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My stories will be going up in a few more days. I will cover my trip to Chilko Lake, BC, how I got together with Jean Marie Hon (and what happened), introducing Michael to fly fishing and more trips to remote locations….


For the comment…

Nope, never saw a bear at Chilko Lake. I spent almost all of my time in the middle of the rather large Chilko River in a boat. If you are concerned, follow standard bear procedure….stay away from them…or, introduce them to MR. Benelli, M1 Super 90 loaded with 8 rds. of 3″ Mag. sabots…

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Owens Serendipity

Hook: TMC 5262, #12-18

Thread: Gordon Griffithh’s 14/0, Benichi 12/0, Uni 8/0 – Black

Abdomen: 1/3 hank Brown Zelon, 1/3 hank Olive (DK) Zelon 1 strand Peacock Krystal Flash, 1 strand Rusty Brown Krystal Flash (twist together, wrap forward).

Wing: White Zelon

I was goofing around one day with some old, unused Mustad hooks and came up with this. Like most of the patterns that I design, it works best when I fish it with confidence! I first tried this pattern on the Lower Owens early one Spring morning. I caught a lot of fish and broke many hooks – hence, the TMC 5262 became my standard. Dark water, undercut banks…go for it!

BH Wired Weasel

Hook: TCC 5262, # 12-18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Uni 8/0 – Black

Abdomen: xsm, sm, brassie chartruse wire, 2 coats Dave’s flexament or Aquaflex

Thorax: Peacock herl or Peacock Ice Dub

Wing/Legs: Olive Dyed Partridge (oversized)

Bead: Gold tung BH Wired WEasel

I wanted a simple, heavy tie for a lead attractor. One cold and rainy day at Lena’s Cabins, I started messing with this guy. Put brown goose biots in for a tail. Didn’t need ’em. It fishes great on the Madison, fished dead drift or on the swing. Michael and I hammered a bunch of nice Browns with it in late July during an Epeorus hatch ( go figure) above $3.00 Bridge. I gave one to Craig Matthews, he told me, ” I caught a fish on it!”

Drowned (Flying) Ant

drowned flying ant Hook: TMC 2487, Diiachi 1130, # 14-18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 – Black

Abdomen: 3-4 Peacock herls twisted on thread

Thorax: Olive bead, sm

Wing/Legs: Mottled natural Partridge

Bead: Black nickel or tung

I tied some of these up in 2000 and did not run into any Fly Ants until August 2001 on the Madison, when they started flying into my face and mouth. I knotted one of these to my tippet and dead drifted it through “The Spot”. Smashing!!! I’ve also used it on Little Virginia Lake when summer heat updrafts the ants up and out of Virginia Lake Canyon and kerplunks them onto the water’s surface. The Alpers Bow I am holding in one of the photos herein pounced on one of these as I stripped it just under the surface.

Wired Krystal Serendipity

Wired Krystal Serendipitu Hook: TMC 2487, Diiachi 1130 # 16-20

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Brown

Abdomen: Rusty brown Krystal Flash, 3-4 strands, flat or twisted.

Rib: xsm Gold or Copper wire

Wing: Natural or bleached Costal Deer Hair

Bead: Gold or Copper, metal or tung

The Krystal Serendipity is a standard Yellowstone pattern tied with pearl Krystal Flash over black or olive thread. I tweaked it a bit for the East Walker River. I like the effect of rusty brown. Peacock also works well. I use this pattern as a dropper 1/4 ing downstream below riffles and through deep pools. Look for the flash of Mr. Trout and set the hook with a slight lift and strip strike….

Guide Serendipity

Hook: TMC 5262, # 14-18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black

Abdomen: Chartruse Zelon. 1/3 hank, twisted over hook

Wing: White Zelon

A REALLY GOOD PATTERN. Simple to tie, effective and particularly useful when Brachycentrus Caddis are about. I also tie this pattern with 6/0 chartruse thread for the abdomen and rib it with xsm blue wire ( 7 turns). It sometimes out fishes the original on the Owens in the Spring and slams in size # 18 in the Fall.

