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This particular nymph, which may look a lot like another PMD Nymph, was tied with a couple of VERY SPECIFIC locations in mind. If I were going to use this pattern say, on the Madison, Boulder, Roaring Fork, Owens, Big Hole,Big Horn, Jefferson, Missouri,Owens or East Walker Rivers, to mention a few, it would incorporate slightly different colors for the abdomen, thorax,and rib…I became aware of the effectiveness of Danville, 6/0 #47 years ago on the Stillwater River and on the Frying Pan River. There is a reason the colors work so well in just these places…let me know what that might be…

ALLY knows, but she ain’t talkin’…

I would use it here:

The Frying Pan River, several miles below Ruedi Res., near Basalt, CO…

The Stillwater River, near Moraine on a drizzly day in July…perfect for extended PMD hatches…


HOOK: Daiichi 1560,#16-#18 or TMC 3761 #16-#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer Brown, Danville 6/0, #47, Tobacco Brown

TAIL: Partridge, lower back, speckled Brown

RIB: Wapsi, copper/brown sm.

ABDOMEN: Danville 6/0, #47, Tobacco Brown

WING CASE: 6 strands, Holo Flashabou, Black

THORAX: Natural Mink underfur

LEGS: Partidge, lower back, speckled Brown – V Notched and tied in in front of thorax, wingcase then pulled over.

Angled to show wing case…

Seen from below…

Natural Mink fur plays an important role in its use in the thorax. This fur has the ability to trap air bubbles…it may be tap mixed with other materials in one’s blender…just a touch!!! The Holo Black Flashabou  Wing Case is there because

Ready to go…

Angelo’s thinkin’ about it…

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