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The Craig Matthew’s version. I have found these patterns, developed by Craig Matthews, to be some of the most effective patterns in my fly boxes for imitating midges, small May Flies and some Caddis. I particularly like the $3.00 Bridge Serendipity, Krystal Serendipity and The Guide Serendipity. Tying instructions for these three patterns may be found under ” Flies I have Tied” in the right hand column…

BRF $3.00 Bridge Serendipity (updated 4.3.11 – link below outdated)

Serendipity THE Serendipity

Another Classic For Your Fly Box

In Fly Patterns of Yellowstone, Volume 2, Craig and John wax lyrical about the effectiveness and timelessness of the Serendipity. They think “it is the most important nymph pattern to come on the scene in at least thirty years and maybe more.” Whether the size or the silhouette accounts for its success, the Serendipity tops our list of favorites.

In the years since the original Serendipity was developed, with its brown zelon body and trimmed deer hair head, other forms have evolved. The $3 Dip has a rusty brown thread body, and has become a go-to for everyone. The Guide Serendipity is an olive tie, and the Krystal Serendipity is of course tied with pearl krystal flash. We also have red and tan Dips to round out our collection. Each and every incarnation of the Serendipity is a popular and tempting pattern in our waters.

Try a few today….(updated 4.3.11)

A version I tie using Pearl Krystal Flash in the deer hair wing…

PT/TB :clap:

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