Rainbow Warrior

Hook: TMC 2457, TMC 2487, Diiachi 1120, 1130 #18-22

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black, Red or Green

Tail: 3 pheasant tail fibers

Abdomen: Black, Red or Green thread ( may be covered with pearl Krystal Flash)

Wingcase: Pearlescent Tinsel or Firefly

Thorax: Wapsi Rainbow, sow scud dubbing

Bead: xsm clear, mercury, silver tung or Black tung

Lance Egan’s winning pattern. A go to for me when small midges and mayflies are on or in the water. Banged ’em at “The Spot” between 6-7:30am on the Madison. Good pattern for The Lower Owens, Hot Creek, East Walker and the East Fork of the Carson River.

TBT (that black thingee’ on ‘yer waders) Please, go here first:

Hook: TMC 2457, Diiachi 1120, # 18-20

Thread: Uni 8/0 or Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black

Abdomen: Black xsm and Red xsm UTC wire , twisted, wrapped over thread base( xsm copper works too!)

Overwing/ bubble: White Zelon

Wings: Black Zelon, kinky, clipped at angle from top

THORAX: Black Ice Dubbing

Bead: Gold, 5/64, 1/16

One June evening, several years ago, I was leaving the East Walker River before sunset for an early dinner. I had fished since sun up. I was tired and hungry. This fellow, just downstream from me , had been talking and trading flies with me most of the afternoon. I called him over as I got out of the water and gave him one of these in size # 18. ” Fish it”, I said , “when the shadows cover the river at dusk”. Early the next morning at 5:30AM, when Angelo ( DOGPAL ) and I arrived at the river in the meadow section, he was waiting for me. This is what he told me. He had tied on this fly just before dark, dead drifted it through a deep run about three feet out from the bank. He thought he had snagged the hook when a huge Brown made a screeching run downstream. It almost spooled him. He raced after the fish, furiously taking up line. Just as he approached the spot where the fish lay deep and sulking, it turned and blew past him, racing upstream. Again, he gave chase. He got a brief glimpse of the fish as it surfaced, then dove into a tangle of submerged stream side branches. He finally snapped his 5x tippet trying to pull it out of it’s lair. He told me that it was the biggest fish that he had EVER hooked on the East Walker. I gave him six more…

My Take – (on JB’s Graphic Caddis)

Hook: TMC 2457, Diiachi 1120, # 14-18

Thread: White Uni 8/0 for body or Uni 8/0 tan, olive or grey.

Tag: Gold holo tinsel

Overbody: micro tubing clear, tan, olive or gray

Thorax: Gray , Black or Tan Ostrich Herl

Wing: Mottled Partridge Natural, dyed brown or olive

John Barr and his buddy Charlie Craven tie this fly on TMC 2488 hooks. Whichever hook is chosen, it is important to build a pronounced hump at the hook bend before wrapping the gold holo tinsel tag. Charlies’ Flybox has a great tutorial on this guy. I have noticed that most commercial ties do not use the appropriate thread or micro tubing colors to match Sierra Caddis hatches. Solution, tie ‘yer own. Fish dead drift with weight and let the fly swing in the current. Anticipate a hit and be prepared to use a “slip strike”….

For me, the TMC 2457 delivers a better profile that the 2x shorter TMC 2488 – they are however wonderful for micro Caddis and I use them for that purpose. Try spanking some Trout with these. When the Caddis are coming off the East Walker or Lower Owens, they do just that!

Pearl Core Caddis Pupae

pearl core caddis pupae

Hook: TMC 2457, Diiachi 1120, # 14-16

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black, Brown

Abdomen: Midge Pearl Core Braid, Olive, Tan, Black or Grey

Wing: Mottled partridge, Natural, Dyed brown or olive

Thorax: Black, brown or olive Ostrich Herl

Bead: Gold

Another compliment to Canadian designer, Jeremy Davies an innovative tier who had a similar pattern up on his web page several years ago ( no longer available ). I wanted to try it. Experiences on the East Walker River and Lower Owens have proved its’ worth. I also use black or brown kinky Zelon for wings – pulled up and cut at an angle.

Shop Vac

Hook: TMC 2457,2487 or Diiachi 1120, 1130 # 16-20

Thread: Danville # 47, 6/0

Wire: Gold, xsm

Wing: Strand of White Zelon, clipped

Thread at head: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black

Bead: Tung or Metal, Gold

The original- fish vaccum. I also tweak this simple pattern with 3 strands of midge pearl flash under the wing and I tie it using UTC 70 Olive for the body. Faux Shop Vac here.

