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Here are some patterns that see me through a good Spring and Summer…ENJOY!!!

Larry Kingry Caddis

HOOK: TMC 2487, 2457 or Diiachi 1120, 1130, # 12-18

THREAD: Uni 8/0 Black or Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 black

ABDOMEN: Green FlexiFloss

RIB: Chart FlexiFloss

THORAX: Ostrich, black or Dark brown

A good all-around, down, deep Caddis pattern. Kingry’s other new patterns can be viewed at Royal Gorge Anglers (in my links). His stuff works!

CDC Nymph

HOOK: TMC 5262, # 12-18

THREAD: Uni 8/0 brown or Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 brown for smaller sizes

ABDOMEN: Copper Brown Wapsi wire, appropriate size, cover with 2 coats of Aquaflex or Flexament

COLLAR: Montana Fly Co. strung CDC, Rust

BEAD: Appropriate Gold Brass or Tung

This fly is one of those strange patterns that I tied up when I was bored. I fished it on the Lower Owens in April ’07 and was amazed at the number of large fish, Rainbows and Browns, that hopped on this guy late in the afternoon when the Baetis had quit and the Caddis were not out yet. I got this idea from a fly that I picked up at the Four Corner’s Fly Shop in Bozeman, MT in ’04. It however, have a chart. wire body and black CDC. It was a killer on the Madison! See my links for the Montana Fly Company, they make some great materials and have links to retail shops where they may be purchased.


HOOK: TMC 100, # 14-18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Brown


ABDOMEN: Pheasant tail fibers

THORAX: Stalcup’s dry PMD dubbing

WING: Dun CDC faethers (2 or 3) depending on hook size

RIB: Wapsi (XSM) or Largutan fine , copper wire

A good soft water emerger pattern. I fish this with a Shop Vac as a dropper.


THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 green or UNI 8/0 olive dun

HOOK: TMC 2457 or DIIACHI 1120, # 16 – 18

ABDOMEN: Olive Beaver

RIB: Red 3/0 thread

WINGPAD: White closed cell foam

I read about the success of this fly on the Delaware River in FF Mag. several years ago. I decided to tie some uo and give them a shot. The particular way the foam is tied in, gives the fly a distinct, undulating motion the triggers Trout ( and probably fishermen too). I can assure this fly works. I have used it on both the Lower “O” and the East Walker with outstanding results…


HOOK: TMC 2312 # 14-18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 brown or tan

THORAX: Micro Vernille, singed (this is Cin.)

UNDERBODY: Rust Krystal Flash

RIB: Wapsi XSM, copper wire

THORAX: Rust or Brown ostrich herl

ANTENNAE: Woodduck Fibers ( for extra flash, I sometimes run two strands of Krystal Flash under the WD)

LEGS: Partridge fibers

OK, heresy…most tie with mylar tinsel for the under body. This use of the right color Krystal Flash shakes the pattern up. All tiers sooner or later tweak and experiment with established patterns. That is what makes this whole journey joyful and rewarding. The fish on the East Walker have voiced their approval..these fellows may be tied up in olive, tan, brown, black and light olive.


THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Brown, Black or Tan

HOOK: TMC 2488H or 2488 #16-24

SHUCK: Brown Mayfly Zelon

RIB: Wapsi XSM gold wire

ABDOMEN: Stalcup’s PREMO goose biot, tan (not fringed!)

WINGPAD: 6 strands, pearl FIREFLY

THORAX: Arizona Peacock, Pheasant Tail

I got this idea from Craig Matthew’s Micro Madison Baetis. Again, a little tweak of the pattern for Fall Baetis hatches on Eastern Sierra waters. This one has generated some nice fish for Michael and myself in late October, when the frost stays a little longer on the ground here:

Don’t see any crowds here – either, gotta’ love that!!!


THREAD: Wapsi Black, 70 denier, tie off- Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black

HOOK: TMC 2487 or Diiachi 1130, # 18-24

ABDOMEN: Wapsi 70 denier, Black

RIB: Largutan fine copper wire

BEAD: 1/16 copper

SHUCK: 1 strand, pearl micro flash

This is a standard pattern on the East Walker River throughout the year. Midges comprise a preponderance of the biomass in this tail water fishery. “Little Blackie” was the term used by a gentleman I met on the river in May 2006 . He and his partner would go to another pattern then, switch back to this. He smoked cigars and owned a winery in the Central Valley. They caught fish…


THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, olive

HOOK: TMC 2488, # 18-24

SHUCK: Light olive Zelon

ABDOMEN: Stalcup’s goose biot, BWO (fringed or not)

WINGCASE: Olive Raffia (swiss straw)

THORAX: Stalcup’s BWO dubbing

UNDER WINGCASE: Green Krystal Flash

LEGS: Olive Zelon, crinkled, half strand

This pattern was designed by a young student at Montana State University in Bozeman. It appeared in one of the premier FF Mags. in 2004. IT KILLS!!! He is going to be an accomplished pattern designer…


