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Well, that time again…So here are some small creations for the Eastern Sierra tailwaters we fish…here is the completed box which I now like to use for all my Midge patterns…

MIDGES F-W 2012 -1-

The Fly Box came from Bob Marriott’s and is distributed by Anglers Image





HOOK: TMC 2499 SP BL, #18 – (body)/Daiichi 1130, #20- (trailer)

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White for both abdomens – Tiemco 16/0 Black for head on trailer and behind body bead

SHUCK: Trailer – Rusty Brown Krystal Flash – 1 short strand

RIB: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash for trailer, Rusty Brown Krystal Flash for body…over layed with Lagartun x-fine Copper wire

CONNECTION: 6x Fluorocarbon (Seaguar) cut a 10″ -12″ section off the spool, run through trailer eye, over hand knot tie in to body and gently snug up to bend

*COAT: Both trailer and body with Hard As Hull or S.H.A.N. – for durability and to keep algae off

BEAD: Black brass 1/16″

This is an Eastern Sierra design by guide Chris Basso out of Tom Loe’s Sierra Drifters. It has been around for a number of years and is quite successful on lakes and rivers in the Owens Valley, further North on the Upper Owens River and on the East Walker River in Bridgeport, CA. If there are any questions on how to tie this pattern, leave me a comment and I will help ‘ya out…It is a good one !!!



HOOK: TMC 2499 SP-BLB, #18

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black

SHUCK: Krystal Flash, Hot Orange, 1 short strand

ABDOMEN: Mottled Nymph Rib, Copper – Cascade Crest

THORAX: Peacock Herl, Strung Red – Wapsi

CHEEKS: Flexi-Floss, Orange

BEAD: Black Tungsten, 5/64″

A deep explorer, attractor type Midge pattern…



HOOK: TMC 100 SP BL – #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0 White – Under Abdomen and Thorax…then, Tiemco 16/0, Black – Head

SHUCK/TAIL: Three short strands, Midge Flash, Pearl

RIB: UTC Wire, Red, x-sm

ABDOMEN: Micro Floss, Purple – Cascade Crest

THORAX: Ice Dub UV Lavender

BEAD: Behind hackle, Hi-Lite Glass Bead, Quick Silver, x-sm – Spirit River

HACKLE: Starling Dyed Purple – White Fox Fur and Feather CO


THE MOO…my son Michael…pumping PURPLE on the East Walker River at twilight…

From the Winter 2013 Issue: Flyfishing & Tying Journal, “Water Entomology to Fly-Fish By”, Dave Whitlock, ppgs. 16-21…


1. Fly one to six inches above stream bottom.

2. Fly moving upward (emerging) from bottom to surface.

3. Fly resting just under the surface film.

4. Fly resting on the surface film.

5. Fly actively twitching or skittering over the surface film.


TDT (tons de terre) MIDGE…

HOOK: TMC 2499SP BL – #18

THREAD: Veevus 16/0, Olive Dun – for Abdomen – then, Tiemco 16/0, Black – thorax forward

SHUCK: 1 strand Krystal Flash, UV Pearl

ABDOMEN: Veevus 16/0, Olive Dun tying thread

RIB: Wapsi wire, Metallic Olive, SM

WING: Looped Dun Sparkle Organza – a little mussy…it’s meant to be that way – Hareline

THORAX: Ice Dub, UV Brown

BEAD: Black, 5/64″, Tungsten

Earth Tones…like this:

My two EARTHY GUYS…Ally and Hero…by the San Francisco Bay…


HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White – Under Abdomen – then, Tiemco 16/0, Brown Thorax forward

SHUCK: 1 strand, Krystal Flash, Hot Orange

OVER ABDOMEN: Chironomid Braid Pearl/Tan – cut 3″-4″ section separate out 1 strand…I also use this material for ribbing

RIB: Lagartun x-Fine Copper Wire

THORAX: Dyed Peacock Eye, Brown – Spirit River

BEAD: Tungsten Copper, sized to hook

Hareline Chironomid Braid…I love this stuff


HOOK: Gamakatsu C12-B, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black

ABDOMEN: Chironomid Braid, Pearl/Black – Hareline

RIB: Wapsi wire, Small, Red

WINGS: 3 short strands, Grizzly Krystal Flash, Black/Red

THORAX: Iridescent Peacock Herl, Black – Spirit River

BEAD: Ruby Glass Bead, xsm – Spirit River

I love this hook, I like the Chironomid Braid and the wing material has worked some miracles on East Slope Tail waters…plus, if it doesn’t work, I may use it as a Christmas ornament… Christmas Smilies - ELF

MIDGE boxes I now use…from Wapsi with magnetized bottoms…get ‘em HERE


HOOK: Alec Jackson Soft Hackle Trout Fly Hook – #17

THREAD – UNDER ABDOMEN: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

ABDOMEN: Combo Thread, Yellow/Brown – Cascade Crest

SHUCK: Three short strands Midge rainbow Flash – Cascade Crest

THORAX: #.83 Pheasant Tail Emergence Dubbing – Nature’s Spirit

HACKLE: AAA Starling, Dyed Olive  –White Fox Fur and Feather… available HERE

There are only two people I know who are using this thread for Midges…one is Craig Matthews and the other is D. Korn…I wonder why???  …  Christmas Smilies - Xmas Present Unwrap

It comes in a wide range of colors…this is Olive…

Ally getting HERO ready for some “water” activities…


HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown – under abdomen, then – Tienco 16/0, Black for thorax forward

ABDOMEN: Glimmer Thread, Root Beer, Cascade Crest

CHEEKS: 1 strand each side, Micro Flashabou, Pearl – coat with Hard As Hull or Loon UV Knotsense

