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From time to time, I like to post photos and links to patterns that REALLY pique my interest. This one comes from Frank Drummond, a tier and guide out of The Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop in Colorado…Here are two photos of the pattern and I’ll let the viewer decide what constitutes their make-up…

FRANK’S FLASHY…from the Laughing Grizzly Store  #14-#18

Franks flashy.
Hook- curved caddis
Bead- Tungsten
backstrap- pheasant tail (PT)
Rib-wire your choice size and color
body- your favorite krystal flash personally I use rainbow, red, and orange.
Thorax- you can do the typical peacock herl thorax if you like, I just use the flash.

Instructions- this is kinda tricky to explain if you have any questions let me know.
Lay down thread base 3/4 hook length. Tie in pheasant tail with a typical half body length. I put a couple of wraps down then fold the PT back on itself and tie it down again so you can tie in the rest of the materials right against the tail. Then tie in wire then 4 strands of krystal flash. Advance thread to thorax area. Wrap crystal flash up to thorax tie off. Fold PT fibers over the back (Do not wrap just lay them down over the back of the fly) take wire and rib the fly to hold the pheasant tail in place. Tie off PT and wire. Remove wire. I tidy up by bringing the pheasant tail and flash back and tie down again so you can cover the thread with the flash. Advance thread to head. wrap flash over thorax, tie down with one wrap. Then fold PT over for wing case. Tie down flash and PT with a couple wraps. Split PT fibers and flash equally on each side of fly. Pull the two sets down on each side of fly (helps if you pull pretty firmly, you really want to take any looseness out of the materials) with left had hold the flash and PT so they are touching the point of the hook. Whip finish. trim legs at the point of the hook.



FRANK’S FLASHY…another variation from BRUSH CREEK CANE


Check out the list of waters that this pattern has been used on (link above)…with success…(hint)…East Walker River, Hot Creek and the Owens River…

I’ll be getting to this soon… 


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This is Charlie Craven’s Purple Jujubaetis, developed three years ago as an offshoot of the original Jujubaetis. Charlie’s flies –  JUST CATCH FISH… According to a great article Walter Wiese wrote for  Flyfishing & Tying Journal, “Charlie (Craven) suggests fishing the Purple Jujubaetis under gray skies or during rain and snow storms, in other words, when Baetis mayflies are most active”.


This pattern was developed as an experiment, but after Charlie’s son tried it out on Colorado’s Blue and other Colorado rivers and received rave reviews, he started production tying them. It is suggested to fish this pattern in tandem with an imitative pattern. Charlie says this pattern usually wins out…


HOOK: TMC 2488, # 16 – # 22

THREAD: (Abdomen)- 74 Denier White…I used Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, White

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Mottled Brown India Hen neck fibers

ABDOMEN: Two strands purple and one strand Blue Super Hair, over tapered White thread underbody

WING CASE/ LEGS: Brown Fluro Fiber or similar synthetic

FLASHBACK: Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel

THORAX: Black thread

COATING: Five minute epoxy (optional)

* Note: I tie this pattern using Black Holo Tinsel for the Flashback and also with Black Midge, Krystal Flash for the Flashback and legs…

Here is Charlie Craven’s excellent tutorial for the Jujubaetis

“Hey Michael, I got a new Baetis pattern for you to try!!!”…disnterested DOG and BOY on the Lower Owens River…

MORE BWO’s /BAETIS coming…


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In the Fall, on the Owens River and the East and West Walker Rivers, there is a hatch of Grannom Caddis that is often overlooked – given the hatches of Baetis that are popping up all over the place and the angler’s urge to smack something of historic proportions on streamer patterns…these little guys are known to the Trout and account for a great deal of my early Fall hook-ups…These Caddis run in the size # 18 and sometimes, # 20 category, depending on location. I always have a batch of patterns to match these little insects…

A perfect Fall day, on the Lower “O” …the scene is set…for Grannom

Here are three simple and very effective Serendipity patterns I use:


HOOK: TMC 5262 #18, TMC 3761 # 20, Daiichi 1560 # 18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 sheer, Black

BODY: 1/3 Strand Chartreuse Zelon or 1/2 strand spooled Antron, twisted

WING: White Zelon

NOTE* Sometimes I will mix in a strand of Pearl Krystal Flash or Olive Krystal Flash

Nice Grannom water on the Lower Owens River…


HOOK: TMC 5262 #18, TMC 3761 # 20, Daiichi 1560 # 18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 sheer, Brown

