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These are some attractor patterns that I use. When no Trout are rising, when the water is off-color, when it (or I ) is/am very cold, I pull these guys out of my boxes and affix them to my tippet…


HOOK: TMC 5262, # 10- # 18, (or similar hook)

WEIGHT: Non toxic lead substitute

BEAD: Gold , Copper or Black Tungsten

THREAD: UNI 8/0 or Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Black

TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers, quantity dependent on hook size

RIB: Gold or Silver Tinsel

ABDOMEN: Peacock Herl

WINGCASE: Razor Foam 2mm., Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink or Black

THORAX: Olive/Brown Ice Dub ( Pink Ice Dub…yessss)

LEGS: Optional, rubber, variegated

A pattern developed by Guy Jeans for the Kern River in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. It imitates Stone flies and some May fly species that inhabit that sometimes brawling freestone fishery. I have found this pattern to be effective throughout the Western US. I have caught many nice Trout on the East Walker River fishing this fly with a pink wing case in May…This is a good one for swift pools, behind and alongside boulders and through tail outs – fished deep

Guy Jean’s famous Kern Emerger pattern

Hook: TMC 5262 # 10 -18

Thread: Uni 6/0 or 8/0

Tail: Black Hen feathers

Rib: Gold tinsel, ( I use XSM gold wire for # 18 )

Abdomen: Peacock herl

Wingcase: Razor foam, pick yer’ color!

Legs: Here ,black Raineys rubber,but one could experiment!

Thorax: Peacock Ice Dub,Peacock Herl, SLF Prism Peacock or Arizona Peacock dubbing

Bead: Tung with lots of lead or non toxic sub. on thorax

Check out the Kern River Forum. Those guys up there use this fly throughout the year with great success. Guy Jean opened up his shop in Kernville several years ago and is a champ when it comes to doing good things for the Kern River and other local waters. Drop in and see him!

Here is another version that is beadless:




HOOK: Mustad CO68, TMC 2457, Daiichi 1120, # 12- #18

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Black, Brown or Olive

BEAD: Gold, Copper or Black

WIRE: Chart. for Olive, Red for Tan/Brown

ABDOMEN: Olive Mottled Turkey Tan/ Brown Mottled Turkey

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, White/Clear or White Zelon

THORAX: Peacock Herl or Peacock Ice Dub

A Walter Wiese pattern out of Park’s Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT where Walter guides. This pattern was developed as an improved Shop Vac to imitate emerging Caddis Pupa.The original Shop Vac came out of BRF in West Yellowstone, MT. These flies will take Trout when offered at the proper time to imitate both Hydropsyche and BraychycetrusI have found these patterns to be very effective and employ them everywhere…


Hook: TMC 2457,2487 or Diiachi 1120, 1130 # 16-20

Thread: Danville # 47, 6/0

Wire: Gold, xsm

Wing: Strand of White Zelon, clipped

Thread at head: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black

Bead: Tung or Metal, Gold

The original- fish vaccum via BRF, Craig Matthews and designer Rowan Nymen. I also tweak this simple pattern with 3 strands of midge pearl flash under the wing and I tie it using UTC 70 Olive for the body. Faux Shop Vac here.


HOOK: TMC 2457, Mustad CO68 or other Scud hook, # 12 – # 18

THREAD: UNI 6/0, 8/0, or Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Dark Brown

ABDOMEN: Peacock Herl

RIB: Fine Gold or Copper wire

WING: White Zelon

THORAX: Brown Ostrich Herl

BEAD: Gold or Copper

Another Wiese fly pattern. Peacock Herl is one most effective material to incorporate into a searching fly. Weight may be added via a tungsten bead or non toxic wire wraps under the thorax. I have found that fish will take this guy fished dead drift or swung…the Zelon wing acts as a trigger…


Left over Klink

Hook: Partridge 15BN, #16-20

Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, or Benechi 12/0 brown, olive or black

Tail: brown, olive or black hen neck

Abdomen: Wapsi UTC 70, brown, olive-brown, rusty- brown, olive or black / covered with clear micro tubing or color desired.

Rib: Wapsi x-sm gold, copper or silver

Thorax: (Behind a copper, gold or silver bead) olive brown, UV black or peacock Ice Dub

Wing/legs: brown, olive or black hen neck

So I have these remaining Klinkhammer hooks and what to do? I like it better in the available small sizes than the TMC 200R – superior gape. The fish seem to like it ( think Flav, Mahogany etc…) Rust bites back on the Stillwater!

