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These are the creations of Craig Matthew’s of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, MT. The interesting about Craig’s ( he is Mr. ZELON ) patterns is his attention to detail…and, I mean on the river, where it counts. By making a minor adjustment to this fly, he has adapted it to another midge that hatches in February on the Madison River. I am a believer in rigging one’s rod up – on the water. When I am sitting there, I may observe what is actually going on. Then, the thermometer comes out and I start rolling over rocks and, on occasion, use a mesh net to discover what is drifting in the water column…IT PAYS OFF


Like in this place…The Madison River, just above $3.00 Bridge…


HOOK: TMC 2488, #20-#22

THREAD: Uni 8/0, Olive


BODY: Tying thread

THORAX: Black rabbit and chopped Black Zelon -BRF has the mix

WING: Dun Zelon

This is the guy that takes fish during the coldest months on the Madison then:

“A Zelon Midge is my favorite adult-crippled midge pattern. I tie it in size 20 on a TMC 2488 hook. Most importantly though, for this time of year, I use a pheasant tail micro-zelon shuck, tiger beetle zelon dubbing, and a dark dun zelon wing. This is a dead ringer for midges on all Montana and Idaho midges emerging from Feb-April.”

From Craig Matthew’s Journal


$3.00 Bridge…the way I like it…no people…and, no snow yet…

Some inspection is in order to determine size/coloration changes in midges through the late Fall and Winter…wherever one fly fishes for Trout…FYI – I just noticed that MIDGE MAN is back up and running  as POUDRE CANYON CHRONICLES. He is preparing to re-post a LOAD of Midge patterns…Might want to BOOKMARK his SITE…lotsa’ good stuff be going on over there…

NEXT: A pattern from Yellowstone that has been Maulin’ ’em on the Madison and a Diving Female Baetis…

I have sent my R&D associate out to garner some EXPERT advice on the best winging material for that Baetis pattern…

She is seen here…in deep discourse with a “diving expert“…


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This is Charlie Craven’s Purple Jujubaetis, developed three years ago as an offshoot of the original Jujubaetis. Charlie’s flies –  JUST CATCH FISH… According to a great article Walter Wiese wrote for  Flyfishing & Tying Journal, “Charlie (Craven) suggests fishing the Purple Jujubaetis under gray skies or during rain and snow storms, in other words, when Baetis mayflies are most active”.


This pattern was developed as an experiment, but after Charlie’s son tried it out on Colorado’s Blue and other Colorado rivers and received rave reviews, he started production tying them. It is suggested to fish this pattern in tandem with an imitative pattern. Charlie says this pattern usually wins out…


HOOK: TMC 2488, # 16 – # 22

THREAD: (Abdomen)- 74 Denier White…I used Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, White

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer, Black

TAIL: Mottled Brown India Hen neck fibers

ABDOMEN: Two strands purple and one strand Blue Super Hair, over tapered White thread underbody

WING CASE/ LEGS: Brown Fluro Fiber or similar synthetic

FLASHBACK: Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel

THORAX: Black thread

COATING: Five minute epoxy (optional)

* Note: I tie this pattern using Black Holo Tinsel for the Flashback and also with Black Midge, Krystal Flash for the Flashback and legs…

Here is Charlie Craven’s excellent tutorial for the Jujubaetis

“Hey Michael, I got a new Baetis pattern for you to try!!!”…disnterested DOG and BOY on the Lower Owens River…

MORE BWO’s /BAETIS coming…


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These are the little fellows that one sees scurrying around on stream side vegetation or on rocks and boulders away from the water. Micro-Caddis all belong to the family Hydroptilidae. Most of the over 200 species are smaller than a # 18 hook. The majority are size # 22 – # 24 …and smaller. At times, their hatches though generally unnoticed, can be prolific and Trout will be looking for them. Their colors are typically olive, brown and yellow…This place is full of them in August and September…

Michael on the Owens River in early September…look for Micro-Caddis adults in the BUSHES…that is the tip off…


THREAD: Lagartun, 74 Denier, Olive or Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Olive

