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This is probably the most beautiful May Fly that I have ever seen. It is an important insect on Southwestern Montana rivers in July-August. In particular, it is very significant on the Madison River …around $3.00 Bridge…

Epeorus albertae, from BugGuide

Craig Matthews has probably done investigative research, from a fly fisherman’s perspective, than anyone. I once sat on the bank here, on a warm evening in late July, and watched this hatch come off. I was astounded at the number of very large Trout swirling and flashing on the emergers…I just sat there…and watched…

With a slight warming of the Madison River, in the last eight to ten years, this bug sometimes out fishes the evening Caddis hatch. It is a clinger May fly, and although nymph imitations may sometimes work, the most important stages are the emerging dun and spinner. This May fly dun sheds it’s shuck BEFORE reaching the surface of the water column. It is found in faster to slower currents along the bank. I usually fish these two patterns together with the first – here – used a a trailer off the bend of the second pattern…

Epeorus emerger # 1

Hook: TMC 2488 #16-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer, Olive

SHUCK: Crinkly, May fly brown Zelon

ABDOMEN: Olive Goose Biot, fringed

THORAX: Olive Zelon dubbing or, Olive hare’s ear #4 mixed with chopped Olive Antron

WING: Medium Dun Zelon, clipped short

OVER WING: Olive Partridge fibers,small bunch

Epeorus emerger # 2

This pattern has the addition of a gold wire rib, extra fine Lagartun and 1 1/2 turns of a Patridge feather..both patterns pick up fish until…

Well after dusk…

I have had some success with a “flop over” version of the sparkle dun tied with a Hi-Vis white wing, pinkish-olive fur abdomen and light brown Zelon shuck. During this hatch, I have also taken some nice Trout on a Royal Wulff Cripple…When the light has really faded, I switch to this…

Epeorus spinner

HOOK: TMC 900BL, #16 – #18

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0,Sheer. Brown

TAIL: White Hackle fibers

RIB: Strand of tying thread

BODY: Superfine Rusty Brown #051 mixed with #176 Hendrickson Pink (1-3)

WINGS: White Zelon

OVER WING: (optional) Black EP Fibers

As it gets dark, I must remenber where I am putting my feet in here…

A good head light with a red filter and my trusted SureFire with a lanyard and red filter can assist me in attaching a spinner to a tippet…and, stayin’ alive and the way back to my 4x

“Pink Lady”, Epeorus Spinner – Top View

 *There are also some other Epeorus patterns that I  put together for my son Michael in June 2012, to use on the Madison River HERE


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Craig Matthews once again reminded me of a very effective tying technique for fishing spinners and Caddis in the late evening – especially for tired ,old eyes. It involves using EP (Enriquo Puglisi) Fibers, BLACK for the wing which is an easy color to pick up in fading light, when the sky is overcast and for those times there is a harsh glare on the water.

This pattern, an Epeorus Spinner, is featured in the current BRF Newsletter and is representative of how one may incorporate this material into the fly pattern:

EP Fibers and Beaver Dubbing

This same wing material has been used for the Mr. T Caddis, D.O.A. Cripple and the Black wing Baetis Cripple. I use it for”Flop Over” Baetis. Examples of many of these patterns may be found HERE…



Flop Over Baetis

Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Gray

Hook: TMC 101 or Daiichi 1110, #16-#22

Taik: Dun Hackle Fibers

Body: Gray Superfine or other Gray (Adams) Dub /Flyrite poly

Wing: Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers for existing light conditions (black,pink,orange or white)

A good expended/cripple BWO/Baetis Pattern that came from the Flyfishing & Tying Journal. I like this fly during a hatch along slower water near banks and especially in back eddys. The black wing helps me on cloudy days and yes, it is supposed to drift on it’s side…

EP Fibers have added hours to my Fly Fishing experience, give it a try…


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