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This is a fly pattern that I discovered on The Flies of Yellowstone…it is tied by the locals and, from it’s moniker, seems to have stirred things up on the Madison River…It reminds me of something I saw in a Korean bakery when I was out with the kids, the other night…I like checking out what other tiers are up to…I especially enjoy encountering new patterns that may be easily adapted to areas that I frequent…

YUM…that was good..and from reports, this guy is a yummy for the Trout…

MADISON MAULERS…done with artistic license…

For this place:

The Madison River, MT…

Materials I used for this pattern…


HOOK: Mustad 94842 (up eye) or, Mustad 3096b #14-#22

THREAD: Kevlar in olive was mentioned..I used Gudebrod, 6/0, HEAVILY WAXED

ABDOMEN: Tying thread

THORAX: Antron, 3 colors: Yellow followed by Deep Purple (a single twist of Peacock herl eye is often used), followed by Lime Green… I used yellow Beaver, Peacock Eye Herl twisted around thread that has a thin coat of UV purple Ice Dub, followed by SLF PRISM, Caddis Green

HEAD: Tying thread…running toward messy

WEIGHT: I added 8 turns of .10 lead substitute to this # 16 hook at the abdomen…

It is reported that an argument is currently in progress over the merits of up-eye versus down-eye…I have listed both. The Madison Mauler is a Spring pattern… “This fly isparticularly useful in the seams and long slicks at the heads of pools as well as the long tail-outs”…I plan on tying up some additional Maulers ( I have a sense of what they imitate best) with a muted and dazzle thorax for use in some special locations come late February through April and will post on their effectiveness. I have no doubt they will hammer the fish, most of the patterns created around Yellowstone Park by the tiers there…usually do…

” Hey Ally, wanna’ try something NEW???….

NEXT: Diving Female Baetis


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Putting this Caddis pattern together today…some additional tweaking and it will be done…

New Gamakatsu hooks, Tan SLF Prism, Light Dun Snow Shoe rabbit’s foot, root beer krystal flash.gold holo tinsel,tan micro tubing, Coastal deer hair, Gordon Griffiths 14/0 sheer, white and tan…


Lemme’ see here…hmmmm…I went with scraggly

HOOK: Gamakatsu C-16B. #16-#18

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer Tan and White

ABDOMEN: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Sheer White, ( built with a pronounced “hump” at the bend)

TAG: Holo Tinsel, Gold

OVER ABDOMEN: Stalcup’s Micro Midge Tubing, Tan, Grey, Olive Chart. or Brown

THORAX: SLF Prism, Tan, Lt. Grey, Brown/Olive, Olive, Peacock or Chocolate Brown

OUTRIGGERS: Thin strands of Snowshoe Rabbit’s Foot, Light Dun, Medium Dun or Dark Dun

UNDER WING: Three strands of Krystal Flash, Root beer, UV Tan, Olive, Rust, Pearl or UV Gray

WING: Coastal Deer Hair, Tan, Natural or Darker Mottled Shades, tied “bullet “style

This Caddis Cripple/Emerger was meant to be messy. I wanted the abdomen to hang lower in the water. The abdomen is a proven design off John Barr’s Graphic Caddis. The Snowshoe Rabbit outriggers are for additional support and motion. I went with the full length of the fibers rather than clipping them. The KF under wing is for sparkle I really like SLF Prism for it’s translucent quality and sparkle…


Here are some places I would employ this pattern:

Right along the far bank about 6 inches out from those two big boulders on the Stillwater River, MT. That second boulder has a deep depression running parallel to it…big fish in there…

ANYWHERE…North or South of here, starting about 7:30 PM…

Again, uptight along the bank on the East Walker River, CA (especially under overhanging willows) when the sun has disappeared behind the hill… till dark. VERY BIG BROWNS move into this water from deeper and faster currents where they have been lurking most of the day…This is true of most waters that get pounded…Michael is kicking one in the tail right now…

Along the banks and over slots…it is surprising how many big Trout hold in very shallow water that is either stepped in or overlooked…

I subscribe to the DEAN ENDRESS philosophy of Fly Tying…”Make the SUCKA’ look alive and struggling”…. and when examining a capture for sizing, turn the bug over and go by the size of the abdomen. If, ‘ya go by the wings, a fly one size larger than the natural will end up on the tippet…

Ally testing the consistency and durability of a new dubbing material on the 4th. of July…2010

CASTERS FLY SHOP…added, 14 July, 2011…DESIGNED and tied by Luke Fastabend…Hmmmmm


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Just a little something I am tweaking that is based on the Stayner Ducktail which was created in the 1930’s to imitate perch found in Magic Reservoir in South Central Idaho, Not an original idea, it comes by way of Tim Blount and his Lectric Ducktail ( more on these later). Now where would I find PERCH FRY in the Eastern Sierras???

Photo Library - 85

Hook: TMC 5263, #8-#10

Thread: Danville, 6/0, Black

Tail: Hot Orange hackle fibers

Rib: UTC Metallic Green, Medium

Body: SLF Prism, Olive Brown (091)

Throat: Hot Orange hackle fibers

Underwing: Four strands of Peacock Krystal Flash

Wing: Lemon Wood duck -dyed Mallard Flank or Olive Mallard Flank

PT/TB :shades:

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These are two interesting dubbing materials that I use when creating some of my fly patterns:


SLF Prism Dubbing. No Description Available
and Zelon Dubbing:
SLF Prism was introduced in 2007 by Wapsi and Zelon dubbing is only available through Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone.
SLF Prism has found its’ way into many of the classic attractor nymphs or searching flies I tie. Zelon dubbing was developed by Craig Matthews, in many colors, to match the insects in Yellowstone National Park and in the surrounding areas. I use SLF Prism for the thorax on the Dean Endress ROBO PT nymph.
Dean’s ROBO PT NYMPH…Dean ties it bushy, using mixed Lite Brite for the thorax…
PT/TB :toast:

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