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I say retro because it takes me back to the old “Lord’s of the Fly” Fly Shop that was located on Wilshire Blvd. in West LA, back in the early 1980’s, and was run by a pair of brothers, one of whom, now manages the Orvis Shop in Pasadena,CA. This Caddis Fly pattern, which I discovered there, has accounted for many selective fish on still and moving waters for me – throughout the West. I have taken many Trout on this pattern on the Madison River and Stillwater River in Montana in the evenings.


This place…

First some photos, then the recipe…

Tan Crippled Caddis

Chartreuse Crippled Caddis

Olive Crippled Caddis

Olive Crippled Caddis (top view)


HOOK: TMC 100, Daiichi 1100, #14-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer, Black, Olive or Tan

TAIL/SHUCK: Marabou (appropriate color) or CLEAR Antron

ABDOMEN: Fly-Rite, extra fine Poly Dubbing

#16 BCS 21 Chartreuse

#3 BCS 30 Olive

#19 BCS 91/95 Tan

RIB:  (Optional) Largutan fine gold

UNDERWING: (Optional) 3 strands of pearl Midge Flash, cut short

OUTRIGGER WINGS: Grizzly Tips or Web Wing (appropriate shade) cut to shape

WING: Coastal Deer Hair / Dark Tips

HEAD: Deer Hair, compacted and clipped to bullet shape

This new hook from TMC ( TMC 212Y ) might be an interesting add to this pattern:


Specifically designed for very selective trout like Japanese Yamame. (‘Y’ in the model name stands for Yamame as well as on TMC102Y.) The latest curved shank hook with a very wide gape for dry flies hanging on the surface. Good for floating nymphs, emergers and hanging parachutes.
Dry Fly, D/E, 4XS, 5XW, Forged, Black Nickel.
Size: #11-23

I fish this pattern dead drift and twitched or swung and twitched with the rod tip. Up at elevation, on Little Virginia Lake, this fly kills in the evening when shadow hits the lake’s surface…

Hmmmm…Michael might be getting ready for the MOTHER’S DAY HATCH…

Thanks for the new HEADER PHOTO son!!!

I will be doing an SBS on this pattern which will appear on another BLOG…the link information may be found HERE: 5.26.2013



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I first posted these two patterns back in May, 2008. I am re-posting them because the have been extremely effective for me around the “Mother’s Day Hatch”. The first is the Guide Serendipity which was developed by Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone and the second, The Owens Serendipity is a variation on that pattern in a larger size that has taken numerous large Brown Trout on the Lower Owens before and after the sun hits the water. I tie another variation of the Guide Serendipity using chartreuse Danville 6/0 thread and seven (7) turns of XSM, blue, Wapsi wire. These patterns may be quickly tied. They are fished from the bottom to just under the surface of the water column, dead drift and swung…


Hook: TMC 5262, # 14-18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black

Abdomen: Chartruse Zelon. 1/3 hank, twisted over hook

Wing: White Zelon

A REALLY GOOD PATTERN. Simple to tie, effective and particularly useful when Brachycentrus Caddis are about. I also tie this pattern with 6/0 chartruse thread for the abdomen and rib it with xsm blue wire ( 7 turns). It sometimes out fishes the original on the Owens in the Spring and slams in size # 18 in the Fall. As a thought, a strand of Pearl Krystal Flash twisted into this pattern will add some flash…


Hook: TMC 5262, #12-18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Benecchi 12/0, Uni 8/0 – Black

Abdomen: 1/3 hank Brown Zelon, 1/3 hank Olive (DK) Zelon 1 strand Peacock Krystal Flash, 1 strand Rusty Brown Krystal Flash (twist together, wrap forward).

Wing: White Zelon

I was goofing around one day with some old, unused Mustad hooks and came up with this. Like most of the patterns that I design, it works best when I fish it with confidence! I first tried this pattern on the Lower Owens early one Spring morning. I caught a lot of fish and broke many hooks – hence, the TMC 5262 became my standard. Dark water, undercut banks…go for it!

This is an interesting article on the EVOLUTION OF THE SERENDIPITY


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Here is a simple Caddis (Brachycentrus ) pattern to match the Mother’s Day hatch from LoJ’s Flytying and Bugstuff… some great patterns there….

The tying instructions are on his BLOG…

And, this is a SwittersB take ( utilizing Lime Pearl Core Braid) that may be fished lower in the water column…*( click on link for properly sized photo and description)



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