BODY: 1/3 strand  Tan Zelon or 1/2 strand cream or tan Antron

WING: White Zelon

NOTE* I will sometimes mix in a strand of Pearl or UV Tan Krystal Flash...yeah, I run into this color too…

The Owens River in the afternoon in late Fall day…don’t be seeing any Baetis here…


HOOK: TMC 5262 #18, TMC 3761 # 20, Daiichi 1560 # 18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 sheer, Black

BODY: Danville 504 Flymaster, 6/0 nylon

WIRE: Wapsi Ultra Wire, Blue, xsm

WING: White Zelon

A little history behind the above pattern:

I was coming up to this spot on the Owens River, below Five Bridges, one fine Fall day, when I spy this fellow on the opposite bank flippin’ hardware into the top of the pool…over there where the stump is. I sat down, back into the tules, on a sand bar and watched him run his Mepps spinner back up through the pool, across the pool and finally, perpendicular to the pool…NADA. He spotted me. I asked him if he had any luck. “Nope”, he replied. “Wanna’ try it”, he asked. I responded that I would give it a couple of minutes before placing my bug in the water. I cracked a can of COKE and waited patiently for things to quiet down. Presently, after about 20 minutes, I moved up to a position directly across from him and began casting the above pattern into the water above the pool…I took and released eight nice Rainbows and Browns, none of which was under 14 inches, ten feet from where he was sitting. Finally, he couldn’t stand it…”What are you using”, he asked? I moved through the shallow water at the top of the pool and put the Chartreuse/Blue Wire Serendipity into his hand…”I gotta’ learn how to fly fish”, he said….another CONVERT

I have been known to hang one of these off the bend of a Bugger or Streamer…heh, heh…


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As most of you who follow this BLOG know, this guy…Is MY SON, Michael Barker…

He has just put up his own BLOG…HIBISCUS CITY… a photo chronicle of his recent trip to The People’s Republic of China. He will be adding more content as time passes…he is a good photographer…

…and fair to middlin’ Fly Fisherman…

When he isn’t doing the ABOVE


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Lots more photos of my trekking around the South/ Western portion of the Great Basin…with the “Evil Spawn”…

Ally finds something black and shiny while groovin’ on Pearl Jam…

Ally, leaning on the ONLY post over 5′ high in Deep Springs Valley…while looking for more black and shiny objects…

Cocktail onions skewered on a BENCHMADE…near Tinemaha Res. on a VERY COLD day…

Air Soft exploration…somewhere DESERTY…right…

BHP Squirt gun replica somewhere in the Sierra Nevada foothills…

Sunrise on the Owens…

Chipmunk rounds like.223 blow around – .308, Lake City Match…just don’t…

Mono Lake, coming down from Bridgeport, CA on black ice

Ally. stumbling around the desert near LP looking for something…Another, cold, windy, wet and overcast day that Dad drags Ally out to look for “stuff” in the Owens Valley…

Michael, strippin’ a streamer on a very cold day on the Owens River…

“Take is slow Son, there are some BIG GUYS in here!”….

South of Bridgeport, CA…first snow of Fall…

Ally in the White Mountains looking South down the Owens Valley…

Hogback Creek…

B.R.A.S.S. – ALLY!!!…

Twilight on the Owens River, below 5 Bridges…

Michael working a pair of nymphs on the Owens River…

More nice water on the Owens River…

Michael takes a break in the Wild Trout section of the Owens River…

The “MOO” with a nice typical Owens River TROUT…

Angelo, getting ready to bury something on the Owens River…

Angelo takes a break…

Mr. BROWN posing for a very brief moment…

NEXT: Michael and Aimee engagement party (beach blow out) 6.6.10…


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These are a few more fly patterns that I have been working on for this Springs’ fly fishing in the Eastern Sierras and, hopefully – beyond

This would be one of my ( and the kids) favorite spots to pull into, fishing upstream or downstream from this point…

“No more pictures…let’s get on it, DAD!!!”



I sense that fishing this pattern dead drift or swung might produce in this area…

My son, Mike Barker SPEAKS – on 12.17.09…


Michael might consider the Evil Weevil for this location…there are some nice deep slots in here…

Ally is treading the boulders and passing some excellent water that would yield some nice Trout when Amber Caddis are hatching and fluttering about…say, about 5PM onwards…

This is what I would swing through those boulders to her right…and in this water – from whence, she had come..


