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I remember my AA sponsor telling me, many years ago, “If you want to hear GOD laugh, tell him your plans.”

On May 15, 2019, I entered the hospital with what I thought was acute appendicitis. I was wrong. After a CAT scan, I was informed that I had a blockage in my lower colon and a tumor on my left kidney. I was immediately prepped for abdominal surgery, which was performed by a great doctor who had been a combat surgeon in Iraq. He literally saved my life. He and an associate removed a two pound mass which turned out to be benign, I spent two weeks in the hospital and now have a permanent colostomy bag.

On June 27, I will travel with Ally to Spokane, WA – to have a biopsy performed on the tumor on my right kidney. I will then meet with my Urologist to determine the next course of action…


Today, this happened:

I have been graced with gifts beyond my wildest expectations…




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