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This is a fly pattern that I discovered on The Flies of Yellowstone…it is tied by the locals and, from it’s moniker, seems to have stirred things up on the Madison River…It reminds me of something I saw in a Korean bakery when I was out with the kids, the other night…I like checking out what other tiers are up to…I especially enjoy encountering new patterns that may be easily adapted to areas that I frequent…

YUM…that was good..and from reports, this guy is a yummy for the Trout…

MADISON MAULERS…done with artistic license…

For this place:

The Madison River, MT…

Materials I used for this pattern…


HOOK: Mustad 94842 (up eye) or, Mustad 3096b #14-#22

THREAD: Kevlar in olive was mentioned..I used Gudebrod, 6/0, HEAVILY WAXED

ABDOMEN: Tying thread

THORAX: Antron, 3 colors: Yellow followed by Deep Purple (a single twist of Peacock herl eye is often used), followed by Lime Green… I used yellow Beaver, Peacock Eye Herl twisted around thread that has a thin coat of UV purple Ice Dub, followed by SLF PRISM, Caddis Green

HEAD: Tying thread…running toward messy

WEIGHT: I added 8 turns of .10 lead substitute to this # 16 hook at the abdomen…

It is reported that an argument is currently in progress over the merits of up-eye versus down-eye…I have listed both. The Madison Mauler is a Spring pattern… “This fly isparticularly useful in the seams and long slicks at the heads of pools as well as the long tail-outs”…I plan on tying up some additional Maulers ( I have a sense of what they imitate best) with a muted and dazzle thorax for use in some special locations come late February through April and will post on their effectiveness. I have no doubt they will hammer the fish, most of the patterns created around Yellowstone Park by the tiers there…usually do…

” Hey Ally, wanna’ try something NEW???….

NEXT: Diving Female Baetis


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If one has followed this BLOG, one is well aware of my affinity for Fly Shops around the Yellowstone area. Park’s Fly Shop has a very useful,- and growing – list of Tying Videos for patterns which work in lot of other places besides Yellowstone National Park. Their latest is the R.A.M Caddis, one of my favorite wet patterns…


Here is the video for this pattern: R.A.M. Caddis

And the link to other great fly pattern videos…

Time to get tying, the “MOTHER’S DAY” will soon be upon us…


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Another winner from Craig Matthews and Blue Ribbon Flies. The tier is David Sloan, a guide from California.The under wing is Flex Wing from Montana Fly Co. The body is Larva Lace or Stalcups’ Tubing or D Rib. The head appears to be a wrapped foam strip (Razor or Evazote -around hackle) with a short tag…I would add some holographic tinsel (green) at the bend ,under the tubing, in the tradition of John Barr’s Graphic Caddis to represent an egg sac…remembering that 99% of Caddis found in or on the surface film will be females depositing their eggs and a good number of species dive, or crawl, under the surface to accomplish this final task…


Tie the Outrigger Caddis with olive thread on a No. 14 dry-fly hook.

Build the body with tan or olive Larva Lace or D-Rib. For the wings, tie in Flex Wing, then tie in a spray of elk hair.

For the head, use a synthetic olive dubbing wrapped over a foam strip. Tie a wingpost, then gather the hackle to the sides and wrap with a figure-eight and finish by tying back the foam strip over the wing.  (6.24.2011)

Perfect for Fishing Yellowstone Country

During the late summer and early fall, we see more than our fair share of caddis hatches. “Gracious plenty” is how Jen would describe the abundance of caddis in our neck of the woods, with prolific hatches on most area waters for the next couple months. And how best to imitate them but with a sturdy, stable, tan adult pattern? But what’s the big idea of having an “outrigger” design?

An outrigger design has added stability to large canoes and sailboats for ages. This is exactly what a clever California-based fly tyer and fly fisherman named Dave Sloan set out to accomplish the same stability when he needed a new caddis pattern to present to trout in high energy water. Tied with lots of stiff, horizontally protruding fibers, Sloan’s pattern borrows the structural design of outrigger canoes, yielding a caddis imitation that lands upright, floats higher, and remains visible in rough but productive runs.

Sloan’s Outrigger Caddis Tan Caddis is an excellent imitation of an adult tan caddis. Use this fly in fast, well oxygenated water above rocky river bottoms. It can also be effectively fished in medium to slow water with a delicate presentation, longer leaders, and a quiet stalking approach.

PT/TB :clap:

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