THREAD: Uni 8/0 or Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, brown

HOOK: TMC: 5262 # 12-18

BEAD: appropriate size Gold brass or Tung

ABDOMEN: Wapsi copper brown wire, app. size for hook, 2 coats Aquaflex or Flexament

THORAX: Peacock Herl

HACKLE: Partridge, speckled brown from wing

As the name implies, this is a machine on the Lower “O”. I use this as a lead fly early in the AM before the sun hits the water in Spring and Fall. I had something grab this in a deep hole coming out of a plunge riffle. It was attached to 3x tippet and I was unable to turn or stop the fish. I saw spray and heard my reel screech at whatever it was, bored downstream and into half my backing. It dove into a pile of brush, I ran downstream, the tippet snaped when I pulled on the line with my hand. However, I know where that guy lives…


THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 yellow

HOOK: TMC 100, # 16-18

SHUCK: Brown Mayfly Zelon

ABDOMEN: Stalcup’s PMD (yellow) goose biot

THORAX: Stalcup’s PMD dubbing

WING: CDC oiler puff, lt. dun

Another good soft water ( slow moving) pattern that is effective at the tail of riffles. I also use a glassbead SHOP VAC as a dropper off this fly ( 18 inches of tippet).


THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Black

HOOK: TMC 2487 or Diiachi 1130, # 16-20

ABDOMEN: Danville 6/0, # 47 thread

RIB: Wapsi or Largutan fine gold wire

UNDERWING: 3 strands, pearl Krystal Flash

OVERWING: Costal deer hair natural or bleached

BEAD: Gold Brass or Tung, app. size for hook

The SERENENDIPITY! Tweaked with Krystal Flash. May also be tied in Tan, Black, Olive or using Krystal Flash for abdomen – (your call). This fly is the BOMB. The end!


THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Brown

HOOK: TMC 2487 or Diiachi 1130, # 16 -20

SHUCK: Brown Zelon, 3 pheasanttail fibers

ABDOMEN: Rust pheasant tail fibers

RIB: Wapsi XSM gold wire

THORAX: Stalcup’s PMD dubbing

WINGPAD/WING: Dun Snowshoe hare ( cut close to ankle) pulled over abdomen, held upright after 13 thread wraps and cut to size. Pull hair outwards to fan.

Another great slow water pattern. Good as riffles enter slower flows. I like to use this and it’s BWO counterpart for bank feeders…




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Thread: Wapsi UTC 70 , olive brown, olive, rust, red and black ( I like the way this lays down)

Hook: TMC 200R, 16-22

Bead: Ruby xsm

Gills: White Antron

Rib: XSM Chart wire

Thorax: Peacock herl

I first saw this guy on Charlie Craven’s site about two years ago. I tied some up in olive brown, black and red and used them on the East Walker in May of ’06. I am a believer. End of story…


Hook: TMC 2457, Diiachi 1120 # 12- 18

Thread: Dk. brown or black Uni. 8/0

Tail: Pearl Krystal flash ( 3 strands)

Abdomen: Hare’s ear # 3, over lead or non toxic weight wraps up to bead

Thorax: Squirrel ( Red Fox)

Bead: Gold or Copper , tung or regular

Brush briskly with a good stiff toothbrush. A good searching pattern. I use it on the East Fork of the Carson below Markleville, CA – where nobody goes…

GO 2 Caddis

Hook: Diiachi 1560, # 12- 18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 black or Uni 8/0 Black

Tail: Brown hen feathers

Abdomen: Midge Braid, green ( a whole bunch of other materials work well to carry on this theme)

Thorax: Peacock Ice Dub

Hackle: Brown hen ( I like it with a black center)

Bead: Gold or Copper

Appeared in FF Mag. This puppy works! My good Canadian buddy, Mark Humphrey used these on a fly and bubble set up on a trek over the Sierras from Fresno to Lone Pine last year. This is what caught fish in the lakes he encountered. He needed all the help he could get…

Guy Jean’s famous Kern Emerger pattern

Hook: TMC 5262 # 10 -18

Thread: Uni 6/0 or 8/0

Tail: Black Hen feathers

Rib: Gold tinsel, ( I use XSM gold wire for # 18 )

Abdomen: Peacock herl

Wingcase: Razor foam, pick yer’ color!

Legs: Here ,black Raineys rubber,but one could experiment!

Thorax: Peacock Ice Dub

Bead: Tung with lots of lead or non toxic sub on thorax

Check out the Kern River Forum. Those guys up there use this fly throughout the year with great success. Guy Jean opened up his shop in Kernville several years ago and is a champ when it comes to doing good things for the Kern River and other local waters. Drop in and see him!

FWMM ( Foam wing Midge, Mayfly)

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s brown, 14/0

Hook: TMC 2487, Diiaci 1130 # 16 – 22

Abdomen: Uni 8/0 olive or olive dun

Thorax: Mix of Slalcup’s BWO and # 3 olive dyed Hare’s Ear

Wing: Pink Razor foam, translucent

I use this with a micro may tailed 12 – 18 inches behind it in the surface film. A tuft of white macrame with Dave’s bug sauce or Hydrophobe ( Blue Ribbon Flies) rubbed in about 6-8 inches up the leader from this guy.

