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So I have completed seven additions to the Spring BWO/BAETIS arsenal for the Eastern Sierras and beyond. Most of the bugs I encounter in the Baetis complex, this time of year, run to lighter earth tone colors including: tan, light olive, grey and light brown. Most are in the #16 -# 20 size range. As I have previously stated, in my outings on Eastern Sierra waters, I have come across one or more colors in different sections of the same rivers that I fly fish. Hence, I probably carry way too many boxes containing these variations…or not…

These are some of the boxes that may be found in my vest or pack when I am on the H2O with these critters in mind:

12 compartment Myran boxes

18 compartment Myran Fly Boxes…

I like these Myran boxes because I can readily see what is inside of them, they have great hinges, not crushing the flies and most of all, because they readily allow air to circulate after I have take my usual dunkin’ in the river…

First, I am including this pattern, which I first put up in April 2008. It is a good one, easy to tie, a bit different and it works


Hook: Diiachi 1130, TMC 2487, # 16-#22

Thread: Gordon Griffiths grey or olive
Tail/shuck: Olive brown ice dub
Abdomen: Stalcup’s BWO goose biot
Rib: Lagartun fine gold wire
Thorax: Arizona Peacock hares ear
Wing: White Sparkle Emerger Yarn or Grey Sparkle Emerger Yarn

The Owens Emerger is a good surface film pattern used as a trailer or with a small BB size tuft of yarn 6 inches above the fly. I use Enrico Puglisi “ Powerfull” tippet material for fishing dries and film emergers. I have recently been using Stroft GTM which my son Michael brought home from a trip to Paris, with excellent results. For fishing deep, my flurocarbon is always Seaguar.

5 BRIDGES BAETIS NYMPH (Tan)…tilted view

HOOK: TMC 2488 # 18- #22
THREAD: Lagartun 74D, Rusty Brown
TAIL: Lemon Wood Duck fibers
ABDOMEN: Nature’s Spirit # 26 Goose Biots, Callibaetis, fringed
RIB: Lagartun copper wire, x-fine
THORAX: Ice Dub Olive/Brown or UV Brown
UNDER WING CASE: Med. Holo Tinsel, Gold
WING CASE: Brown Scud Back, 1/8″
LEGS: Brown Partridge, V Notched
OPTIONAL: 4-6 wraps .010 lead

5 BRIDGES BAETIS NYMPH (Tan)…side view
One of my favorites places to pursue Trout is in the 5 bridges section of the Lower Owens River. Michael, Ally and I have done a load of exploring in these parts and there are some surprising fish in this area if one approaches them properly and provides the proper presentation at the right depth…this fella’ will find a spot in the deep slots and undercuts prior to actual emergence…The Holo Tinsel in Gold beneath the wing case provides a spice of glint I look for in nymphs…
The Lower Owens River in the 5 Bridges area…
HOOK: TMC 2487, Daiichi 1130, Mustad c49s, # 16-#22
THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer Dun
SHUCK/TAIL: Lt. Dun, Crinkly Zelon
ABDOMEN: Premo Goose Biot, Hareline, BWO
WING: Medium Dun CDC
THORAX: Superfine (SFD 171) Callibaetis
HACKLE: Grizzly Dun
This is an excellent Shane Stalcup pattern.I have tweaked the colors just a bit for waters I fish. He suggests using saddle hackle or hen necks for the hackle. The hackle is twisted around finely dubbed thread, 2-3 turns,pulled around the thorax, then tied off before the wing is added. The hackle fibers are pulled to the sides…any that are uncooperative may be snipped off…I am quite surprised that I do not see more people tying and using Shane’s patterns…they are some of the best I have come across…This pattern is meant to be fished in the surface film, dead drift…
HOOK: TMC 2487. Daiichi 1130, Mustad c49s, #16-#22
THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0, Sheer, Ginger
TAIL: Lemon Wood Duck fibers
ABDOMEN: 2 Strands Tan UV, KF, 1 Strand Olive KF
WING: CDC Oiler Puff, Dun
THORAX: Brown / OLive Ice Dub
WING CASE: Black Thin Skin or Scud Back
BEAD: Black Tung, sized to hook
I decided to name this fly after putting a second degree burn on part of my left hand and thumb from a cook pot full of hot vegetable oil gone awry…actually, I have been putting CDC oiler puffs on many of my emerger patterns since tying up a lot of different Rs2’s a long time ago… this is meant to represent an emerger that has popped below the surface…that is why it has a tungsten bead on it…dead drift and swing…
HOOK: TMC 5262, #16-#18
THREAD: Wapsi, Ultra 70 Denier, Tan
TAIL: Brown Partridge fibers
ABDOMEN: Tan Micro Tubing
THORAX: 1/3 Brown/ Olive SLF Prism, 2/3 Dk. Tan Beaver
WING CASE: Black Medallion Sheeting
LEGS: Brown Partridge, V-Notched
WEIGHT: Lead wire .010 or Sub.

This is another Shane Stalcup pattern that is tied without a V-Notch in the rear of the Medallion Sheeting. The tie ends up behind the wing case if one prefers to use that method. I have used micro tubing in many of my fly patterns and find it to be a material I enjoy using which also adds to the segmentation and translucense of the pattern’s abdomen…long and thin also has it’s place in BWO/ Baetis recipes…
HOOK: TMC 2457, Daiichi 1120 #14-#20
THREAD: Wapsi, Ultra, 70 Denier, Olive
BEAD: Green Lucent Tung or Green Glass
TAIL: Mallard Flank or Lemon Wood Duck
BODY/ABDOMEN: Green Tinsel
WING: Medium Dun CDC
WING CASE: Black Scud Back or Thin Skin
THORAX: Ice Dub, Peacock
A nifty little flashy pattern that comes out of the Big R Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT. I like flasy and different…The instructional video for this fly is here:
HOOK:Dai Riki 135, TMC 2487, Daiichi 1130, Mustad c49s #16-#22
THREAD: Wapsi, Ultra, 70 Denier, Fl. Chartreuse
BEAD: Gold Tung, sized to hook
TAIL: Brown Partridge
RIB: Uni. 6/0 Thread, White, new piece cut for each fly
ABDOMEN: Tan Ultra Thread, Wapsi, 70 denier
THORAX: Ice Dub, UV Dun
WING CASE: Black Thin Skin or Scud Back
My take on the Lance Egan pattern for Spring. UV Dun Ice Dubbing, used in a number of fly patterns, can produce some interesting results… The original version is tied in colors for Fall – here:
TAN IRON LOTUS …frontal view…

HOOK: TMC 2488, # 16-#22
THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Dun
TAIL: Lemon Wood Duck fibers
RIB: Copper/ Brown Ultra Wire, SM
ABDOMEN: Natural Goose Biot
HACKLE: Partridge , Grey
I LOVE soft hackles and wanted some in this color combination. I also like tying them on this TMC 2488 hook !!!
Ally, waiting on the Madison River, MT for what comes next…


Caddis patterns…

Not enough BAETIS/ BWO’s ???…TRY HERE (follow links at bottom of article)


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