From time to time, I like to post photos and links to patterns that REALLY pique my interest. This one comes from Frank Drummond, a tier and guide out of The Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop in Colorado…Here are two photos of the pattern and I’ll let the viewer decide what constitutes their make-up…

FRANK’S FLASHY…from the Laughing Grizzly Store  #14-#18

Franks flashy.
Hook- curved caddis
Bead- Tungsten
backstrap- pheasant tail (PT)
Rib-wire your choice size and color
body- your favorite krystal flash personally I use rainbow, red, and orange.
Thorax- you can do the typical peacock herl thorax if you like, I just use the flash.

Instructions- this is kinda tricky to explain if you have any questions let me know.
Lay down thread base 3/4 hook length. Tie in pheasant tail with a typical half body length. I put a couple of wraps down then fold the PT back on itself and tie it down again so you can tie in the rest of the materials right against the tail. Then tie in wire then 4 strands of krystal flash. Advance thread to thorax area. Wrap crystal flash up to thorax tie off. Fold PT fibers over the back (Do not wrap just lay them down over the back of the fly) take wire and rib the fly to hold the pheasant tail in place. Tie off PT and wire. Remove wire. I tidy up by bringing the pheasant tail and flash back and tie down again so you can cover the thread with the flash. Advance thread to head. wrap flash over thorax, tie down with one wrap. Then fold PT over for wing case. Tie down flash and PT with a couple wraps. Split PT fibers and flash equally on each side of fly. Pull the two sets down on each side of fly (helps if you pull pretty firmly, you really want to take any looseness out of the materials) with left had hold the flash and PT so they are touching the point of the hook. Whip finish. trim legs at the point of the hook.



FRANK’S FLASHY…another variation from BRUSH CREEK CANE


Check out the list of waters that this pattern has been used on (link above)…with success…(hint)…East Walker River, Hot Creek and the Owens River…

I’ll be getting to this soon… 


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