And, here are two more in different color combinations…this pattern is one of my favorites..,




HOOK: TMC 2457, Daiichi 1120, Mustad CO68, # 10 -# 18

THREAD: Uni. Olive, 8/0 or Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Olive

BEAD: Copper, Gold or Black

TAILS: Brown Goose Biots

RIB: Gold or Copper wire

BODY: Light Arizona Peacock Dubbing

THORAX: Natural Peacock Arizona Dubbing

WINGS: White Goose Biots

A Jeremy Davies designed fly. ANYTHING that he designs catches Trout. This is his simpler version of the Prince Nymph tied on a curved hook. Many years ago, Jeremy had a link to a plethora of flies that he put together for the Bow River. That link no longer exists…however, I wrote all the recipes down…I now know why I did that…


HOOK: TMC 2457, Daiichi 1120, Mustad CO68 or other scud hook, # 12 – # 18

THREAD: UNI 8/0 Olive or Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Olive

TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers, Olive

RIB: Chart. or Metallic Green Wapsi wire

ABDOMEN: Caddis Green Ice Dub

THORAX: Olive/Brown SLF Prism

OVER ABDOMEN 1.: Optional, Pearl mylar or Black Krystal Flash

OVER ABDOMEN/WING CASE 2.: Olive Thin Skin or Scud Back

WINGS: Brown Goose Biots

BEAD: Copper or Gold

Some minor tweaking on Jeremy Davies’ venerable “EVIL WEEVIL” series.This is a flashy tie for early Spring and high, cloudy water…



HOOK: TMC 2457, Daiichi 1120, Mustad CO68, # 12 – # 18

THREAD: UNI 8/0 Black or Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Black

TAIL: Black Rabbit, long hairs cut from mask, underfur combed out

RIB: Silver wire or Silver Mylar tinsel

ABDOMEN: Hare’s Mask ,#4

OVER ABDOMEN 1.: Pearl Mylar

OVER ABDOMEN 2.: Clear Scud Back

THORAX: Black Ice Dub

WINGCASE: Clear Scud Back

WINGS: White Goose Biots

BEAD: Black Tungsten or Black with non toxic lead wraps

Another tweak on the “EVIL WEEVIL”, fished deep, in the Spring, where and when Stone Flies are present and moving towards shore…


HOOK: TMC 5262, #12 – # 18

THREAD: Uni 8/0 Black or Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Black

TAIL: Ginger Furnace Hen Hackles

RIB: Metallic Red Wapsi wire


WING: White Zelon

HACKLE: Ginger Furnace Hen

BEAD: Spirit River, Hot Orange

A combo soft hackle, combo meaning that designs from Rick Takahashi and “Pop” from “Let it Fly “in Pagosa Springs, CO influenced the final tie…This one will get a work out on the East Walker and Lower Owens..Michael gets to try it first ( then just let me try to pry the box out of his vest – good luck)…


HOOK: TMC 2457, Daiichi 1120, Mustad CO68,or other scud hook, # 12 – # 18

THREAD: Uni 8/0 Black or Gordon Griffith 14/0, Black

TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers, Natural

OVER ABDOMEN/ OVER THORAX: Olive Scud Back or Thin Skin

RIB: Gold or Copper wire

ABDOMEN: Hare’s Mask, Olive # 3


WINGS: Rusty Brown Goose Biots

BEAD: Gold or Copper, Tungsten or Brass

Another “Evil Weevil”…as one can see, numerous variations and possibilities…this is a good early Spring pattern…


HOOK: Alec Jackson, North Country, # 13 & # 15

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Brown

ABDOMEN/THORAX: Amber Hareline Krystal Dubbing

WING: Amber Zelon

HACKLE: Natural Partridge

BEAD: Glass Bead, Metallic


HOOK: Alec Jackson, North Country, # 13 & # 15

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Olive

ABDOMEN/THORAX: Olive Krystal Dubbing

WING: Grey Sparkle Emerger Yarn

HACKLE: Hen neck, brown

BEAD: Glass Bead, Metallic

Both the above flies are Wiese soft hackle Caddis imitations meant to be swung in the current with a lift and drop at the terminus of the swing. I particularly like to use this method on the Stillwater and Madison Rivers in Montana in the evening during hatches of the respective species these colors imitate…

I would be remiss if I did not put up this pattern. It was the first nymph that I tied out on the water, on the Madison River at Valley Gardens in August 1975, not the best time to be FF down in the channels section above Ennis Lake. This fly appeared in Fly Fishing Magazine in early 1975. It is called the “Mink Thing”…I have tied it on a wide variety of hooks with beads and without – with hackle and without. I have mixed sable into the blend. I still use this pattern in shades ranging from light tan to dark brown. The mink ( and sable) retain air bubbles which adds to the effectiveness of the fly…no Frogs Fanny needed!!! I weight the body of the fly heavily…it is one of the BEST early Spring, cold water imitations I have ever used…

“Mink Thing” at Valley Gardens on the Madison River 1975…

It is right here, in this Nymph box, that I still use…


I have a few more that I am working on that will be posted soon…


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