This Weevil might sting a nice “Brownie”or two…


In this section of the Owens River that Michael is stripping a streamer through…where there is a nice deep slot just off his right shoulder…


And that Black Weevil would whack ’em just North of Varney Bridge on the Madison River, MT…

More patterns to tie – then I’ll reshoot the flies and post the recipes…


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Well, MIDGES (from Maine Fly Fishing)- the most prolific bug in,on and around water…especially NOW…(Bienvenidos a todos pescador con mosca de Argentina …)

Other “CRAZY PEOPLE” who Fly Fish in the SNOW…


Michael, freezing on the Owens River in January. 2004…

Here are some patterns I have whipped up based on the proven ties by a bunch of fellows I will mention in the text of this post . Here is some background on the bugs which Jeremy Barella produced for FAOL:


This – just in (my inbox) from Tom Loe at Sierra Drifters (12.05.09):

Hot Creek:

Access continues to be excellent and this is a great time to fish here for love struck browns! Take your time and scout out the open runs and channels in the weeds. The low sun angle this time of year gives you more latitude for sight fishing the staged up brownies. Any significant snowfall this time of year will make the canyon section a pain in the caboose to hike into so get it while you can. Work scud, egg, or dubbed nymph patterns with red or orange built in.

Red or Orange – Hmmmmm…


HOOK: TMC 2488, # 18 – #24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Sheer White

ABDOMEN: Pearl Krystal Flash

BEAD: Killer Caddis, Black, x-sm

Based on a Pat Dorsey pattern that was developed for Colorado waters…Might look a bit like this.


HOOK: Mustad, C49S , #18 -#22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0 Sheer White and Black

ABDOMEN: White Tying Thread

RIB: 1 strand of Chironomid Pearl Braid Red

THORAX: Peacock Herl

BEAD: Spirit River, Ruby Red, X-SM

COATING: 2 coats of Aquahead on abdomen before tying in Peacock Herl twisted over black thread

I tied this pattern specifically for the East Walker River where I have enjoyed success with red ribbed midges on a white base abdomen. Chironomid Pearl Braid comes in many colors from Hareline. It is fragile. I use the Aquahead to enhance fly durability and to add a medium of translucency to the finished product.


HOOK: Mustad, C49S, #18 – # 24

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Sheer Brown

RIB: Chironomid Braid Pearl Peacock

WING: 2 Strands of Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread


BEAD: Killer Caddis, Gun Metal, X-SM

COATING: Aquahead

Based on the Jude Duran, Johnny Flash Midge which originated on the San Juan River. I added an SLF PRISM thorax (thank you Davy Wotton) because this material is extremely effective on ANY pattern to which it is affixed. That has been my experience. The Gun Metal Bead has worked for me on many patterns that I have used on the Owens River…why mess with a good thing? I have the utmost confidence in this Fly…


HOOK: Daiichi, 1130,#18- # 20

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0 Sheer Red

ABDOMEN: Tying thread

RIB: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash, 2 trands, twisted, 6 turns


BEAD: Spirit River, Ruby Red, X-SM

Another pattern for the East Walker River in cold weather, similar to many patterns in Red that are used on the San Juan. I like the definition that Vinyl Rib provides to the fly. A number of San Juan Red Midge Pupa and Larva may be viewed on this site:

Mike Mora


HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #18 – #22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Sheer Black

ABDOMEN: UTC Mylar Tinsel, Silver side, SM

RIB: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Amber

THORAX: SLF Prism, Olive/Brown

BEAD: Gold, 5/64 or 1/16

A Davy Wotton pattern for the White River in Arkansas – they work just fine on Eastern Sierra Tailwaters.It may also be tied using Black, Red , Green or Peacock tubing using the appropriate SLF PRISM for the Thorax – appropriate being in the mind of the TROUT…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18-# 20

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Sheer Black

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: Lagartun ,Silver, SM or X-SM


BEAD: Spirit River, White, 5/64 or 1/16

I tied these up for use on the Owens River for late February and early March when there is a preponderance of tiny Black Midges in the River’s Biomass. They would also be effective fished deep on some high elevation lakes that are in the backcountry – later in the year…


HOOK: Mustad, C49S, # 18 -# 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0. Sheer Black

ABDOMEN: Chironomid Braid Pearl Black

RIB: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Black, 6-7 turns

THORAX: 50/50 Mix, Black Ice Dub and SLF PRISM Black

BEAD: Silver, 5/64 or 1/16

Another pattern for the East Walker and Owens River for the Winter and into early Spring. They have not seen this one before…


