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Here are a few being worked on for Spring and the Eastern Sierras…There is a dearth of soft hackle, stone fly patterns drifting around – these are some that I have spied and tweaked for my (and the kid’s) use in those waters I love on the run between Bishop, CA and Gardnerville, NV. The first pattern (below) is another good’un from CO tier Eric Pettine…this design was inspired by a bottle of Wild Turkey on the Poudre River in Colorado. Some of Mr. Pettine’s creations may be viewed HERE…I have tweaked this pattern for use on the East Walker River, in March, when the Skwala Stoneflies are about…It may also be tied in black, dark brown and yellow, in the appropriate sizes to portray an impressionistic (and easy to tie) versions of other species of stoneflies…

RAT FACED SPIDER – Pettine  / Variant (Skwala)…Side view

HOOK: TMC 2457, Mustad CO68, Daiichi 1120, #6-#10
THREAD: Uni 6/0 or Wapsi Ultra 140 Denier – Brown
TAILS: Natural Goose Biots
BODY: Hare’s Ear Dubbing, #3, Bunny Mask -( From Crown)
RIB: Glitter D Rib, Medium, Amber
THORAX: Hare’s Ear Dubbing, #1, Bunny Mask – (From Ear’s)
WINGCASE: x2, Mottled Thin Skin
HACKLE: Speckled India Hen Back

Tilted view…

Michael working some water that holds excellent populations of Skwala Stoneflies on the East Walker River, Bridgeport, CA…

BROWN HOLO STONE – Egry-Davies / Variant…Tilted view…

HOOK: TMC 2302,5262,5263 or Daiichi 1270, # 12-#16

THREAD: Wapsi Ultra 70 Denier, Brown for under/abdomen, Tiemco 16/0, Brown for thorax – forward

TAIL: Hareline speckled crazy legs, Olive

RIB: Copper Brown wire, sized to hook

ABDOMEN: Brown Holographic Flashabou, 2-4 strands

THORAX: Brown UV Ice Dub

WINGCASE(s): x2, Mottled Brown Thin Skin

HACKLE: Brown Hen Hackle

BEAD: Copper Tung. or Brass

Side-ish view…

The Holo-Stone is a Joe Egry pattern. I first described it HERE in February, 2009. Since then, I have had an opportunity to use both the gold and black versions in a number of different locations on the East and West slopes of the Sierras…this is a good pattern that has taken some very nice fish for all of us. I have been itchin’ to get my hands on some Brown Holographic Tinsel to tie a version in this color…the wingcase(s) are a tweaked touch from Canadian tier Jeremy Davies…I have seen his use of Thin Skin this particular way and have employed it in a number of Stonefly patterns…I like Stonefly patterns that give the impression of movement…I add rubber or silicone legs for use in off-color water…

MIRAGE COPPER SEXY STONE – Gauerke / Variant…Tilted view…

HOOK: TMC 2302,5262.5263, Daiichi 1270 #10-#16

THREAD: Wapsi Ultra 70 denier, Brown (to thorax) – Tiemco 16/0, Brown – forward

WEIGHT: 0.15-0.20 Lead or lead sub. (under thorax)

TAG: Pink UV Ice Dub (between tails)

TAILS: Tan Goose Biots

OVER ABDOMEN: Medium Mirage Opal Tinsel

WEAVE: Ultra Wire, Copper Brown wire (top), F. Orange wire (bottom)…Brassie, Medium or Small – sized to hook

THORAX: Spirit River Squirrel Blend – Rust / SLF Prism #120, Amber…70/30 mix

WINGCASE(s): x3, Mottled Brown Thin Skin

HACKLE: Brown Partridge Feather ( lower back of skin)

BEAD: Optional copper or gold, tung. or brass

Side-ish view…

This is a CHAD GAUERKE pattern that I just could not resist. The variations are limitless…check out his site for some most excellent flies and thoughts…He ties a lot with interesting  products from Europe…

Meanwhile…I will wait for Spring to put these guys to the test…in here…

PT in the East Walker…down river…

NEXT: Midges…a bunch

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