The fishees on the East Walker like it…

Vince Wilcox’s LGM ( little green machine)

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 or Uni 8/0 gray, chart, olive or black

Hook: Diiachi 1560

Bead: Copper

Tail: Pheasant tail fibers

Abdomen: Micro Tubing – clear, olive, gray, tan, black or pheasant tail

Wingcase: Pearl Firefly

Gills: White Zelon or Antron

Thorax: Olive brown or Peacock Ice Dub

Vince Wilcox is a great fly designer. His patterns are innovative in ther use of materials and they certainly catch fish! I have a link to his site (Wiley’s Flies). This green pattern has worked well for me on the Lower “O” and the East Walker. I use black and pheasant tail colors depending on what’s in the water and the time of year. Try some!

Wet Hare’s Ear

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 or Uni 8/0 black or dark brown

Hook: TMC 5262, # 12-18

Bead: Copper

Tail: Partridge fibers, 6-8, from wing

Abdomen: Hare’s ear # 3

Rib: Copper wire

Thorax: Hare’s Ear # 4 or # 5, darker hair from the ear ( Ck. out Allen McGee’s photo in his excellent book on soft hackles)

This Earth tone fly pattern works everywhere. I used it as a lead fly on trips to Bishop, CA over the past several years and have had some really big Browns hop on this sukka’ where fast water slides under the Lower Owens’ banks. I tie a variation of this fly using brown copper wire for the abdomen covered wth two coats of Aquaflex or Dave’ Flexament.


Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Brown

Hook: TMC 5262, #12-18

Abdomen: Copper Brown wire ( App. size for hook and cover with 2 coats Aquaflex)

Thorax: Mix of Mink and Sable – tan to light brown

Boy! Is this a no-brainer that is a machine! I tried everything in my box one June day on the Stillwater in Montana. My fortunes immediately changed when I put this on and swung it through some deep holes behind boulders….kerbang, they were on!

I think it helped that the color of the copper brown wire matched the bottom of the River.

LaFontaine Emergent & Deep SPARKLE PUPAE

I devote an entire box to these in sizes 12 – 18 ( 20 in black)

These are all tied according to the original recipe. Combing out and mixing three different colors of Antron. The instructions on how to do this were in FLYTYER MAGAZINE about a year and a half ago. I will give a shortened version in an upcoming post. Meanwhile use the store bought junk that doesn’t even come close…

Partridge and Green

Thread: Persall’s Green gossamer silk

Hook: Alec Jackson ,North Country , # 11-19

Rib: XSM Largutan gold wire

Thorax: Hare’s Ear # 3

Hackle: Partridge , I use 2 turns

This, along with yellow, tobbaco and black are my mainstays for matching all sorts of Caddis and Mayfly hatches. I will not be found without pheasant tail and partridge and peacock herl and partridge patterns on my person WHENEVER I wet my line. Those that preceded me had their oars in the H2O…

Electrik May

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Brown

Hook: TMC 101, # 16-22

Tail: Amber Zelon

Abdomen: Twisted Krystal Flash – peacock, rust, rootbeer or olive

Thorax: Brown Beaver

Wing: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, white or gray

A fly for softer surface film. Rabbit foot in white or dun splayed outwards works in mildly broken water. I like this pattern for the slower stretches of the Owens and Walker – it has some bling to it…

Krystal PT

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black or brown

Hook: Diiachi 1560 or TMC 3769 # 16-18

Tail: Pheasant tail fibers

Rib: Gold or copper wire

Abdomen: Pheasant tail fibers

Thorax: Peacock herl

Wingcase/Legs: 6 strands of Krystal Flash, black or pearl

A simple tie that is very effective. It especially works well during PMD hatches with a black wingcase and legs.

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This is the classic Persall’s silk (gossamer) thread and partridge. I use it when PMD’s are present. It has been a deadly pattern almost everywhere. I became particularly aware of its fish attracting characteristics on the Stillwater River in Montana just North of Buffalo Jump in late June and July

Thread: Persall’s gossamer thread dark red
Hook: Alec Jackson North Country # 13, 15, 17 soft hackle hook
Rib: gold wire XSM – Wapsi
Thorax: Hare’s ear #3
Hackle: Brown mottled partridge

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The East Walker Caddis Pupae is useful for tan caddis pupae. I fish this pattern deep – again, using twist-ons for weight. It works well on the swing when Hydropsyche Caddis are present.

Thread: Gordon Griffiths tan
Hook: TMC 206 BL #14,16,18
Tail/ Shellback: Brown Zelon
Abdomen: Mix – #2 Hare’s Mask & chopped cream antron
Rib: Gold wire XSM, Wapsi
Legs: Mottled brown partridge
Thorax: Arizona Peacock Hares Ear

As with ALL nymph fishing, flurocarbon of choise is Seaguar – ONLY! The East Walker River flows out of the Eastern Sierras near Bridgeport, CA. I first fished here with my dad in 1975.

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