HOOK: Mustad, C49S, # 18 – # 20

THREAD: Uni, 8/0, Camel

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: Chironomid Braid Pearl Chartreuse

COATING: Aquahead, 2 coats

WING: Pearl Krystal Flash, 3 strands

THORAX: Olive /Brown Ice Dub

Bead: Spirit River Metallic Brown, SM

A midge when the Trout want shades of BROWN in the Johnny Flash style. It would also be a passable BWO pattern in the Spring in some spots on the Lower “O”…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer Black, UTC 70, Dark Gray

ABDOMEN: Gray Tying Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Clear

RIB: Wapsi, Wine, X-SM

WING: Royal Blue Krystal Flash, 3 strands


BEAD: Spirit River, Charcoal Metallic, SM

There is an acquaintance of mine named KEITH who squawked “PURPLE?” when he saw this pattern on my FB page. Well, he will squawk directly to his vise when I post some photos on his wall of just what this fly, in this color, can do. And, having named it after him, I will live rent free in his head…forever…heh,heh – This is an old RAM Caddis colorIt has resurfaced on the Madison in aMayfly pattern known as the ” Purple Haze

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe caught this 27″ FINGERLING, on the above pattern, in the Lower Kings River the week of 2.18.2013…

Available at: MRFC


HOOK: Daiichi, 1140, # 18 -# 22

THREAD: Danville 6/0, Chartreuse – Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer Black

UNDER RIB: Chironomid Braid Pearl Chartreuse, 5 turns

OVER ABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Chartreuse

THORAX: One strand Peacock Herl twisted around black thread

BEAD: Killer Caddis, Caddis Green

Someone once said, ” If it is CHARTREUSE it works”…THE END


HOOK: TMC 200R, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer White, 14/0 Brown

ABDOMEN: White tying thread

RIB: 3 strands twisted Pearl Krystal Flash

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Cream

THORAX: Brown Ostrich Herl

BEAD: Killer Caddis, Rootbeer, SM or X-SM

Wanted a Midge in Cream with a hint of gas beneath, hence the Pearl KF and some motion at the thorax. This may work as a good Micro Caddis at the right time of the year,,,

TUBE # 47

HOOK: MUSTAD, C49S, # 18 -# 22

THREAD: Danville # 47, 6/0, Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Brown

TAIL: 1 strand of Pearl Krystal Flash

Abdomen: # 47 Tying Thread

OVER ABDOMEN: Hareline Salcup’s Micro Tubing Pheasant Tail

RIB: Wapsi Silver X-SM or Lagartun X Fine

THORAX: Olive/Brown Ice Dub

WINGCASE: 6 Strands of Pearl FireFly

BEAD: Black Nickel, 5/64 or 1/16

A small Midge or Mayfly pattern that has that magical ingredient of Danville # 47 thread. This is an adaptation of the Vince Wilcox VW pattern…his flies slay


Hook: Daiichi, 1130, #18 -# 22

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Olive


RIB: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Olive

THORAX: Ice Dub Caddis Green

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, Clear White

BEAD: Spirit River, Emerald, SM or X-SM

Flashy – in that color that seems to work just about…anywhere


HOOK: TMC 200R, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Sheer Olive

BREATHER: Sparkle Emerger Yarn Clear/White

TAIL: 1 strand Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Clear

RIB: Wapsi Silver Wire, X-sm

WINGPADS: Goose Biots , Tan Orange or Brown


BEAD: Mercury Silver, Spirit River, X-SM

I have pictured this pattern in a previous post. It may be tied in a great number of colors. This fly is a good one


HOOK: Daiichi 1130 or Mustad C49S, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Black

TAIL: 1 Strand, Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: Wapsi, Red Metallic Wire, X-SM

WINGPADS: Goose Biot, Tan, Brown or Orange


BEAD: Killer Caddis, Scarlet

A variation on the Gille without the breathers at the bend. One’s imagination could drift…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Red

TAIL: 1 Strand Purple Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: 3 Strands purple Krystal Flash ,Twisted

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Clear

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn Clear/ White


Another in the series of Red Midges that I use. This one is for the East Walker River, below the “Glory Hole”.