Glimmer Thread comes in a number of different colors and lends its’ self to the “segmentation effect”…this material makes for some nice Serendipities as well…

Cascade Crest Glimmer Thread…

ICU MIDGE TUNGSTEN (Blue) – Maktima/Variant…

HOOK: TMC 2499 SPBL, #16 – #18

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black

SHUCK: Short strand of UV Pearl, Krystal Flash

RIB: Blue Wapsi Wire, x-sm

ABDOMEN: Black Glimmer Thread – Cascade Crest

THORAX: UV Black Ice Dubbing

CHEEKS: 1 strand each side, Micro Flashabou, Pearl

BEAD: Plummeting Tungsten Bead, Blue, sized to hook

A pattern based on Norm Maktima’s ICU series, from Umpqua, which is new for this year (2013)…I will be doing some other variants for Spring…


HOOK: Daiichi 1130 ,  #18 – #22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black

SHUCK: Pearl Midge Flash

ABDOMEN: Cascade Crest, Combo Thread . Black/White (over base of Black thread)

THORAX: Iridescent Dyed Peacock Eye, Purple – Spirit River

BEAD: Plummeting Tungsten Bead, Red – Hareline – sized to hook

For some reason, flies that I tie, that are named after Michael and Ally, seem to catch a lot of fish (big ones too) see here

GOO FEE (Ally) on the Madison River, MT… above $3.00 Bridge…


HOOK: TMC 2488, #16 – #20

THREAD: Veevus 16/0, Red – under abdomen, then Tiemco 16/0, Black abdomen forward

OVER ABDOMEN: Chironomid Braid, Pearl Red – Hareline – 1 strand

RIB: Black Ice Thread

WINGCASE: Medium Opal Tinsel

THORAX: Iridescent Peacock Eye, Dyed Black – Spirit River

LEGS: Gliss ‘N Glow, Fluoro Fibre, White

BEAD: Killer Caddis, Midge 15/0, Diamond

Solitude Fly CO offers the original of this pattern in Cream, Black and Red HERE. For me, having used the Cream version on the East Walker River, at the urging of my friend Jim Reed at Ken’s Sporting Goods in Bridgeport…the experience was BLAH…this version will get a workout on the Lower Owens River…report to follow…

C-THREAD MIDGE –  Red/Black …

HOOK: Gamakatsu C12-B, #18 – #20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black – under Abdomen

SHUCK: 1 strand UV Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Combo Thread, Red/Black 6/0, Cascade Crest

THORAX: Iridescent Peacock Herl, Black, Spirit River

BEAD: Tungsten, Black – Sized to hook

A pattern I have had in the back of my mind since I first saw this combo thread on Craig Matthew’s site…I like the segmentation, which I believe, is a very important factor in Midge Larva and Pupa…The Olive/Yellow thread variation might make an interesting Baetis/BWO abdomen for Spring…





NEXT: A visit to a legendary Hollywood eatery… then, more  ATTRACTORS

PT/TB Christmas Smilies - Snowman

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Lots more photos of my trekking around the South/ Western portion of the Great Basin…with the “Evil Spawn”…

Ally finds something black and shiny while groovin’ on Pearl Jam…

Ally, leaning on the ONLY post over 5′ high in Deep Springs Valley…while looking for more black and shiny objects…

Cocktail onions skewered on a BENCHMADE…near Tinemaha Res. on a VERY COLD day…

Air Soft exploration…somewhere DESERTY…right…

BHP Squirt gun replica somewhere in the Sierra Nevada foothills…

Sunrise on the Owens…

Chipmunk rounds like.223 blow around – .308, Lake City Match…just don’t…

Mono Lake, coming down from Bridgeport, CA on black ice

Ally. stumbling around the desert near LP looking for something…Another, cold, windy, wet and overcast day that Dad drags Ally out to look for “stuff” in the Owens Valley…

Michael, strippin’ a streamer on a very cold day on the Owens River…

“Take is slow Son, there are some BIG GUYS in here!”….

South of Bridgeport, CA…first snow of Fall…

Ally in the White Mountains looking South down the Owens Valley…

Hogback Creek…

B.R.A.S.S. – ALLY!!!…

Twilight on the Owens River, below 5 Bridges…

Michael working a pair of nymphs on the Owens River…

More nice water on the Owens River…

Michael takes a break in the Wild Trout section of the Owens River…

The “MOO” with a nice typical Owens River TROUT…

Angelo, getting ready to bury something on the Owens River…

Angelo takes a break…

Mr. BROWN posing for a very brief moment…

NEXT: Michael and Aimee engagement party (beach blow out) 6.6.10…


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These are three great Caddis patterns…So, next in and out my vise will be a combination of all three with a twist...LITERALLY

Dennis Potter’s Opal X Caddis…

Walter Wiese’s Olive Clacka Caddis…(link updated 1/16/11)

Craig Matthew’s Amber Iris Caddis…


HOOK: TMC 102Y, # 13 – # 19

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0 Sheer, Black, Tan or Olive

TAIL/SHUCK: Clear Antron yarn, twisted

ABDOMEN: UTC Opal Tinsel ( wrapped over thread) or thread body, tan or olive with a strip of Opal tinsel over the body)

RIB: Fine Lagartun wire -silver or gold

UNDERWING: 3 strands. pearl or olive pearl Midge flash

OVERWING: Loop of straight Zelon, white, tan or light olive

THORAX: FLY-RITE ,extra fine poly dubbing, brown or olive, dubbed thin

HACKLE: Olive, Brown or Dun Grizzly – clipped on bottom


I think I will drop it in here:

If Michael would just get out of the way…


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