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So…I completed this box of attractor patterns that is, as usual, over stuffed. All these guys will soon occupy an 18 compartment Myran box that is thinner and fits quite well into one of the lower zippered pockets in my Simms vest. I like tying these critters up and utilizing them in the Spring, when Trout are emerging from the Winter doldrums and a diet very small bugs…Many times, I will use them as the lead fly in a multiple fly rig. I have never NOT been surprised at the results of what will hop on them…

The finished attractor box….


HOOK: TMC 2457 #16-#20, Daiichi 1120 # 16- #20, Mustad CO68 # 16 -#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Black

ABDOMEN: Red Zelon. twisted with one strand Black Midge Flash and one strand Root Beer

WING: White Zelon

BEAD: Black Brass or Tungsten, sized to hook

This is a nifty little, easy to tie pattern, that I first saw on the Madison River, about seven years ago. It was tied by this guy who I met at a mutual friends home, on the river, just above Raynold’s Pass Bridge. It was a killa’. I added the Midge Flash after some experiences on the Owens River with this material incorporated into several other Serendipity patterns I tie and use…the wing comes off  Craig Matthew’s Shop Vac…



HOOK: TMC 2457 # 12- #18, Daiichi 1120 # 12-#18, Mustad CO68 # 12-#18, Dai Riki #12- #18

THREAD: Uni 6/0 or 8/0 Red

TAIL: Two Brown Goose Biots

RIB: Silver Wire, sized to hook

ABDOMEN: Red Holo Tinsel MED or SM or Spirit River Holo Mylar Motion 1/64, Red

THORAX: Peacock Ice Dub

WING CASE: Mirage Tinsel, LG, MED or SM, sized to hook

BEAD: Gold or Silver, sized to hook

This pattern comes from Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman, MT. It is a pattern designed for Spring although, I believe that tied in smaller sizes, it has further applications. Here is a VIDEO for the pattern. I anticipate that this little fella’ will work well on Eastern Sierra waters…


Some of the materials for this pattern…


HOOK: TMC 3761 # 14- #18, Daiichi 1560 # 14-#16

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Fibers from longer feathers on Chinese Pheasant Patch ( Cascade Crest Tools)

RIB: SM or x-sm Chartreuse wire, Wapsi

ABDOMEN: Danville 6/0 # 47 ( Tobacco Brown )

WING / CASE: Yellow Razor Foam, 1mm.

FLASH: Red Holo Mylar Motion Strip

THORAX: Chartreuse Ice Dub

BEAD: Black Tungsten
I created this attractor pattern using a little from Craig Matthews (thread), Guy Jeans (foam) and some Chinese Pheasant Patch that’s been waiting for application for some time…using foam in weighted nymph patterns adds some very interesting motion to the fly…Guy’s Kern Emerger and the Delaware Caddis are two excellent examples of patterns that have this feature…try some…I believe in ’em…


HOOK: TMC 3761 #12-#16. Daiichi 1560 #12-#16, TMC 100SPBL # 12-#16

THREAD: Uni 8/0, UTC 70 Denier, Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Lemon Wood Duck Fibers

ABDOMEN: Twisted Brown/ Olive Zelon with 1 strand Chartreuse Midge Flash/ 1 Strand Root Beer Midge Flash

WING CASE: Razor Foam, 1mm., Black

FLASH: Rainbow Mirror Flash ( Cascade Crest Tools )

THORAX: Ice Dub Olive Brown

LEGS: Montana Fly CO speckled, Olive/ Black, SM or MED

BEAD: Copper or Copper Tungsten

I put this pattern together specifically for use under a March Brown soft hackle. The nymph of this species is a clinger that is seldom in the drift until just prior to emergence ( hence, the black foam wing case). They are generally found in the softer water above and below rifles…As the water warms, they leave the nymphal shuck underwater, progressively releasing higher in the water column as the temperature rises…weight accordingly…

Outside bend on the Owens River…good place for this SERENDer


HOOK: TMC 2457 #12-#18, Daiichi 1120 #12-#18, Mustad CO68 #12-#18

THREAD: UTC Ultra 70 Denier, Black

RIB: Ultra Wire MED or SM, Black

UNDER/ABDOMEN: Silver Holographic Tinsel SM or MED…Gold for Amber version

OVER/ABDOMEN: Chartreuse Flashabou…Orange Glow Flashabou for Amber version

COLLAR/HACKLE: CDC Black ( two feather sides in a loop)

BEAD: Black Brass or Black Tungsten…may also be weighted with lead wraps or non-toxic substitute

A Caddis Pupae version of the ubiquitous Western Lightning Bug…I tie a version of this with Partridge hackle that also works consistently in the Spring and early Summer. Tied heavy, it goes where the deer won’t…

Stillwater River, MT in high water…


HOOK: TMC 2457 #12-#16, Diaiichi 1120 #12-#18, Mustad CO68 #12-#18

THREAD: UTC 140 or 70 denier Black for abdomen… then, UTC FL Orange for Collar

TAILS: Orange Goose Biots

RIB: Amber Ultra Wire, SM or Med


OVER/ABDOMEN: Mylar tinsel SM or MED

WING: White Sparkle Organza

THORAX: Ice Dub Pheasant

WINGS: Prismatic Sheeting …cut to goose biot shape

BEAD: Black Brass or Black Tungsten

The Evil Weevil taken to extreme…Will it work ???…Heh, heh…


HOOK: TMC 3761 # 14-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Brown or Black…or UTC 70 Denier, Black or Brown

TAIL: Olive ANGEL HAIR strands

RIB: Wapsi Ultra Wire, Red

ABDOMEN: Olive Angel Hair

WING CASE/ LEGS: Six strands of Peacock Krystal Flash

BEAD: Black Brass, sized to hook

Tim Heng’s little BLM Nymph which came out of Roaring Fork / Frying Pan area…and was developed on those moving waters…

Some “other” nymph I found in the Frying Pan River…


HOOK: TMC 3761 #14-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Brown

TAIL: Strands of Rusty/Olive Lite- Brite

RIB: Copper/Brown Wapsi Ultra Wire, SM

ABDOMEN: Rusty/Olive Lite-Brite

WING CASE/ LEGS: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash

BEAD: Gold Brass

The abdomens on the BLM patterns imitate the bloated nymphal shucks on the  emerging bugs…gas on the inside, sparkle bubbles on the outside…

Some young ( NOW OLD ) “Dude”, plying the Frying Pan River long before Tim Heng, Taylor Creek Fly Shop or the BLM pattern…


HOOK: TMC 2487, #16-#20, Daiichi 1130, #16-#20, Mustad c49s, #16-#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Fluro-Fiber Brown, a few strands

RIB: Largutan Lilac, x-fine

ABDOMEN: Pink Holographic tinsel…coat thread abdomen with head cement and wrap over

BEAD: Silver

WING CASE / LEGS: Pearl Krystal Flash…pull over bead and separate…

Pink works…watch it appearing in many more midge, nymph, pupae and adult fly patterns…now, try here for some options on holographic wrapping material…


HOOK: TMC 2457 #16-#18, Daiichi 1120 #16-#18, Mustad CO68 #16-#18

THREAD: UTC 70 Denier Purple

TAILS: Natural Goose Biots

RIB: Silver Ultra Wire, SM

OVER /ABDOMEN: Purple Holographic Tinsel, SM


THORAX: UV Purple Ice Dub

BEAD: Brass, Black

This pattern is like the guitar solo HERE…nuff’ said…

The way “it was”….




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