PALINISTA – (apologies to EVA)

HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18 -#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Red, White

TAIL: 1 Strand Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN:White Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Blue

RIB: Wapsi Silver Wire, X-SM

WING: Grizzly Krystal Flash Back and White

THORAX: Arizona Diamond Hair Pearl Green or Blue

BEAD: Silver, 5/64 or 1/16

OK, I know…the colors are proven – Rainbows like blue…and, it might even work in Argentina…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Sheer Red

TAIL: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing ,Clear

RIB: Wapsi, Red Metallic, X-SM

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, Clear/White

THORAX: Firestar Red/Orange

BEAD: Ruby Red, X-SM

A firey Red Midge for all Eastern Sierra waters and beyond…


HOOK: TMC 2488, # 18 – # 24

ABDOMEN: UTC 70, Fl. White

BEAD: Killer Caddis Black, SM or X-SM

Yes, it works….

AND, FROM FEB., 2009


Hot Spot Midge:

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s , Black 14/0

Hook: TMC 2487, Daiichi 1130, #18-22

Abdomen: Wapsi Ultra 70, Black

Rib: X-Fine Largutan wire, Gold or Copper

Shuck: Pearl Krystal Flash

Thorax: Danville 6/0 Fl. Orange Thread – (coat with Aquaflex)

Bead: Copper or Gold

I tied these up to create a ” pop” rather than using the standard Tiger or Zebra Midge for the Owens and East Walker Rivers…Nice!!! Some “other” folks seem to like this pattern too…




Time to get crackin’ on some “EVIL WEEVILS“…


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Here they is:


PHOTO: “BAETIS” – John Jurasek, Blue Ribbon Flies Newsletter

The prolific little bugs that love to hatch on overcast, blustery, rainy, snowy, miserable and memorable days on waters everywhere. I LOVE these guys…



Hook: TMC 2487, Diiachi 1130, #16-24 (Fall SMALL)

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, olive or gray

TAIL: Three olive or brown Pheasant tail fibers

Rib: Gold Largutan extra fine wire

ABDOMEN: Wapsi thread, Olive Brown

THORAX: SLF Prism ,Olive Brown, picked out

WINGCASE: Black Krystal Flash or Firefly

BEAD: Gold

I have used this fly on the Owens, Hot Creek and The East Walker River in the Fall with success by fishing it deep prior to a hatch, The black KF version works best trailed off an emerger – about 12′ of tippet material off the bend…


John Barr’s BWO Emerger…

HOOK: TMC 101, # 16 – # 24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Gray

TAIL:Dun Hen Hackle fibers, clipped

ABDOMEN: Stalcups BWO Dubbing

THORAX: Adams Gray Superfine or Muskrat Gray

WINGCASE/ LEGS: Bunch of Dun Hen Hackle tied over, evenly separated and tied back

John Barr developed this pattern a long time ago – it still works. Fish it deep or through the water column. I sometimes pull Black KF over the top above the hen hackle to give the fly a sight hump. The hen hackle fibers are retained for legs…


Foam Baetis Emerger…

HOOK: TMC 100, #18-#24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Olive or Gray

TAIL/SHUCK: Olive or Olive Brown Zelon

RIB: Largutan, Gold, extra fine wire

ABDOMEN: Olive or Natural Pheasant Tail

THORAX: Dk. Olive ,Stalcup’s Baetis dubbing, picked out

WINGCASE/TAG: Razor Foam, Gray

This is a good flat water, stuck emerger. I use it along edges on the Owens and on waters where the Trout are in the tipped back sipping mode – picking off easy prey. I find this on really cold days when it takes a little longer for the bugs to get off the surface film…


Pheasant Tail…

HOOK: TMC 3761, #16-#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Brown

TAIL: Natural Pheasant Tail Fiber or Olive

RIB: Largutan, Gold, Extra Fine or XSM Wapsi Wire, copper

ABDOMEN: Pheasant Tail Fibers, natural or Olive

THORAX: Peacock Herl, SLF Prism ,Olive Brown,Arizona Peacock (natural), Ice Dub, Olive Brown,Ostrich Herl- Olive, Brown and Dark Gray

BEAD: Gold or Copper

WINGCASE/ LEGS: Pheasant Tail Fibers, pulled over and separated, Natural or Olive

This is the American standard. Through the years, I have tied it using different kinds of materials for the thorax. With the arrival of Dyed Pheasant Tail, I have tied it in Black, Red, Yellow and Green…get the picture? IT SLAYS…


