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I first posted these two patterns back in May, 2008. I am re-posting them because the have been extremely effective for me around the “Mother’s Day Hatch”. The first is the Guide Serendipity which was developed by Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone and the second, The Owens Serendipity is a variation on that pattern in a larger size that has taken numerous large Brown Trout on the Lower Owens before and after the sun hits the water. I tie another variation of the Guide Serendipity using chartreuse Danville 6/0 thread and seven (7) turns of XSM, blue, Wapsi wire. These patterns may be quickly tied. They are fished from the bottom to just under the surface of the water column, dead drift and swung…


Hook: TMC 5262, # 14-18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Black

Abdomen: Chartruse Zelon. 1/3 hank, twisted over hook

Wing: White Zelon

A REALLY GOOD PATTERN. Simple to tie, effective and particularly useful when Brachycentrus Caddis are about. I also tie this pattern with 6/0 chartruse thread for the abdomen and rib it with xsm blue wire ( 7 turns). It sometimes out fishes the original on the Owens in the Spring and slams in size # 18 in the Fall. As a thought, a strand of Pearl Krystal Flash twisted into this pattern will add some flash…


Hook: TMC 5262, #12-18

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Benecchi 12/0, Uni 8/0 – Black

Abdomen: 1/3 hank Brown Zelon, 1/3 hank Olive (DK) Zelon 1 strand Peacock Krystal Flash, 1 strand Rusty Brown Krystal Flash (twist together, wrap forward).

Wing: White Zelon

I was goofing around one day with some old, unused Mustad hooks and came up with this. Like most of the patterns that I design, it works best when I fish it with confidence! I first tried this pattern on the Lower Owens early one Spring morning. I caught a lot of fish and broke many hooks – hence, the TMC 5262 became my standard. Dark water, undercut banks…go for it!

This is an interesting article on the EVOLUTION OF THE SERENDIPITY


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These are a few more fly patterns that I have been working on for this Springs’ fly fishing in the Eastern Sierras and, hopefully – beyond

This would be one of my ( and the kids) favorite spots to pull into, fishing upstream or downstream from this point…

“No more pictures…let’s get on it, DAD!!!”



I sense that fishing this pattern dead drift or swung might produce in this area…

My son, Mike Barker SPEAKS – on 12.17.09…


Michael might consider the Evil Weevil for this location…there are some nice deep slots in here…

Ally is treading the boulders and passing some excellent water that would yield some nice Trout when Amber Caddis are hatching and fluttering about…say, about 5PM onwards…

This is what I would swing through those boulders to her right…and in this water – from whence, she had come..


This Weevil might sting a nice “Brownie”or two…


In this section of the Owens River that Michael is stripping a streamer through…where there is a nice deep slot just off his right shoulder…


And that Black Weevil would whack ’em just North of Varney Bridge on the Madison River, MT…

More patterns to tie – then I’ll reshoot the flies and post the recipes…


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