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Whipping up some additional small May Fly ties for the Eastern Sierras that Michael can plop in a few familiar places…This pattern is specifically designed for the following water that holds a good population of these tiny critters that hatch in late May and early June. I first came across these when I was fishing with my Dad in 1977…Well, I was Fly Fishing he was looking at me between the raindrops and snow flurries…

Michael at the “CREEK”, when he was a little squirt…


HOOK: Mustad c49s, Daiiachi 1130, TMC 2487, #18-#22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Olive

TAIL: Lmon Wood Duck fibers

RIB: Lagartun, Gold, x-Fine

ABDOMEN: Yellow Pheasant Tail fibers

WING CASE: 8-10 strands, Spirit River, Holographic Mylar Motion, 1/64″, Black

THORAX: Peacock Ice Dub

LEGS: Patridge

BEAD: Black Tungsten, 1/16

This, fished under a a #16, Royal Wulff Cripple makes a very interesting combination….it also works well alone…the crappier the weather, ALL the better…

Another view of MIKE’s LIL’ YELLOW TUNG MAY

I gotta’ get back to finishing those CADDIS


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