EthaDun BWO Parachute…

HOOK: TMC 100, #16-#24, TMC 102Y, # 17- #21

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Olive, Brown, Gray

TAIL: Microfibetts, color to match thread

ABDOMEN: Turkey or Goose Biot, fringed- tan, olive, gray

THORAX: Flyrite, Super Fine or Stalcups – Lt. Olive, Dk. Olive, Olive/ Brown, Brown/Olive

HACKLE: Premium Dun

WING: Ethafoam or Evazote – Gray or colored Gray

One of my favorite dry patterns. I don’t use dries a lot. I learned early on from Georges Odier that 90% of the time, Trout feed below the surface. However, there is just something irresistible about dry fly fishing and this pattern floats well and produces…


GRHare’s Ear…

HOOK: TMC 3769 #16-#20, Diiachi 1560, #16-#18, TMC 100, #16-#24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Gray, Olive, Brown

TAIL: Stiff Hare’s Ear – from Mask

RIB: Gold Mylar Tinsel, SM

ABDOMEN: Fur from a hares mask # 3

THORAX: Spiky, darker Hare’s Mask Fur # 4

WINGCASE: Mottled Turkey Tail Fiber Section

This is another Standard pattern. I tie this pattern in Natural, Olive, Dun and Black. The first there colors work well for Baetis / BWO’s. They are all in their appropriate slots in my Nymph Boxes. Here is a good tutorial from Hipwader on this essential fly… I do not use weight for smaller patterns…

Hipwader Tutorial GRHE


Quasimodo Pheasant Tail…

HOOK: TMC 2487, #16-#24, Diiachi 1130, # 16-#24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Brown

TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers- Natural,Olive,

RIB: Gold Largutan, extra fine wire or Wapsi xsm Copper wire

ABDOMEN: Pheasant Tail Fibers, Natural or Olive

THORAX: Peacock Herl, Peacock SLF Prism, Arizona Peacock, Ice Dub Olive/Brown

WINGCASE/ LEGS: Pheasant Tail Fibers, pulled over, separated and tied back. Black, Pearl or Peacock KF works too!!!

BEAD: Gold or Copper

Kinda’ looks like Charles Lawton…This is an alternative to the classic PT. Hunched and curved it gives the impression of SQUIRMY in the water column. Jeremy Davies swears by this hook and it’s heavier versions for the holding capability …Works for me…


BWO Emerging Dun…

HOOK: TMC 2487,#16-#24, Diiachi 1130 #16- #24, Mustad C49S ,#16-#24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Olive, Brown, Gray

TAIL: Zelon, Olive/Brown, Olive or Brown

RIB: Optional, Largutan extra fine, Gold

ABDOMEN: Goose or Turkey Biot, Fringed, BWO, Olive, Tan,Gray

WING: Reversed Half Hackle Wing, Premium Dun or Lt. Olive

HACKLE: Premium Dun or Grizzly Dun, clipped at bottom

This FLY catches fish. It has a great profile, hangs like an emerger should and floats in every condition except the roughest water. I came across this pattern years ago and finally worked up the gumption to deal with the wings. After a number of tries, it became easy..try some, the fish like it…


HOOK: TMC 1oo. #18-#24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Olive or Gray

TAIL/ SHUCK: Amber or Gold Zelon

ABDOMEN: Sm. amount of Gray Superfine or Stalcup’s BWO Dub for #18-#20, Thread for smaller ties

THORAX: Small amount of Gray Superfine or Stalcup’s Baetis or BWO Dubbing

WING: Med. Dun Hi-Vis, Upright, spread with fingernail, clipped in back

HACKLE: Premium Dun

Notice the 7X Mono in the eye…this fly produced for me on a wet, windy, cold day on the Wild Trout section of the Owens River. No one else was there but me and the Trout…


Freezing rain on the Owens, GOOD Baetis/BWO conditions…


Glass Bead Emerger…

HOOK: TMC 200R, # 16-#24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Olive Brown or Gray

BEAD: Glass Metallic or Pearl

TAIL: Pheasant Tail fibers

ABDOMEN: Goose or Turkey Biot, fringed, Tan, BWO, Olive or Gray

THORAX: Fly-Rite mixed with Hare’s Ear or Muskrat, picked out

WING: Mallard Flank, Gray or Lemon Wood Duck, posted and covered by dubbing

This is a very good soft water fly pattern. I use HYROPHOBE on the thorax section of the fly ONLY. If it tilts over, no matter, the fish rise to it anyway. Lots of fun with this on The East Walker River…


