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I recently received the annual catalog (2010 Edition one of the BEST around) from The Fly Shop in Redding, CA.It featured this useful tidbit on it’s fly patterns pages. One may now click on any fly in their on-line store and, along with an additional prompt to ” add to the shopping cart”, find the recipe for any and every fly in their catalog and some that are not.

*NOTE: I was informed that all of the recipes are not up as of this writing. The Fly Shop will be adding recipes on a regular basis until they are all up*

I found that I had to reload before this feature worked for me as I transitioned from pattern to pattern. I really enjoy visiting this store when I travel North, up the I-5 to Oregon. They have a great staff, excellent guides and a comprehensive selection of everything Fly Fishing.There are also some of the best rivers in the state to Fly Fish in the immediate area…

Their fly selection is overwhelming and this new feature is a wonderful plus for those who tie and are interested in fly ingredients…

Here is a direct link to TFS Flies…


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