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So… I have been working on a few more Caddis patterns for Fall on the Owens and East Walker River (that are NOT Big and Orange)…here are 10 of 16 that are finished…these are patterns that will be used this Fall mostly on the east Walker River, Hot Creek and The Lower Owens River from late August through October The other six Caddis Patterns will be included in a subsequent posting…I usually carry Caddis patterns that include: Larva, Pupae, Emergers, Cripples, Adult Dries, Diving Caddis, Spent Caddis and drowned Adult Caddis…any of these patterns may be adapted for other Caddis species and there are quite a few…see HERE…These, however, are for this Fall version of the Mother’s day Caddis found throughout the WESTERN U.S….


HOOK: TMC 102Y, #15-#19

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Olive

EGG SAC: Green Zelon, cut short

RIB: One strand of Pearl KF over body, covered with Head Cement or Dave’s Flexament

UNDER WING: Crinkly Dun Zelon

WING: Early season Elk. tied butch style and clipped

BUTCHED MISSING LINK… (Galloup/Mercer)…second view from my bench…

This is a combo of Mike mercer’s Missing Link Caddis and Kelly Galloup’s Butch Caddis …two good ideas combined for me to use here…

Below the dam on the East Walker River, Bridgeport, CA …in the “Miracle Mile” stretch…being aware of the rise form, is the tip off to which pattern to use…THIS helps…

CDC SPENT CADDIS… (Jim Schollmeyer)…

TMC 900 BL, #16-#20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

EGG SAC: Bright Green Dubbing…I like Spirit River Fine and Dry Chartreuse

BODY: Dark Olive Dubbing…I use Stalcup’s Micro Dry Fly BWO, Olive for Eastern Sierra waters

THORAX: Brown-ish Dubbing

WING: Dark Dun CDC or color to match natural

CDC SPENT CADDIS… (Jim Schollmeyer)… front view

I am not a big fan of CDC. It is often considered a “one fish fly” after being “slimed”…However, the pattern may be fished up or down in the water column to imitate a female diving Caddis. The CDC retains shimmering air bubbles which imitate the bubbles that female Caddis use to draw oxygen in their, up to, 30 minute underwater adventure at the end of the life cycle…

D.A. CADDIS…( Paul Dinice )

TMC 206 BL, #16-#20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

SHUCK: Amber Zelon

ABDOMEN: 60% Rust Hare’s Ear/40%Rust UV Ice Dub

WING: Early season cow Elk – Natural

COLLAR: Petitjean select CDC, light mallow

Paul Dinice says this is one of his “secret” flies…I have use the UV Rust color, in the Fall, on the Lower Owens…It has taken some very nice Trout for me…I would suggest Olive as well…


HOOK: TMC 2499 SP-BL, #16-#18

THREAD: UNI. 8/0 Camel

EGG SAC: Fine and Dry, Chartreuse

ABDOMEN: 50% Metz Buggy Nymph, Sage/50% Antron , Dark Olive

RIB: Wapsi Ultra wire, Silver, x-sm

UNDER WING: English Grouse

OVER WING: Olive Brown Zelon

HACKLE: India Hen Back, Natural

DIVING CADDIS…Soft Hackle…a desk view under different light…

This was inspired by another tier…it is NOT my pattern…when I figure it out, I will post the designer of this fly. I love soft hackles and tied this one up for Michael to use with a heavier hook and maybe some 4x tippet for his runs through fast water…I enjoy seeing him do this:

My son, Michael…on one of his favorite spots in the East Walker River…


HOOK: TMC 3761, #16-#20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Brown

UNDER ABDOMEN: UTC 70 Denier, Chartreuse thread

OVER ABDOMEN: Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Chartreuse

RIB: UTC Ultra Wire, Black X-sm

WING BUDS: Black Zelon

HEAD: 50% Rust UV Ice Dub/50% Spirit River Squirrel Blend, Rust

MICRO TUBE CADDIS PUPAE…another desk view with the ribbing more apparent…

This is a version of a Jim Schollmeyer Caddis pattern using micro tubing and thread in the color chartreuse…I love this stuff…


TMC 102Y, #15-#19

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Olive

ABDOMEN: Olive Thread

RIB: One strand of Pearl KF coated with head cement or Dave’s Flexament

THORAX: Tan or Brown dubbing

SPENT WING: Dun Zelon, seoarated by thorax


HACKLE: Grizzly Dun, tied conventional ( rather than E/C Caddis style by Ralph Cutter), may be clipped at bottom

A silpler to tie version of Mike Mercer’s pattern tied by Matt Grober over at CADDIS CHRONICLES….he says it works real good…I will be tossing it in here…

Some “old guy” on the East Walker River…


HOOK: TMC 2488, #16-#18

THREAD: Stalcup’s Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing BWO- Olive

COLLAR: 6-8 Strands of Pearl KF

HACKLE: Partridge, brown from shoulder

NICK’S SOFT HACKLE (Olive)…Top view from desk…

Nick Nicklas’ tie from Blue Ribbon Flies…I like to use the TMC 2488 and 2488H hook for many of my smaller soft hackle ties…this is a simple and very effective pattern…

PM OP CADDIS…(Dennis Potter/Mike Mercer)…

HOOK: TMC 206 BL, #16-#20

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Olive

SHUCK: Amber Sparkle Emerger Yarn

ABDOMEN: (over thread) UTC Opal Tinsel, Med. or Sm.

THORAX: Brown UV Ice Dub or Peacock Ice Dub

SPENT WINGS: Strand of Dun Zelon on either side of thorax

WING: Fine Coastal Deer Hair

PM OP CADDIS…Desk view, under different lighting…

Something borrowed from both excellent tiers…a good pattern for slower water coming off the riffles...


HOOK: Mustad CO68. Daiichi 1120, TMC 2457, #16-#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Black or Tiemco 16/0 Black

ABDOMEN: Chartreuse Antro yarn, twisted with one strand each, Pearl KF and Olive KF

THORAX: 50% Spirit River Squirell Blend, Rust/50% Brown UV Ice Dub

WING BUDS: Black Zelon

BEAD: Black Tungsten, sized to hook


There is just something about serendipity patterns tied with Krystal Flash…I have been using them for a number of years with great success…here is another for Fall !!!


HOOK: TMC 900BL, #16-#20

THREAD: Black Uni. 8/0 or Tiemco 16/0 Black or Brown

EGG SAC: Bright Green Dubbing (Optional)

BODY: Dark Olive Dubbing or color to matc natural

WING: Dark Dun Snowshoe Hare’s Foot ( I like the feet from HERE)


Another spent Caddis from Jim Schollmeyer which may be used in the surface film and pulled under at the end of the drift…no problem here with “slime”…this rabbit takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ ….more Caddis using Snowshoe Hare will be in the next six patterns…the above will find usage here:

Michael working Hot Creek while Aimee selects a camera in the background…



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