gray skies or during rain and snow storms, in other words, when Baetis mayflies are most active”.


This pattern was developed as an experiment, but after Charlie’s son tried it out on Colorado’s Blue and other Colorado rivers and received rave reviews, he started production tying them. It is suggested to fish this pattern in tandem with an imitative pattern. Charlie says this pattern usually wins out…


HOOK: TMC 2488, # 16 – # 22

THREAD: (Abdomen)- 74 Denier White…I used Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, White

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Mottled Brown India Hen neck fibers

ABDOMEN: Two strands purple and one strand Blue Super Hair, over tapered White thread underbody

WING CASE/ LEGS: Brown Fluro Fiber or similar synthetic

FLASHBACK: Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel

THORAX: Black thread

COATING: Five minute epoxy (optional)

* Note: I tie this pattern using Black Holo Tinsel for the Flashback and also with Black Midge, Krystal Flash for the Flashback and legs…

Here is Charlie Craven’s excellent tutorial for the Jujubaetis

“Hey Michael, I got a new Baetis pattern for you to try!!!”…disnterested DOG and BOY on the Lower Owens River…

MORE BWO’s /BAETIS coming…


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