HOOK: TMC 2488 or 2488H, # 20 – #24

TAG: Green Holo Tinsel

OVER ABDOMEN: Olive Micro Tubing

WINGS : Olive Zelon. strand separated

THORAX: Sm. Olive Ostrich Herl

The TMC 2488 and 2488H are two of my favorite hooks for tying small flies. I tie these guys up in Brown, Olive and Yellow. I find myself using Brown and Olive most frequently. Take some time over the next two months, while out on the water, and examine what is taking place in the stream side vegetation…surprises lurk there…


THREAD: Lagartun 74 Denier, Rusty Brown or Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer, Brown –  ( Yellow for body /  Grey for head –  Yellow version)

HOOK: TMC 2488 or 2488H #20 – # 24

TAG: Gold Holo Tinsel –  ( Silver for Yellow version)

OVER ABDOMEN: Tan Micro Tubing – (Clear for Yellow version – over yellow thread)

WINGS: Brown Zelon, strand split ( Dun for Yellow version)

THORAX: Brown Ostrich Herl( Grey for Yellow version)

The Owens River is excellent habitat  for a plethora of Micro – Caddis…

Lot’s of weedy water for Michael to catch Trout in…

Where the BUGS be…

For more information on Micro – Caddis, check Rick Hafele’s site HERE:

Ally ponders these thoughts on a rock…

Ally on her rock in the Stillwater River, MT…where one also finds Micro – Caddis….


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Well, MIDGES (from Maine Fly Fishing)- the most prolific bug in,on and around water…especially NOW…(Bienvenidos a todos pescador con mosca de Argentina …)

Other “CRAZY PEOPLE” who Fly Fish in the SNOW…


Michael, freezing on the Owens River in January. 2004…

Here are some patterns I have whipped up based on the proven ties by a bunch of fellows I will mention in the text of this post . Here is some background on the bugs which Jeremy Barella produced for FAOL:


This – just in (my inbox) from Tom Loe at Sierra Drifters (12.05.09):

Hot Creek:

Access continues to be excellent and this is a great time to fish here for love struck browns! Take your time and scout out the open runs and channels in the weeds. The low sun angle this time of year gives you more latitude for sight fishing the staged up brownies. Any significant snowfall this time of year will make the canyon section a pain in the caboose to hike into so get it while you can. Work scud, egg, or dubbed nymph patterns with red or orange built in.

Red or Orange – Hmmmmm…


HOOK: TMC 2488, # 18 – #24

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Sheer White

ABDOMEN: Pearl Krystal Flash

BEAD: Killer Caddis, Black, x-sm

Based on a Pat Dorsey pattern that was developed for Colorado waters…Might look a bit like this.


HOOK: Mustad, C49S , #18 -#22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0 Sheer White and Black

ABDOMEN: White Tying Thread

RIB: 1 strand of Chironomid Pearl Braid Red

THORAX: Peacock Herl

BEAD: Spirit River, Ruby Red, X-SM

COATING: 2 coats of Aquahead on abdomen before tying in Peacock Herl twisted over black thread

I tied this pattern specifically for the East Walker River where I have enjoyed success with red ribbed midges on a white base abdomen. Chironomid Pearl Braid comes in many colors from Hareline. It is fragile. I use the Aquahead to enhance fly durability and to add a medium of translucency to the finished product.


HOOK: Mustad, C49S, #18 – # 24

THREAD: Gordon Griffith, 14/0, Sheer Brown

RIB: Chironomid Braid Pearl Peacock

WING: 2 Strands of Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread


BEAD: Killer Caddis, Gun Metal, X-SM

COATING: Aquahead

Based on the Jude Duran, Johnny Flash Midge which originated on the San Juan River. I added an SLF PRISM thorax (thank you Davy Wotton) because this material is extremely effective on ANY pattern to which it is affixed. That has been my experience. The Gun Metal Bead has worked for me on many patterns that I have used on the Owens River…why mess with a good thing? I have the utmost confidence in this Fly…