Starling BWO…

HOOK: Alec Jackson, North Country, # 17-#19, TMC 3761 #18-#20, TMC 2488, #18-#24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/o, Gray, Olive or Benecchi, 12/0 ,Tan

RIB: Largutan extra fine wire, Gold

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

THORAX: Muskrat dubbing

HACKLE: Starling

I enjoy swinging soft Hackles. This is an easy tie and the fishees seem to like it anywhere it drops in…


Silver Wing Case PT…

I include this fly, which has a silver Mylar wing case, because one day – on The Madison River, above $3.00 Bridge, at about 6AM in Mid-September, I hooked six of the largest Browns and Rainbows that I have ever brought to a net …on this fly in size # 20…

set-3-honey-04 In THIS SPOT – On the Madison River

I don’t remember when or why I was inspired to tie this particular fellow. This is the same fly…hook not bent…go figure…


Tan Biot KF Emerger…

HOOK: Diiachi 1560, #16-#18, TMC 3761, # 16-#20, TMC 2488, #16-#24

Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Tan

Tail: Olive or Amber Zelon

RIB: Optional. Largutan, extra fine Gold Wire

THORAX: Olive Ostrich Herl

WINCASE/ LEGS: Peacock, Pearl or Black Krystal Flash

This is my favorite Fall BWO/ Baetis Emerger. I fish it deep with twist-ons…It has worked like a charm here:


The Owens River, below Five Bridges…








PT/TB :faint:

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In the next week or so (Sat. 10.10 or Sun 10.11), I will post new Baetis/BWO patterns and the story of how my son Michael was introduced to Fly Fishing and how he now outperforms his Pop …(sometimes)…


Ally and Michael at the Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery on Oak Creek just North of Independence, CA…

This is where Michael saw his first REALLY big Rainbow, in the brood stock pond behind the kids…This, is a great place to suck ’em -( the wee ones) -into FF…


Michael, taking a break on The Owens…


Michael, sending Slugs and Sabots into a profile target from a Benelli M1 Super 90…


Ally, climbing on the rocks at Trumbull Lake…

Michael and Ally at Trumbull Lake Campground…this is where they both caught loads of fish when they were starting…

Ally and PT, goofing around in Deep Springs Valley…

Angelo, with his stick,takes it all in….

PT/TB :popcorn:

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Jean Marie Hon, 1984, birthmark in left eye-I love that…

Jean Marie…Graduation U.C.L.A. – 1981…


PT, Nadia and my Mother, 1973, just after she was diagnosed with brain cancer…


PT, Munich , 1975


Outside Dublin, 1975…


Fritz Weper’s house in Munich, 1975…


Nadia, 1974, the day she met Frank Zappa


Hot Creek Ranch, 1975…


Hot Creek , from the Ranch towards the canyon, 1975..


Hot Creek, on the Ranch, looking at the Sierra Nevada Mountains…


Nadia and a Winston Fiberglass, Hot Creek Ranch, 1975…


Nadia in Lone Pine, CA , 1974…


Onion Valley, above Independence, CA, 1974…


Jean Marie at home, 1983…


My Dad in Lone Pine, 1973…


My Dad, Michael and Jean, 1983…


PT, Michael and Jean in San Francisco, 1987…


Wonder where Ally got her love of firearms?…


Michael,PT, Jean and Ally. 1990…

Ally and Michael…up in Saline Valley, CA…

Ally, on a cold, windy and overcast day in the White Mountains overlooking the Owens Valley…

Ally and dad, hanging in Deep Springs Valley, CA…

Ally and Dad, up at Island Sky Ranch, Nye, MT…


Ally and Monty, Montana / Idaho border 1998…

Ally and Michael dune-ing it out in the Saline Valley…


Ally and Angelo getting ready to dance in the moonlight, Owens River, 2002…ally-santrap-19961

Ally, Lone Pine Creek sand trap, 2002…


Jean, Tim and my Dad, 1989…


Brown on the Owens, 2007, Spring…


Chunky Owens Rainbow, Zed Rod, 9’6″, #4wt., 2007…


Gear on a post for an Owens pit stop, 2007…owens-brown-2007

Owens Brown, 2007…


One of my favorite spots in the Wild Trout section of the Owens River…


The Owens, Late Winter 2002…

Up in the White Mountains…

All of these will eventually find their way into my stories, but for now, they are here….


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