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Another little tidbit I use on the East Walker River around this time of year. The pattern was designed by Larry Kingrey, who guides out of Royal Gorge Anglers in Canon City, CO. I was first given this pattern by my friend, Jim Reid, who owns Ken’s Sporting Goods in Bridgeport, CA. I started using this little guy back in ’06…I caught some very nice Rainbows on this fly…I have taken the liberty  of adding my favorite black wing case and legs for emerging BWO/Baetis…I have built this fly this way because many of the “big guys” on the EW have been looking at the standard version for quite awhile…


HOOK: TMC 2487, Daiiachi 1130, Mustad c49S, TMC 2488, #16-#22

THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Gray

TAIL: Dun Hen Neck Fibers

RIB: Lagartun Blue Wire, Fine

ABDOMEN: Silver Holographic Tinsel, 2 strands

THORAX: Ice Dub, Silver Holographic

WING CASE/LEGS: Midge Flash, Black ( the standard pattern uses the abdomen material for the wing case and notched, dun hen neck for legs)

This – and the next pattern I will put up are killers on the East Walker…


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