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Cruisin’ around the Ether, I picked up on this interesting piece , posted today, (10.15.09) at:

The Fiberglass Manifesto BLOG


These are the new Sweetgrass Fiberglass Fly Rods…TFM is

Cameron Mortenson’s

most excellent BLOG…Stop on by and find out more about these new offerings from The Twin Bridges, MT, “Boo Boys”…Rod lengths, weights and how to order…I love FIBERGLASS


So does Ally, back channel – below Varney Bridge, Madison River, MT….


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I came across this article on the Fiberglass Flyrodders Forum. It is written by Tom Morgan,who, at one time, was the owner of the Winston Rod Co.. In this article, Tom describes the history of Fiberglass rods while the company was under his ownership and some further background information on himself – that I was never aware of. My Winston fiberglass has been one of my favorite rods since purchasing it in 1975…

Winston ” Stalker “, 71/2′,4wt., Frying Pan River, CO – 1975


Ally, fishing the Winston, Madison River, MT, 2001…

Jean Marie Hon on the Roaring Fork with the Winston “Stalker”, 1978…

Nadia on Hot Creek, CA with the Winston…1976…

…and Michael on the South Fork of the Kern River with his first Golden Trout with the Winston Stalker, 1987…

Everyone in the family has fly fished with that rod…

Sage is for Turkey,

Winston is for Fish!


PT/TB :thumbsupu

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