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Good day, even though it is pouring cats and dogs in Los Angeles. I opened my email and was astounded that my twin brother Greg had begun to send me the photos (treasures) that I have been waiting for a very long time. These are pictures that my Dad took of us up in the Owens Valley and other locations in the West before my Mother remarried and moved us to Carrollton, GA in 1957.

Here are two:

This photo was taken on the front lawn of the Frontier Motel , under a big cottonwood tree ,in Lone Pine, CA after a day of fishing on Lone Pine Creek. The fish were cleaned on the opposite side of the motel in a little creek that was crawling with red ants…this was in the Summer of 1954…there is now a room named after our Mother at this motel…


Frontier Motel…today…

My daughter, Nadia in the driveway of the Frontier Motel in 1974 with Mt. Whitney in the background…

PT and a Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout that came out of Yellowstone Lake in the Summer of 1956. I caught that fish with a gob of worms attached to the treble hook of a spinner off an island beach in the middle of the lake. My Dad told me I wouldn’t catch anything by using that method – and off a beach…It wasn’t the only one I caught!! HA,ha…

Now I will be able to put some stories around the photos I receive. If I remember correctly, there were quite a few…Thanks Greg!!!



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