HOOK: Daiichi, 1130,#18- # 20

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0 Sheer Red

ABDOMEN: Tying thread

RIB: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash, 2 trands, twisted, 6 turns


BEAD: Spirit River, Ruby Red, X-SM

Another pattern for the East Walker River in cold weather, similar to many patterns in Red that are used on the San Juan. I like the definition that Vinyl Rib provides to the fly. A number of San Juan Red Midge Pupa and Larva may be viewed on this site:

Mike Mora


HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #18 – #22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Sheer Black

ABDOMEN: UTC Mylar Tinsel, Silver side, SM

RIB: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Amber

THORAX: SLF Prism, Olive/Brown

BEAD: Gold, 5/64 or 1/16

A Davy Wotton pattern for the White River in Arkansas – they work just fine on Eastern Sierra Tailwaters.It may also be tied using Black, Red , Green or Peacock tubing using the appropriate SLF PRISM for the Thorax – appropriate being in the mind of the TROUT…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18-# 20

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0, Sheer Black

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: Lagartun ,Silver, SM or X-SM


BEAD: Spirit River, White, 5/64 or 1/16

I tied these up for use on the Owens River for late February and early March when there is a preponderance of tiny Black Midges in the River’s Biomass. They would also be effective fished deep on some high elevation lakes that are in the backcountry – later in the year…


HOOK: Mustad, C49S, # 18 -# 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths, 14/0. Sheer Black

ABDOMEN: Chironomid Braid Pearl Black

RIB: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Black, 6-7 turns

THORAX: 50/50 Mix, Black Ice Dub and SLF PRISM Black

BEAD: Silver, 5/64 or 1/16

Another pattern for the East Walker and Owens River for the Winter and into early Spring. They have not seen this one before…


HOOK: Mustad, C49S, # 18 – # 20

THREAD: Uni, 8/0, Camel

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: Chironomid Braid Pearl Chartreuse

COATING: Aquahead, 2 coats

WING: Pearl Krystal Flash, 3 strands

THORAX: Olive /Brown Ice Dub

Bead: Spirit River Metallic Brown, SM

A midge when the Trout want shades of BROWN in the Johnny Flash style. It would also be a passable BWO pattern in the Spring in some spots on the Lower “O”…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer Black, UTC 70, Dark Gray

ABDOMEN: Gray Tying Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Clear

RIB: Wapsi, Wine, X-SM

WING: Royal Blue Krystal Flash, 3 strands


BEAD: Spirit River, Charcoal Metallic, SM

There is an acquaintance of mine named KEITH who squawked “PURPLE?” when he saw this pattern on my FB page. Well, he will squawk directly to his vise when I post some photos on his wall of just what this fly, in this color, can do. And, having named it after him, I will live rent free in his head…forever…heh,heh – This is an old RAM Caddis colorIt has resurfaced on the Madison in aMayfly pattern known as the ” Purple Haze

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe caught this 27″ FINGERLING, on the above pattern, in the Lower Kings River the week of 2.18.2013…

Available at: MRFC


HOOK: Daiichi, 1140, # 18 -# 22

THREAD: Danville 6/0, Chartreuse – Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer Black

UNDER RIB: Chironomid Braid Pearl Chartreuse, 5 turns

OVER ABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Chartreuse

THORAX: One strand Peacock Herl twisted around black thread

BEAD: Killer Caddis, Caddis Green

Someone once said, ” If it is CHARTREUSE it works”…THE END


HOOK: TMC 200R, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer White, 14/0 Brown

ABDOMEN: White tying thread

RIB: 3 strands twisted Pearl Krystal Flash

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Cream

THORAX: Brown Ostrich Herl

BEAD: Killer Caddis, Rootbeer, SM or X-SM

Wanted a Midge in Cream with a hint of gas beneath, hence the Pearl KF and some motion at the thorax. This may work as a good Micro Caddis at the right time of the year,,,

TUBE # 47

HOOK: MUSTAD, C49S, # 18 -# 22

THREAD: Danville # 47, 6/0, Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Brown