Puff May Krystal Emerger

Hook: Diiachi 1130, # 18-22

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Grey

Tail: Light Dun Zelon under 3 grey wood duck fibers

Abdomen: Peacock Herl

Rib: Peacock Krystal Flash

Wing: CDC Puff Dun

Thorax: Arizona Peacock pheasant tail

Another emerger I use during BWO hatches on the Lower “O”. Flashy change up for really overcast days…

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SH Bead PMD Emerger

Hook: TMC 2488, 14-18

Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Brown

Shuck/tail: Brown Zelon

Abdomen: Rusty Brown Goose Biot ( fringed up ) Wapsi

Rib: Largutan fine gold wire

Underwing: kinky light dun zelon

Thorax: PMD yellow, Stalcups

Bead: Gold glass, 15/0

Wings/legs: Partridge

I fish this fly on the swing or with the Leisenring lift. It is a take off of Craig Matthew’s Epeorus Emerger. It has served me well on the Madison and Stillwater, particularly effective fished coming out of riffles and in soft water along banks.

Batwing Baetis

Batwing Baetis

Hook: TMC 2487, Diiachi 1130 ,16-20

Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Brown

Tail: Dun hen neck 4-6 fibers

Abdomen: BWO Goose Biot, Tan works well too.

Thorax: Medium Brown Beaver Dub

Bead: x-sm glass, gun metal for 18 & 20

Wing: Fluffy, soft barbs at the base of Dun Hen Neck feather ( tied over thorax & bead convex side up).

This pattern appeared in Flyfishing and Flytying Journal about three years ago. It reminds me of the “Wonder Baetis” developed on the Bighorn. I have used this pattern in # 18 & 20 on the lower Owens in the spring. It is a fish catching machine below Five Bridges. This pattern may be modified to match many Mayfly hatches and it is huge success in Ozark tailwaters.

Ally’s Nympho

Allys Nympho

Hook: Diiachi 1130, TMC 2487, 16-22

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Brown

Tail: Natural Pheasant barbs, 4-6

Abdomen: Danville, 6/0, # 47 thread

Rib: Largutan fine copper wire or Wapsi x-sm

Thorax: Arizona Peacock Dub or Peacock Ice Dub

Wingcase/leg: Peacock or black Krystal Flash, 6 strands

The fish attracting color of Danville # 47 is spectacular! It matches the natural color ( when wet ) of countless insects in the biomass of rivers EVERYWHERE. It also is the same color of my daughter Ally’s hair ( when dry ). This is a great sub for the Pheasant Tail and a quick tie. Use the black wing case and legs prior to a PMD hatch. Try it!

Mike’s Wisdom

Mike\'s Wisdom Green

Mike\'s Wisdom Black

Hook: TMC 5262, # 12-16

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Red

Weight: Wraps of .010 or .015 Lead Sub.

Tail: Mini-marabou plumes olive, black or brown

Abdomen: Arizona Simi-seal, olive, black or brown or other color ( dub loop, stiff brush, cut to profile)

Years ago, I started tying my own versions of Denny Rickard’s Seal Bugger for use in Eastern Sierra lakes and rivers. My son Michael REALLY had a ball with these. That big Alpers Rainbow he caught at Virginia Lakes gobbled one. So, he suggested an easy to tie, smaller offering. With the assistance of Fisherman’s Spot, resident fly guru, Dean Endress, this is the result. It is a reliable fish attractor on most waters with leeches and, in olive, works as a serviceable punk perch. Thanks guys!

Left over Klink

Left over Klink

Hook: Partridge 15BN, #16-20

Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, or Benechi 12/0 brown, olive or black

Tail: brown, olive or black hen neck

Abdomen: Wapsi UTC 70, brown, olive-brown, rusty- brown, olive or black / covered with clear micro tubing or color desired.

Rib: Wapsi x-sm gold, copper or silver

Thorax: (Behind a copper, gold or silver bead) olive brown, UV black or peacock Ice Dub

Wing/legs: brown, olive or black hen neck

So I have these remaining Klinkhammer hooks and what to do? I like it better in the available small sizes than the TMC 200R – superior gape. The fish seem to like it ( think Flav, Mahogany etc…) Rust bites back on the Stillwater!

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