TAIL: 1 strand of Pearl Krystal Flash

Abdomen: # 47 Tying Thread

OVER ABDOMEN: Hareline Salcup’s Micro Tubing Pheasant Tail

RIB: Wapsi Silver X-SM or Lagartun X Fine

THORAX: Olive/Brown Ice Dub

WINGCASE: 6 Strands of Pearl FireFly

BEAD: Black Nickel, 5/64 or 1/16

A small Midge or Mayfly pattern that has that magical ingredient of Danville # 47 thread. This is an adaptation of the Vince Wilcox VW pattern…his flies slay


Hook: Daiichi, 1130, #18 -# 22

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Olive


RIB: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Olive

THORAX: Ice Dub Caddis Green

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, Clear White

BEAD: Spirit River, Emerald, SM or X-SM

Flashy – in that color that seems to work just about…anywhere


HOOK: TMC 200R, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Sheer Olive

BREATHER: Sparkle Emerger Yarn Clear/White

TAIL: 1 strand Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Clear

RIB: Wapsi Silver Wire, X-sm

WINGPADS: Goose Biots , Tan Orange or Brown


BEAD: Mercury Silver, Spirit River, X-SM

I have pictured this pattern in a previous post. It may be tied in a great number of colors. This fly is a good one


HOOK: Daiichi 1130 or Mustad C49S, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Black

TAIL: 1 Strand, Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: Wapsi, Red Metallic Wire, X-SM

WINGPADS: Goose Biot, Tan, Brown or Orange


BEAD: Killer Caddis, Scarlet

A variation on the Gille without the breathers at the bend. One’s imagination could drift…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, # 18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0 Sheer Red

TAIL: 1 Strand Purple Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

RIB: 3 Strands purple Krystal Flash ,Twisted

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Clear

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn Clear/ White


Another in the series of Red Midges that I use. This one is for the East Walker River, below the “Glory Hole”.

PALINISTA – (apologies to EVA)

HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18 -#20

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Red, White

TAIL: 1 Strand Pearl Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN:White Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Blue

RIB: Wapsi Silver Wire, X-SM

WING: Grizzly Krystal Flash Back and White

THORAX: Arizona Diamond Hair Pearl Green or Blue

BEAD: Silver, 5/64 or 1/16

OK, I know…the colors are proven – Rainbows like blue…and, it might even work in Argentina…


HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18 – # 22

THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Sheer Red

TAIL: Rusty Brown Krystal Flash

ABDOMEN: Tying Thread

OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing ,Clear

RIB: Wapsi, Red Metallic, X-SM

WING: Sparkle Emerger Yarn, Clear/White

THORAX: Firestar Red/Orange

BEAD: Ruby Red, X-SM

A firey Red Midge for all Eastern Sierra waters and beyond…


HOOK: TMC 2488, # 18 – # 24

ABDOMEN: UTC 70, Fl. White

BEAD: Killer Caddis Black, SM or X-SM

Yes, it works….

AND, FROM FEB., 2009


Hot Spot Midge:

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s , Black 14/0

Hook: TMC 2487, Daiichi 1130, #18-22

Abdomen: Wapsi Ultra 70, Black

Rib: X-Fine Largutan wire, Gold or Copper

Shuck: Pearl Krystal Flash

Thorax: Danville 6/0 Fl. Orange Thread – (coat with Aquaflex)

Bead: Copper or Gold

I tied these up to create a ” pop” rather than using the standard Tiger or Zebra Midge for the Owens and East Walker Rivers…Nice!!! Some “other” folks seem to like this pattern too…




Time to get crackin’ on some “EVIL WEEVILS“…


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This is a pattern developed by anglers who fish the Gunnison Gorge. It is tied here by Gale Doudy. It is an alternative to John Barr’s (Graphic Caddis ) Caddis Pupa pattern and fishes extremely well -tied in Green for Spring and in Tan for Fall. Gale also has tutorials on some other interesting patterns…check it out!!!

PT/TB :teef:

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